Every Place in Kansas

Kansas Detailed Map

Kansas Detailed Map courtesy ontheworldmap

Listed here is a working index of every place in Kansas.

Lost Towns/Places – These places no longer exist. While its location may still be known, there is nothing left of the community, stage stop, etc.

Extinct Towns – These communities often still have a few homes and buildings but no longer have a post office.

Ghost Towns – These places are often extinct towns but provide several business buildings, an old school, and interesting buildings or places that provide great photo opportunities. Ghost towns can also be current towns that are shells of their former selves due to losing their primary economic mainstay or other reasons.

Name Change – The community’s name was changed, or the community merged with another.

Paper Town – These places were claimed, sometimes staked out, and never built. Or a town company was incorporated but never followed through.

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Army City, Kansas in about 1918.

Army City, Kansas, in about 1918.

“It takes three log houses to make a city in Kansas, but they begin calling it a city as soon as they have staked out the lots.”
— Horace Greeley


Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
50 Camp Crawford Lost Town None This mining camp was located about two miles west of Arma. It was a company town of Central Coal and Coke Company.
110 Station/Crossing Osage Lost Place None One Hundred Ten Crossing of Santa Fe Trail. McGee-Harris Stage Station 1854, Fry McGee, Proprietor. Town of Richardson platted 1854, a post office 1855-74, Fry McGee, postmaster. Two miles southeast of Scranton.
142 Crossing Lyon Lost Place None Crossing of Santa Fe Trail. Charles H. Withington had a store in 1856. Allen post office was established 1/2 mile northeast, 1855-56. Located near Road M, four miles north of Allen
Abbyville Reno Current Town 1873-Present
Abilene Dickinson Current Town 1860-Present County Seat. The name changed from Mud Creek or Muddy Creek. It was on the Smoky Hill Trail, Chisholm Trail, Kansas Pacific Railroad, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, home of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Abram Lincoln Lost Town 1872 For a brief time, the county seat. The post office was moved from Rocky Hill on February 26, 1872, and back to Rocky Hill on December 5, 1872.
Abrellville Sumner Lost Town It had a post office for just a few months in 1873, from May to September.
Achilles Rawlins Lost Town Population, 40. A post office in Achilles Township, it had a population of about 40 in 1900. It was 18 miles from Atwood, the county seat, and 16 from Herndon, both of which places afford banking and shipping facilities. It had Fields & Folsom Hardware Store, a general store, a physician, and the GoodrichBros creamery, and a population of 40 in 1900.
Ackerland Leavenworth Lost Town 1883-1923 Ackerland, a village of Leavenworth County, is located in the western portion of the county on the Leavenworth & Topeka Railroad.
Acme Dickinson Lost Town 1897-1906 A country post office in Garfield Township. It was seven miles south of Abilene, the county seat, banking, and shipping point. In 1900, it had the Acme Creamery Company, a blacksmith, and a general store.
Akron Dickinson Lost Town 1874-1875
Ada Ottawa Current Town -1998 The post office closed on January 3, 1998.
Adair Trego Lost Town
Adams Kingman Lost Town 1895-1954 A village located in Canton Township, about 16 miles southeast of Kingman. In 1910, it was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, had a money order post office, and was a shipping and trading point for that section of the county, with a population of 20.
Adams Peak Pottawatomie Lost Town 1870-1884 In the southern part of Shannon Township.
Adamson Rooks Lost Town
Adamsville Sumner Lost Town 1925-1931 It was located about four miles north of Geuda Springs and a half mile west of the intersection of S Oxford Rd and E 80th St, next to an abandoned railroad.
Adel Ness Lost Town
Adel Sheridan Lost Town
Arkansas City
Cowley Name Change  1870-Present  Adelphi and Cresswell were early names of Arkansas City.
Admire Lyon Current Town
Adobe Seward Lost Town
Adrian Jackson Lost Town 1880-1907 A small hamlet situated on the ridge between Cross and Soldier Creeks in Adrian Township. It was about 16 miles southwest of Holton and four miles from Emmett, the nearest railroad station. When the post office closed, it received its mail by rural delivery from Delia. It was 12 miles from St. Marys, the nearest banking and shipping point, and 22 from Holton,
Advance Meade On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Advance Sheridan Lost Town
