Extinct Towns of Pawnee County, Kansas

Old wagon wheels in Pawnee County, Kansas.

Old wagon wheels in Pawnee County, Kansas.

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Antone 1879-1883  
Ash Valley 1877-1908
Located in Ash Creek Valley, about 12 miles northwest of Larned.
Bird Nest 1883-1891
Booth 1881-1884 The post office moved from Fort Larned.
Conkling 1881-1895
Fort Larned/Pawnee Fork 1859-1881 The name changed from Pawnee Fork in 1866. The post office moved to Booth in 1881.
Frizell 1904-1933 A money order post-village and station on the Larned & Jetmore division of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. Located seven miles west of Larned, it had a general store in 1910.
George 1882-1888
Green Ridge 1878-1881
Harmony 1877-1908 Harmony was located near the northwest corner of the county, about 18 miles from Larned.
Keysville/Ben Wade 1877-1893 The name changed to Ben Wade in 1881. In 1893, the post office moved to Rozel.
Lanark 1878-1883
Lucas/Marshall 1878-1894 The name changed to Marshall in 1886.
Nixon 1878-1889  
Point View 1879-1912 A country post office, it was located 11 miles southeast of Larned.
Proston 1878-1883
Ray 1878-1884
A small village on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, 8 miles east of Larned. In 1910, it had a couple of retail stores, two grain elevators, telegraph and express offices, and a population of about 60. Most of the houses were demolished or moved in the 1950s, and the grain elevator was later torn down.
Sanford 1909-1954 Only a grain elevator and a few scattered buildings in the area remain.
Saw Mill 1879-1885
Schadel 1914-1915
Pawnee County, Kansas Map, 1899.

Pawnee County, Kansas Map, 1899.

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