Everyplace in Kansas – M

Mullinville, Kansas Art

Mullinville, Kansas Art by Kathy Alexander.

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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
McAllaster Logan Lost Town 1887-1897
It was located on the Smoky Hill Trail and the Union Pacific Railroad, about 15 miles northwest of Russell Springs.


McCandless Franklin Lost Town 1900-1901
McCamish Johnson Lost Town Post office on the Santa Fe Trail.
McClains Sedgwick Lost Town
McCracken Rush Current Town McCracken was founded as an old railroad town.
McCue, Friend Finney Lost Town Named after Basil M. McCue from Hastings, Nebraska, the organizer of the Garden City Western Road. It was on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad. The town name changed to Friend.
McCune Crawford Current Town Named for Isaac McCune, a pioneer. The town was laid out in May 1879 by Isaac McCune.
McDonald Rawlins Current Town Named for R. L. McDonald, a pioneer rancher.
McDowell Creek Riley Lost Town Now part of Fort Riley.
McFarland Wabaunsee Current Town 1887-1966 On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887. The post office closed on December 30, 1966.
McGee’s Osage Lost Place On 110 Creek, Santa Fe Trail.
McHale Rooks Lost Town
McKinney Douglas Lost Town 1857-1868
McLain Harvey Lost Town 1886-1906 Named for Earnest McLains, a banker. Located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad., five miles southeast of Newton. In 191, it had a population of 26.
McLouth Jefferson Current Town Named for Amos McLouth, the townsite owner.
McPherson McPherson Current Town County seat. Named in honor of General James B. McPherson. It was on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
McPherson County McPherson Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. McPherson is the county seat.
McWhinneyville Morris Lost Town South of White City.
Mabel Kingman Lost Town 1884-1887
Mace Russell Lost Town 1872-1874
Mackie, Mackie Camp, 42 Camp Cherokee Lost Town None Coal mining camp.
Macksville Stafford Current Town Named for George Mack, a pioneer.
Macon Wallace Name Change The name changed to Dinas.
Macyville/Ten Mile Cloud Lost Town 1871-1879
The town’s name changed from Ten Mile to Macyville on August 22, 1879.
Madison Geary Name Change At the junction of Madison Creek and Republican River at or near Bachelder, now Milford.
Madison Greenwood Current Town
Madison Junction Was on the Howard and Benedict Branches of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Madura Clay Lost Town Two miles south of Wakefield.
Madura Kingman Lost Town 1869-1871
Magda Lyon Lost Town 1890-1904 A hamlet located nine miles south of Plymouth. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Magna City Butler An oil boom town east of Douglas.
Magic Riley Lost Town 1882-1892
Magnolia Allen Lost Town 1862-1863
Magnolia Atchison Lost Town
Magnolia Bourbon Lost Town
Magnolia Sedgwick Lost Place 1877-1889 The post office moved to Andale.
Mahaska Washington Current Town
Mairestown Shawnee Lost Town 1857-1862 MairestownFounded by Thomas W. Mairs in 1855.
Maize Sedgwick Current Town
Majella Bourbon Lost Town 1892-1902 The post office was in the home of M.E. Remnsider, the first postmaster. He added a room to add a store. It was nine miles northeast of Bronson.
Mall Creek Clay Lost Town
Malta Cloud Lost Town 1875-1884
Malvern Osage Lost Town
Manchester/Keystone Dickinson Ghost Town 1877-1993 A tiny town located in the northwest corner of Dickinson County. Though it is officially “extinct” because it no longer has a post office, it had a population of 47 as of the 2020 census.
Mandova or Mandovi Anderson Lost Town Laid out in 1858 and abandoned in 1860, it consisted of three log cabins but had the finest lithographed map of any town in Kansas.
Manhattan Riley Current Town County Seat. Two settlements were established — Canton and Poleska in 1854. They were consolidated and renamed Boston. When a large colony of new settlers arrived, the name was changed to Manhattan. It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad  1865-1866.
Manila Ford Lost Town 1898-1899
Mankato Jewell Current Town Originally called Jewell Center.
Manley Marshall Lost Town 1881-1890
Mann’s Fort, Fort Mann Ford Lost Place 1845 Fort Mann was located on the Santa Fe Trail just a few miles west of present-day Dodge City.
Mansan Allen Lost Town