Aeolia Douglas Lost Town
Aetna Barber Lost Town 1885-1946 It was located near the southwestern corner of the county in Aetna Township,
Agenda Republic Lost Town Located on the Chicago, Rock Island, & Pacific Railroad, it was in Elk Creek Township. In 1900 it had Methodist and Presbyterian churches, telephone service, two general stores, and a population of 50. It was 18 miles southeast of Belleville, the county seat, and seven from Cuba, the nearest banking point.
Afton Marshall Lost Town 1893-1898
Afton was located ten miles southwest of Marysville.
Afton Sedgwick Lost Town 1874-1886
Agenda Republic Extinct Town 1874-1883
Agenda, Kansas, is a very small town located in the northern part of Elk Creek Township in Republic County. As of the 2020 census, the population of the area was 47. It is also officially an “extinct town” because it no longer has a post office.
Agnes City Lyon Lost Town None Incorporated 1857 by A. J. Baker, E. Mosier, and E. M. Sewell. It was located on the Santa Fe Trail crossing of Rock Creek.
Agra Phillips Current Town 1887-Present
Agricola/Hardpan Coffey Lost Town 1875-1974 The name changed from Hardpan to Agricola on January 24, 1876.
Aiken McPherson On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Ailanthus Ottawa Lost Town Discontinued 1882
Ainsworth Greeley Lost Town 1887-1898
Air Lyon Lost Town 1880-1900 It was located 3.5 miles north and 1.5 west of Miller.
Akron/Little Dutch Cowley Lost Town 1872-1912 The post office moved from Lone Tree. The name changed from Little Dutch to Akron on March 10, 1882.
Akron Douglas Lost Town
Aladdin Douglas Lost Town
Alamota Lane Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Alamead, Cypress Lincoln Lost Town Also called Allemead and Cypress
Alananthus Gove Lost Town A country post office on the Smoky Hill River in Larabee Township. In 1900, it had a general store and a Congregational Church. It was 24 miles southeast of Gove, the county seat and banking point, and. 12 miles northwest of Utica, its shipping point.
Albany Nemaha Lost Town 1858-1882 Established by New Yorkers in 1859. The post office was discontinued in 1882. It was two miles north of Sabetha.
Albany Wilson On the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Albert Barton Current Town 1874-Present
Albia Washington Lost Town A country post office, it was 18 miles North of Washington, the county seat, usual banking and shipping point, from which it received its daily mail.
Albion Republic Lost Town 1871-1877 For a short time, it was the name of a post office.
Albion Sumner Established in Harper County, replacing Gourock. It was located on the very east border; later, it moved across the county line to Sumner County.
Albion/Pike Wabaunsee The name changed to Pike, which was later replaced by a post office named Alta Vista.
Alburtis Morris Lost Town 1879-1906  Located in Warren Township, it had a carpenter, barber, mason, blacksmith, and a population of about 30 in 1900. It was about two miles from the Wabaunsee County line and seven miles from Council Grove.
Alcolia Greenwood Lost Town 1874 It was located southwest of Eureka.
Alcona Rooks A country post office, it was 16 miles West of Stockton, the the county seat, the banking and shipping point. from which it received its mail.
Alcove Springs Marshall NA
Alcyone Sheridan Lost Town
Alden Rice Current Town It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Alembic Riley Lost Town Also called Alembria, it is now Leonardsville.
Aleppo Sedgwick Lost Town 1891-1903 A country post office in Garden Plain Township, it had a Catholic Church, a general store, and a blacksmith in 1900. It was located about 15 miles west of Wichita and five miles northwest of Goddard, which had the most convenient railroad station.
Alert Riley Lost Town 1871-1886 Alert was west of Randolph.
Alexander Douglas Lost Town
Alexander Rush Ghost Town 1874- Alexander Harvey, postmaster
Alexandria Leavenworth Lost Town 1856-1857 Alexander was incorporated in 1855 by the Bogus Legislature. It was a pro-slavery town on Stranger Creek.
Alfred Douglas Lost Town 1875-1902 It was 16 miles southwest of Lawrence, the county seat, and nine miles from Richland, its banking and shipping point. After its post office closed, it received rural free delivery from Lone Star.
Alicari Ness Lost Town Established 1879.
Aliceville Coffey Ghost Town 1883-1994 Located in Avon Township, it is an interesting ghost town with several buildings, a profitable bank, and an active church.
Alida. Geary Lost Town Located on the Union Pacific Railroad in Smoky Hill Township, it was eight miles from Junction City. the county seat and banking point. In 1900, it had telephone service, a general store, a blacksmith, and a population of 16.