Mansfield Linn Lost Town 1866-1875 Mansfield got its start in the early 1860s.
Mansion, Munsion Morris Lost Town
Mantanzas Chautauqua
Manter Stanton Current Town
Mantey Linn Extinct Town 1894-1903
Named after a pioneer. Mantey still sports an old business building and the 1882 Oxford No. 99 school.
Mantua Allen Lost Town 1859-1862 Also spelled Mantau and Mantan.
Mannville Brown Lost Town 1871-1876
Maple City Cowley Lost Town 1872 -?? The post office moved from Clarence. It still has several homes in the area and a community church.
Maple Hill Wabaunsee Current Town Founded by George Fowler in 1882. It was on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887. It is 17 miles northeast of Alma.
Maple Grove Kingman Lost Town 1873 The post office was open for less than six months.
Maple Grove Pottawatomie Lost Town 1874-1880
Mapleton Bourbon Current Town 1857-Present
Maplewood Allen Lost Town 1872 The post office was open for less than six months.
Marak Brown Lost Town 1870-1882 Named for the first postmaster, Franz Marak.
Marble Falls Marshall Lost Town None This settlement was established in 1867 by Judge Lewis, the father of Mrs. E. A. Berry of Waterville. When the railroad was located in Waterville, the Marble Falls buildings were moved there.
Marburg Leavenworth Lost Town Eight miles west of Kickapoo.
Mareno Hodgeman Lost Town
Marengo/Bellevue Sumner Lost Town 1877-1880 The name changed from Bellevue to Marengo on March 15, 1878. When the post office closed, it moved to Mayfield.
Margaret Lincoln Lost Town 1882-1902 A hamlet located 20 miles southwest of Lincoln and five miles northeast of Wilson, in Ellsworth County, the nearest shipping point.
Margaretta Chase Paper Town None This town was incorporated in 1860 by several men from Cottonwood Falls men. It was probably named for Margaret, the wife of S.N. Wood. It was probably nothing more than a paper town.
Maria Leavenworth Lost Town 1873-1890
Mariadahl Pottawatomie Lost Town 1876-1903 John A. Johnson laid out the town on April 12, 1871.
Marienthal Wichita 1902-2017 The post office closed on November 18, 2017.
Marietta Marshall Current Town 1890-1895 Marietta was located in Oketo Township on the Union Pacific Railroad eight miles north of Marysville.
Marietta Reno Lost Town 1878-1887
Marietta Saline Lost Town 1874 The post office was open for less than five months.
Marion Marion Current Town County seat. Settled in 1860 on the north bank of the Cottonwood River on the Santa Fe Trail.
Marion Morris Lost Town It was a trading post, stage stop, and post office in 1863. Located near White City.
Marion/Globe Douglas Lost Town 1870-1894 Located on the Santa Fe Trail. The name changed to Globe on August 24, 1881.
Marion County Marion Current County NA Created in 1860 from unorganized area. Marion is the county seat.
Mariposa Saline Lost Town The first town in Saline County. Founded by Plumb, Hunter, and Pierce Counties in 1856, on the south side of the Saline River, near its mouth.
Mark Pottawatomie Lost Town 1884 The post office was only open for about six months before it was moved to Fostoria.
Markleys Mill Ottawa Lost Town
Marmaton/Marmiton Bourbon Lost Town 1857-1918 The name changed from Marmiton to Marmaton on March 20, 1882.
Marney Cheyenne Lost Town 1886-1887
Marquette McPherson Current Town
Marsh Valley Jewell Lost Town
Marshall Douglas Lost Town Incorporated by several men on the California Trail south of Lecompton.
Marshall Sedgwick Lost Town 1876-1883 Marshal died when the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad bypassed it to the South.
Marshall County Marysville Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, it was created in 1855.
Marshall’s Ferry Marshall Lost Place NA Established in 1852 on the Big Blue River at Marysville. Francis J. “Frank” Marshall, Proprietor. Tradition says that Marshall also operated a ferry at Independence Crossing during the summers of 1849-51, returning to Missouri during the winter.
Marshall Saline Lost Town
Marshall Sedgwick Lost Town
Martin Ellis Lost Town 1875-1894 Located in North Central Ellis County on the Saline River.
Martindale Coffey Lost Town 1871-1880
Martinsburg Atchison Lost Town
Martinsburg Johnson Lost Town
Marvin Phillips Lost Town
Mary Chase Lost Town See Bazaar.
Marydel Saline Lost Town 1885-1891
Marysville Miami Lost Town See St. Marysville.