Allen  Lyon Current Town
Allen County Allen Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, Allen County, was created in 1855. Iola is the county seat.
Allen Springs Lane Lost Town Established 1879.
Allendale Allen Lost Town 1898-1901 A little hamlet situated about five miles northeast of Iola. It is about equally distant from Carlyle on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad and La Harpe on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, the nearest railway stations.
Allendale Johnson Lost Town 1862-1863
Alliance Barton Lost Town Located northwest of Holyrood, northeast of Claflin.
Alliance Ellsworth Lost Town 1881-1895
Alliance Neosho Lost Town Also called Chicago Junction, New Chicago, and Tioga, it is part of Chanute today.
Allington Crawford Lost Town
Allison Decatur Named for a pioneer, it was a country post office in Allison Township. It was 28 miles Southeast of Oberlin, the county seat, and nine from Jennings, its nearest banking and shipping point. Stage coaches ran daily to Jennings and Lucerne. In 1900, it had the Continental Creamery Company, a blacksmith, a general store, and a population of 18.
Alloway Sumner G. A. Alloway, townsite owner
Alma Osage Lost Town Vacated 1899.
Alma Wabaunsee Current Town 1863-Present County seat. Founded in 1857, it was named for a city in Germany from which many of its first settlers had come. It was located in Alma Township on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Almena Norton Current Town This town grew up around the homestead of James & Mary Brown Hall south of Prairie Dog Creek circa 1871.
Alpha McPherson Lost Town 1880-1897
Alta/Valentine Harvey Lost Town 1889-1901 The name changed from Valentine to Alta on April 18, 1899.
Alta Vista/Cable City Wabaunsee Current Town 1880-Present Formerly called Albion, it is located in Washington Township. It was on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Altamont Labette Current Town 1870-Present Located on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Alton Atchison Lost Town It was three miles east and a mile and a half south of Caldwell at about 1800 S. Mayfield Road.
Alton Osborne Current Town General H. C. Bull from Wisconsin was the first postmaster. He and Lyman T. Earl were town promoters. The name changed from Bull City to Alton for Alton, Illinois.
Alton Sumner Lost Town 1872-1881
Altoona Wilson Current Town
Alum Creek Ellsworth Name Change Also called Elm Creek, it later became Carneiro.
Alva Cloud Lost Town 1871-1878 The post office was moved to Jamestown when it closed.
Avilda Marion Lost Town 1878-1879
Alvin Marion Lost Town 1901-1905
Amador Butler Lost Town 1875-1902 In Clifford Township.
Amazon Finney Lost Town 1893-1896
Amber Barber Lost Town 1883-1899
Amboy Rooks Lost Town
Amherst Russell Lost Town 1886-1887
America City Nemaha Lost Town 1860-1932 This place was established on the Parallel Road from Atchison, Kansas, to Denver, Colorado, on the Red Vermillion River.
Americus Lyon Current Town 1857-Present Located north of Emporia, it was named for the “celebrated explorer Americus Vespucci. It was on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Ames Cloud -1993 The post office closed on January 30, 1993.
Amiot/Mineral Point Anderson Lost Town 1887-1951 This settlement was first called Mineral Point on account of a mound supposed to contain minerals.
Amity Jewell Lost Town
Amy Elk Lost Town 1884-1885 The post office moved to Busby after it closed. An old cemetery remains.
Amy Lane
Andale Sedgwick Current Town 1880-Present
Anderson Pratt Lost Town Established 1879.
Anderson Smith Lost Town
Anderson County Anderson Current County NA Anderson County, one of the original 36 counties, was created in 1855. Garnett is the county seat.
Andover Butler Current Town 1877-Present On the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Andrew Smith Lost Town
Annelly Harvey Lost Town 1885-1921 Located in Richland Township, it was a station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, nine miles southeast of Newton. In 1910, it had a money order post office, a grain elevator, a hotel, a general store, and did some shipping. The population at that time was 25.
Anness Sedgwick Lost Town 1887-1952 Founded in the 1880s by W.H. Wilson when the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad began to be built.
Anson Sumner Extinct Town 1887-1958 Anson was situated on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Sumner Township, about ten miles northwest of Wellington.
Antelope Marion Lost Town -1988 A place on the Santa Fe Trail where antelope were seen. The post office closed on June 20, 1988.
Anthony Harper Current Town 1878-Present The county seat of Harper County it is 50 miles west of Arkansas City.