Marysville Marshall Current Town County seat. On the Oregon Traill and was a Pony Express Station.
Masmer Ellsworth Lost Place 1882-1895
Mason Gray Lost Town
Massasoit Shawnee Lost Town On Mission creek, near Dover.
Massillon Sumner Lost Town 1878 The post office was only open for about four months.
Matanzas Chautauqua Lost Town
Matteson Phillips Lost Town
Matfield Green Chase Current Town -1995 The post office closed on September 30, 1995.
Maud Kingman Lost Town 1881-1886 The post office moved to Calista after it closed in Maud.
Maxson Osage Lost Town 1882-1910
Maxwell Spring Nemaha Lost Place NA An emigrant campsite on Fort Leavenworth-Fort Laramie Military Road east of Seneca. William L. Maxwell purchased this land in about 1890.
May Atchison Lost Town
May Day/May Day Spring Riley Lost Place 1871-1954 Emigrant campsite on Mormon Trail at the crossing of Fancy Creek. Later it was a small village. It was located in the northern part of the county.
Maywood Wyandotte Lost Town 1872-1909 Maywood was a small hamlet, prettily situated amid a beautiful prairie country, five miles west of White Church. The town obviously struggled because its post office closed and reopened several times.
Mayetta Jackson Current Town
Mayfield Sumner Current Town
Mayline/Carlisle Hamilton Name Change The name changed to Carlisle.
Maynard Doniphan Lost Town Later Troy Junction.
Mayton Washington Lost Town
Mayview Jewell
Maywood Wyandotte Named for a pioneer storekeeper
Meade, Meade Center Meade Current Town County seat. On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Meade County Meade Current County Formed from Finney, Ford, and Seward Counties in 1885.
Meade’s Trading Post Sedgwick Current Town Site of Wichita.
Meadow Brook Johnson Lost Town 1875-1881
Media Douglas Lost Town
Medina-Perryville Jefferson Lost Town 1866-1901 A settlement called Perryville began here in 1865 when the Union Pacific Railroad came through the county.
Medicine Lodge Barber Current Town County seat. Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties, October 1867. 15,000 Indians representing the Kiowa, Comanche, Arapaho, Apache, and Cheyenne tribes met here with 600 representatives of the Federal Government.
Medina Jefferson It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Medora Reno Extinct Town 1887-1988 It was located at the junction of the main lines of the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad with the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Meeker Neosho
Melba Barber Lost Town 1911-1917
Melior Barber Lost Town 1886-1891
Mellville Ottawa Lost Town
Melon Springs Clay Lost Town
Melon Springs Kingman Lost Town  1876-1877
Melrose Cherokee Lost Town 1877-1905 Located about 15 miles southwest of Columbus and seven miles from Faulkner.
Melvern Osage Current Town
Memphis Bourbon Lost Town
Menager Wyandotte Lost Town 1888-1901
Menda Lyon Lost Town 1900-1901 A small hamlet seven miles from Hartford, the nearest railroad station.
Mendota Decatur Lost Town
Mendota/Halton Ellis Lost Town 1878-1909 Mendota was a small town about 20 miles northwest of Hays on the Saline River.
Mendota Labette Lost Town Now Parsons.
Mendota Neosho Lost Town
Menlo Thomas Extinct Town -1992 The post office closed on June 27, 1992.
Menno Hamilton
Menno Marion Lost Town 1881-1886
Menoken Shawnee Lost Town 1877-1910 Located in Menoken Township, five miles northwest of Topeka. It was on the Union Pacific Railroad. The population in 1910 was 25.
Mentor Saline Extinct Town 1881-1995 Located in Smolan Township, it was on the Union Pacific Railroad. The town was named by settlers who came from Mentor, Ohio.
Mercier/Germantown Brown Extinct Town 1897-1972 Germantown, in Mission Township, was a station on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad.
Meredith Cloud Lost Town 1871-1910 Meredith was about 15 miles south of Concordia and eight miles from Delphos, the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was 78.
Meriden Jefferson Current Town When Newell Colby came to Kansas from Meriden, New Hampshire, he named the town of Meriden in Kaw Township. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Meridian Sumner Lost Town The post office was only open for about six months. It was three miles south and four miles east of Wellington at 800 E. 50th St. South.
Merriam Johnson Current Town
Merrimac Marshall Lost Town 1859-1862 Merrimac was located 10 miles southeast of Irving in 1858, but it was abandoned in 1864
Mertilla Meade Lost Town Vacated 1893.
Messer, Brownsville Cherokee Lost Town 1874-1906 Located on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad, five miles north of Galena.
Metz Chautauqua Lost Town 1874-1888
Miami Lyon Lost Town
Miami County Miami Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, it was created in 1855. It was first called Lykins County. Paola is the county seat.
Miami Junction Linn Lost Town
Miami Village Miami Lost Town Post office 1850. One mile north of New Lancaster.
Michigan Valley Osage Ghost Town 1870-1967 A couple of old business buildings and a church remain.
Middle Branch Hodgeman Lost Town 1878-1888
Middle Creek Chase Lost Town 1862-1873
Located on a creek of the same name, J.S. Shipman was the first postmaster. The post office moved to Elmdale.
Middletown, Butler’s Jefferson Lost Town Established 1858. Midway between Lecompton and Leavenworth.
Middletown Wilson Lost Town 1873-1903 Located in Verdigris Township, 14 miles north of Fredonia and eight miles west of Buffalo, the nearest railroad station. When its post office closed, it received its mail by rural route from Buffalo.
Midian Butler Lost Town 1918-1950 Company-owned Oil Town.
Midland Butler Lost Town 1872-1873 The post office moved to Minneha.
Midland Douglas On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Midland Republic Lost Town 1876-1878 The post office moved from Mimosa.
Midland/Midland Park Sedgwick
Midlothian Harper Lost Town
Midson Franklin Lost Town
Midway/Nyack Crawford Lost Town 1871-1878
A mining camp in the eastern part of the county. It was also a railroad station on the Kansas City Southern Railroad.
Midway Dickinson Lost Town 1880-1886
Midway Jewell Lost Town Paper town, candidate for the county seat.
Midway Johnson Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
Midway Miami Lost Town
Milan Sumner Current Town
Milberger Russell Lost Town 1903-1911 Named for Charles Milberger, the postmaster. A country post office in Lincoln Township, 13 miles south of Russell.
Mildred Allen Ghost Town 1907-1973 An unincorporated community and near ghost town. As of the 2020 census, the community’s population and nearby areas was 25.
Milford Geary Current Town
Mill Creek Bourbon Lost Town
Millard Barton Lost Town 1877-1906 Named for Francis Millard, the postmaster.
Millard Geary Name Change Site of present Junction City.
Millbrook Graham Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Miller Douglas (?) Lost Town Post office 1855, abolished 1856.
Miller Lyon Named for the Miller brothers, ranchers.
Miller Morris Lost Town 1855-1856 Arthur Baker served as the first postmaster of Miller’s post office. He soon left and established Agnes City in Lyon County.
Miller’s Creek Dickinson Lost Town
Miller’s Grove Woodson Lost Town
Miller’s Springs, Millersburg Douglas Lost Town On the California Trail.
Millersburg Cherokee Lost Town 1868-1876 Located eight miles northwest of Columbus.
Millersburg Lyon Lost Town
Millerton/Rolling Green Sumner Lost Town 1875-1912 The name changed to Millerton on December 3, 1884. It was eight miles east and three miles north of Conway Springs at 120th Ave and Drury Road.
Milligan Sheridan Lost Town
Million’s Ferry Atchison Lost Place NA Established in 1850 on the Missouri River at Atchison.
Millwood Leavenworth Lost Town 1871-1904 Settled in 1870, the village was located on Stranger Creek in the northern part of the county. William Kelsey was the first postmaster. At one point, it had two flour mills, a school, and a tri-weekly stage to Atchison. In 1878, it had a population of 45. It was located three miles from Easton.
Milo Lincoln Lost Town 1872-1938 A country trading point on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, about 16 miles northeast of Lincoln. In 1910, it had two stores, an express office, a money order post office with one rural route, and a population of 50.
Milroy Hodgeman Lost Town 1887-1895
Milton Kingman Lost Town 1878-1885 The post office moved to Norwich after it closed in Milton.
Milton Marion Lost Town 1872-1877
Milton Sumner Named for J. Milton Broomfield, a merchant.
Miltonvale Cloud Current Town
Milwaukee Butler Lost Town See New Milwaukee.
Milwaukee Barton Lost Town
Mimosa Republic Lost Town 1871-1876 The post office moved to Midland.
Mina Marshall Lost Town 1889-1925