Antioch Osage Lost Town 1883-1885 The post office moved from Eclipse.
Antone Pawnee Lost Town 1879-1883
Antonino Ellis Ghost Town Located south of Hays;
Appanoose Franklin Lost Town 1857-1860
Located in the north part of the county.
Appin Saline Lost Town 1873-1875
Appleton Bourbon Lost Town 1867-1875 It was established in 1866 by Captain Stevens near the state line between Kansas and Missouri. At one point, it had a post office, three stores, and a blacksmith shop.
Appleton Clark Lost Town
Appomattox Grant Lost Town 1890-1894 Vacated 1893. Formed by the consolidation of Cincinnati and Surprise.
Aral Butler Lost Town 1880-1902 A little hamlet in Pleasant Township about 20 miles southwest of Eldorado and three miles from Rose Hill
Arapahoe Dickinson Lost Town
Arapahoe Finney Lost Town 1885-1886
Arcadia Crawford Current Town 1866-Present It was known as Hathaway, Cox’s Creek, OldArcadia, Finley City, and present Arcadia.
Arcola Cowley Lost Town 1871-1872
Arcola Ellsworth Lost Town None
Arcola Sumner Lost Town
Argentine Wyandotte Extinct Town 1881-1903  Annexed to Kansas City, Kansas, in 1910.
Argonia Sumner Current Town 1881-Present Argonia had the “first woman mayor in the world” — Susana Medora Salter, in 1887.
Argyle Sumner Lost Town 1874-1881
Arion Cloud Lost Town 1875-1883
Arispie Pottawatomie Lost Town 1871-1903 Located in Greene Township, it was located nine miles east of Westmoreland.
Arizon/Arizonia Doniphan Lost Town None Platted on March 1, 1856, near the intersection of Smith’s Creek road and road from Belmont/St. Joseph ferries.
Arizona Butler Lost Town
Arkalon Seward Lost Town On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1888. It was named for Arkalon Tenny, the father of the postmaster.
Arkansas City/ Cresswell/Adelphi Cowley Current Town 1870-Present Founded in January 1870. During the 1880s gold rush, mining operations did not prove profitable. In August 1893, over 50,000 people swarmed into the Arkansas City area when land in Cherokee Strip opened for homesteads.
Arkansas River Several Waterway NA A major tributary of the Mississippi River, the Arkansas River generally flows to the east and southeast through the states of ColoradoKansasOklahoma, and Arkansas. At 1,469 miles long, it is the sixth-longest river in the United States and the second-longest tributary in the Mississippi-Missouri system.
Arkansas River Barton Lost Town This was a station on Santa Fe Trail one-half mile west of Ellinwood.
Arkona Sheridan Lost Town
Arlington Osborne Lost Town Discontinued 1872.
Arlington Reno Current Town 1878-Present On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, 1887
Arma Crawford Current Town 1891-Present Named for a coal miner and land owner.
Armstrong Wyandotte Lost Town 1874-1888 Part of Kansas City, Kansas, consolidated in 1886.
Armourdale Wyandotte Extinct Town 1882-1891 Consolidated with Kansas City in 1886.
Armstrong Leavenworth Extinct Town 1882-1891 On the Kansas Pacific Railroad. Consolidated with Kansas City in 1886.
Army City Riley Lost Town 1918-1922 Army City was built in 1917 to satisfy the needs of Camp Funston on the Fort RileyKansas military reservation.
Arnold Brown Lost Town 1897-1898
Arnold/Ingleton Crawford Lost Town 1871-1872 The name was changed from Arnold to Ingleton on February 26, 1872.
Arnold Ness Ghost Town 1904-2006 Named for J. G. Arnold, a grain elevator owner. The post office closed on August 26, 2006.
Aroma Dickinson Lost Town 1869-1888 The post office moved from Far West.
Arrington Atchison Lost Town 1862-1973 Also called Arrington Springs, it was a settlement located in the southwestern part of Atchison County on the Delaware River.
Artesian City Meade Lost Town Vacated 1893
Arthur Hodgeman Lost Town 1878-1890 The post office originally moved from Lostine. It was only open for seven months.
Arthur Ness Lost Town
Artois Meade Lost Town
Arvonia Osage Lost Town 1869-1901 A Welsh population settlement, it was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Ash Grove Lincoln Lost Town 1916-1944 An old church and school still stand at 80th and Union Road.
Ash Point Marshall Lost Town None Ash Point was a stage station on the Overland Trail between Seneca and Guittard Station. It was located a few miles north of where Axtell now stands.
Ash Point/Laramie Creek Station Nemaha Lost Place 1858-1870 Located by Thomas Smith at the junction of the St. Joseph trail on the Fort Leavenworth and Fort Laramie Military Road. It was a  Pony Express Station on the California Trail and later a stage station on the Overland Stage Route.
Ash Rock Rooks Lost Town
Ash Valley Pawnee Lost Town 1877-1908
Located in Ash Creek Valley, about 12 miles northwest of Larned.
Ashcroft Jefferson Lost Town 1898-1900 Ashcroft was in Delaware Township, about four miles from Valley Falls
Ashland Clark Current Town 1883-Present The county seat of Clark County.
Ashland Ness Lost Town
Ashland Colony Riley Lost Town  None South of the river near Ogden.
Ashler Chase Lost Town 1879-1885 Located in the southwest part of Toledo Township, its first postmaster was A.B. Perrigo. When the post office closed, it moved to Elco. It was 11 miles east of Cottonwood Falls, near the Lyon County line.
Ashmead Ellsworth Lost Town 1875-1888 Moved to Lorraine in 1888.
Ashton Kingman Lost Town 1879-1885
Ashton Sumner Extinct Town 1887-1971 In Walton Township, it was a station on the Kansas Southwestern Railway, about 16 miles southeast of Wellington.
Assaria Saline Current Town
Astor/Reid Greeley Lost Town 1888-1896 First called Reid, the town had 50 residents in June 1887. That year, the Missouri Pacific Railroad came through. In 1888, the town changed its name to Astor. In 1897, Astor became a ghost town. The town company eventually sold the land to pay the back taxes.
Atchison Atchison Current Town 1855-Present County seat. Settled as a pro-slavery town. The Bogus Legislature incorporated it in 1855. The take-off point for gold fields of California in 1850. The Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad was founded at Atchison in 1871.
Atchison County Atchison Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, Atchison County, was created in 1855. Atchison is the county seat.
Atchison Steam Ferry Atchison Lost Place NA  Operated in 1857 on the Missouri River. W. L. Challiss & Co., proprietor.
Athelstane or Athelstone Clay Lost Town
Athens Jewell Lost Town 1871-1901
Athens Woodson Lost Town
Athol Smith Current Town -2017 The post office closed on November 18, 2017.
Athy Grant Lost Town 1916-1925
Atkin Graham Lost Town Vacated 1889.
Atkinsville Montgomery Lost Town The post office was only open for about six months
Atlanta Cowley Current Town 1871-Present
Atlanta Montgomery Name Change The name changed to Rutland.
Atlanta Rice Name Change Now Lyons.
Attica Ellsworth Name Change The name changed to Bosland. Now Wilson.
Attica Harper Current Town 1880-Present
Atwater Meade Lost Town Vacated 1899.
Atwood Rawlins Current Town 1879-Present County seat
Aubrey Hamilton Name Change The post office was called Zamora. Both changed to Kendall
Aubry Johnson Lost Town 1860-1862
Located in southeastern Johnson County, Aubry was once a bloody battleground during the border troubles of the Civil War.
Auburn Shawnee Current Town
Augusta Butler Current Town 1868-Present It was incorporated in 1871 and is located on table land near the confluence of the Walnut and Whitewater Rivers, on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Augustine Springs Wichita Lost Town
Aulne Marion Extinct town 1887-1954 A station on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad six miles south of Marion. In 1910, it had a money order post office, a good local trade, did considerable shipping, and had a population of 150. Today, the town still has a few buildings and an active church.
Aurora Cloud Current Town
Aurora Coffey Lost Town None The site was located in 1857. Though it was surveyed and platted and a house erected, nothing else was done.
Aurora Jewell Lost Town Discontinued about 1881 or 1882.
Aurora Osage Lost Town 1886 The post office moved from Penfield. It was only open for three months before the post office rescinded an Order of change.
Austin Neosho Lost Town 1870
Austin was a Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway station in Canville Township. It was 11 miles northwest of Erie and four miles from Chanute.
Austin Sumner Lost Town The site was located in 1869; abandoned in 1872.
Avery Reno Lost Town 1885-1901 It was located on Peace Creek, about 20 miles northwest of Hutchinson.
Avilda Marion Lost Town 1878-1879
Avilla Comanche Lost Town Vacated 1903.
Avoca Chase Lost Town ?? Located in both Chase and Butler Counties, it was one mile south of Cedar Point.
Avoca Jackson Lost Town 1871-1907 A hamlet located near the west line of the county, 11 miles southwest of Holton. When the post office closed, it received its mail by rural delivery from Soldier.
Avon Coffey Lost Town 1865-1888
Avondale Franklin Lost Town Formerly Emerson: Moved to Lane.
Axtell Marshall Current Town 1871-Present
Ayr Butler Lost Town 1875-1885 The post office moved to Potwin.
Ayersburg, Ayersville Ottawa Name Change Now Lindsey.
Ayersville Marshall Lost Town None Ayersville, a village or feed station in 1855, was 20 miles south of the Nebraska line on the Little Blue River, probably at or near Cedar Falls.


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