This was once a trading point between Axtell and Summerfield. It was located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

Minersville Cloud Lost Town 1877-1899 Minersville was a coal town located near the northern border of Cloud County, Kansas.
Mingona Barber Lost Town 1885-1893
Minneapolis Ottawa Current Town

County seat.

Mineola, Minneola Clark Current Town

On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.

Minneha/Manchester Sedgwick Lost Town 1871-1900

Located in Minneha Township, it was a station on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.

Minneola/Saint Bernard Franklin Lost Town 1855-1865

The name changed from Saint Bernard on November 26, 1858. The post office moved to Centropolis when it closed.

Mimosa Republic Lost Town
Mineral Cherokee Lost Town 1895-1925 The post office originally moved from Cherry.
Mineral City Cherokee Lost Town 1898 The post office was only open for six weeks after the order of change was rescinded.
Mineral Point Anderson Name Change Name changed to Amiott, 1903
Minersville Cloud
Minersville Republic Lost Town
Minerva Labette Lost Town
Minety Rooks Lost Town
Mingona Barber Lost Town Vacated 1901.
Minneapolis Ottawa On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Minneha Butler Lost Town 1877-1880 The post office moved to Cloud.
Minneola Franklin Lost Town
Mirriam On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Mission Johnson Current Town
Mission Shawnee Lost Town 1871-1872 The post office was open for less than a year.
Mission Centre Brown Lost Town 1877-1882 The post office moved to Willis.
Mission Creek Wabaunsee Lost Town
Mission Hills Johnson Current Town
Mission Woods Johnson Current Town
Missler, Jasper Meade On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Missouri City Johnson Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
Missouri Farm Doniphan Lost Town
Missouri Flat Sumner Lost Town 1879-1881
Mitchell County Mitchell Current County NA Created in 1867 from unorganized area. Beloit is the county seat.
Mitchellville Stanton Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Mobile Elk
Modell Norton Lost Town
Modena Butler Lost Town 1874-1882
Modoc Jewell Lost Town
Modoc Wichita Extinct Town 1886-1992 The post office closed on March 21, 1902.
Mohon Bourbon Lost Town 1878-1883 Located in the southeast corner of the county, it was 12 miles southeast of Fort Scott. The first settlement was made by Wesley Calkins in 1878. John McDonald was the only postmaster and also opened a store.
Mole Hill Dickinson Lost Town 1877-1880
Moline Elk Current Town On the Howard Branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Mon Fort Lost Town Chartered 1879.
Mona Reno Lost Town 1879-1901 A German Mennonite settlement on the Ninnescah River, it was about five miles west of Ost.
Moneka Linn Lost Town 1857-1866 Moneka got its start in February 1857. Chartered 1858. Two miles east of Mound City.
Money Creek Jefferson (?) Lost Town
Monique Shawnee Lost Town Incorporated 1857
Monitor McPherson Lost Town 1874-1902
Monmouth Crawford Extinct Town 1866-1955 Located in southwest Crawford County, four miles east of McCune. Still has houses and a church.
Monmouth Shawnee Lost Town
Monotony, Weskan Wallace Lost Town On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Monroe Lincoln Lost Town 1871-1886 Mrs. Skinner taught the first public school in Lincoln County, at Monroe, in 1870.
Monrovia Atchison Extinct Town 1857-1955 Monrovia started as a stage stop on the Overland Stage Route in 1856. Named by S. J. H. Snyder, the townsite owner. It was on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Located west of Atchison.
Mont Ida/Mount Ida Anderson Lost Town 1880-1944 The name changed from Mount Ida to Mont Ida on February 9, 1881.
Montana Crawford Lost Town 1859 The post office was open for less than nine months.
Montana City Labette Located in Liberty Township, it got its start in April 1866. A fire destroyed most of the buildings in 1895.
Mont Cenis Dickinson Lost Town 1872-1882 Also spelled Mount Cenis.
Monterey Riley Lost Town 1890-1899
Montezuma Gray Current Town On the Cimmaron Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.
Montgomery Dickinson Lost Town Twenty miles west of Fort Riley.
Montgomery Linn Lost Town
Montgomery Montgomery Lost Town 1869-1871 Started by R. W. Dunlap at the mouth of Drum Creek and on the Verdigris River, a few miles southeast of Independence, in 1869.
Montgomery County Montgomery Current County Formed from Wilson County in 1867. Independence is the county seat.
Monticello Johnson Lost Town 1858-1905 One of the first white farmers in the Monticello area was John Owens, who made his claim along Mill Creek around 1840.
Montrose Elk Lost Town See Cave Springs.
Montrose Jewell
Monument Logan Ghost Town -1997 Located in northeast Logan County, It is an unincorporated ghost town. It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The post office closed on January 25, 1997.
Monument Rocks Gove Current Place NA
Monument Station Jefferson Lost Town
Monument Station/Fort Monument Gove Lost Place Originally a Butterfield stage station along the Smoky Hill Trail to Colorado. Troops were first sent there in 1865 to protect the station and travelers from Indian attacks.
Moody Coffey Lost Place None  A station on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Moodyville Pottawatomie Lost Town 1879-1927 Moodyville was laid out in April 1882. Nearby was Moodyville Springs, one of the best Mineral springs in the state.
Mooney Leavenworth or Jefferson Lost Town
Moonlight Dickinson Lost Town 1894-1905
Moore Marion Lost Town 1897-1899
Moorehead Labette Lost Town
Moore’s Ranch Marion Lost Town On Santa Fe Trail; Post office 1861; discontinued 1870.
Moore’s Summit/Summit Leavenworth Lost Town In Stranger Township on the Union Pacific Railroad. Named for Captain Crawford Moore, a local landowner. The name changed to Summit.
Moore’s Toll Bridge Nemaha Lost Place. Established 1854-55, South Fork of Nemaha River at Moorestown (future Baker’s Ford). W. W. Moore & Walter D. Beeles, proprietors.
Moorestown/Urbana Nemaha Lost Town 1855 The settlement started in 1854 by W.W. Moon at Baker’s Ford on the South Fork of the Nemaha River. Urbana post office, John Jett, postmaster.
Moran/Morantown Allen Current Town On the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Moravian Mission Leavenworth Lost Town 1839 On the Missouri River between Delaware City and Leavenworth.
Moray/East Norway Doniphan Lost Town 1871-1938 Named changed from East Norway to Moray on December 17, 1894
Morehead Neosho Extinct Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. Named after a conductor on the railroad. Very little left today.
Morena Clay Name Change Now Broughton.
Morgan Chase Lost Town 1876-1902 Probably named for W. A. Morgan, the editor of the Chase County Leader. The postmistress Julia E. Kinne. It was at the head of Rock Creek, southwest of Bazaar.
Morgan City Clay Name Change Now Morganville.
Morgan Montgomery Lost Town 1870-1872 Founded by the Morgan brothers in the summer of 1869. It was located about two and a half miles northeast of Independence.
Morganville Clay Current Town
Morton City Hodgeman Lost Town None African American Exodusters began arriving in Hodgeman County from Kentucky in 1879. Establishing Morton City, they farmed, homesteaded, and raised families. However, life was difficult, and they struggled to survive. The town was eventually abandoned.
Moscow Cowley Lost Town 1875-1880
Mound Springs Wilson Lost Town 1870-1872
Mount Liberty Reno Lost Town 1873-1886 A small town in Haven Township. It had the first post office in the township established on March 1, 1873, with S. J. Wilson as postmaster.
Mount Olivet Leavenworth Lost Town 1877-1900 A post office was located at the head of Salt Creek in the western part of the county. The postmaster was H. M. Dubois. It was located six miles from Leavenworth.
Mount Roy Brown Lost Town 1857-1858
Mount Sterling Bourbon Lost Town 1862-1871 The first postmaster was T.S. Brockman.
Mount Vernon/Landondale Doniphan Lost Town Platted 1857-58 on land purchased from Sampson, Isaac & Daniel Graves. It had a general store, warehouse, and physician. The Kansas Legislature vacated the townsite in 1863.
Mulberry Kingman Lost Town 1868-1869 The post office moved to Riverdale.
Mulberry Saline Lost Town 1871-1890
Mumford Barber Lost Town 1885-1906 It was located about ten miles northeast of Medicine Lodge. When the post office closed, it received its mail by rural delivery from Nashville, Kingman County, six miles north, and the nearest railroad station.
Murdock Butler Lost Town 1872-1873
In Murdock Township, it was 12 miles west of Eldorado and six miles north of Benton, the nearest shipping point.
Myton Reno Lost Town None


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