Extinct Towns of Ellis County

An old homestead near Pfiefer, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

An old homestead in Ellis County, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Bantam 1906-1910 Located about 12 miles northwest of Hays, the post office moved to Hyacinth in 1910.
Big Creek Station 1867 The post office moved from Fort Fletcher, only open for four months. The post office moved to Hays.
Chetolah 1888-1897 Chetolah got its start in 1886 as a potential railroad town. However, the railroad didn’t come through. The Palatine post office was moved to Chetolah in 1888.
Coyote 1868 The post office was only open for about five months.
Czech Colony None A colony of settlers from Bohemia came to Ellis County in 1885 and settled on land south of Ellis along the Trego County line. The town never grew big enough for a post office.
Easdale 1878-1887 The post office moved to Pfeifer in 1887. Located in the southeast part of Ellis County.
Emmeram/Norddorf 1903-1904 Named after the famous church builder, Father Emmeram Kausler, the community consisted of the Sacred Heart Church and two schools. Though a town plot was filed in 1902, the town never materialized.
Finch 1907-1908 Located on the Saline River, about 20 miles northeast of span style=”font-size: small;”>Hays.
Fort Fletcher 1866-1867 Moved to Big Creek Station in 1867.
Halton/Mendota 1878-1909 The name changed to Mendota in 1882. A small town about 20 miles northwest of Hays on the Saline River.
Hog Back None Named for a ridge of land with a sharp summit and sloping sides located halfway between Hays and Ellis. There was a railroad station located in Hog Back at one time.
Bantam/Hyacinth 1906-1914 Located about 10 miles northwest of Hays, the name was changed from Bantam to Hyacinth in 1910. The St. John Baptist church was built there in 1906, serving the community until 1967.
Martin 1875-1894 Located in North Central Ellis County on the Saline River.
Norfolk 1889-1909
Over Muncha 1880 The post office was only open for five months.
Palatine 1880-1897
Rome NA Rome, Kansas, the first settlement to be formed after Ellis County was officially organized, just west of Hays. It was organized by Buffalo Bill Cody.
Severin None Located five miles northwest of Catherine, the town was founded by former members of the Catharine parish. Reverend Father Severin, in whose honor the town was named, was its first pastor. The church was built in May 1916 and was dedicated on June 22, 1916.
Smokyhill 1900-1915 Smokyhill, Kansas, once located in south-central Ellis County, was a “mining” town when numerous miners thought they could find zinc and gold.
Stock Range 1883-1895 A small settlement with a post office located in southwest Ellis County on the Smoky Hill River.
Sweetwater 1883-1885
Toulon 1889-1891 1898-1901 A small village located on the Union Pacific Railroad, five miles east and one mile south of Hays. It was first settled In 1876 by people from Pennsylvania.
Turkville 1875-1918 Settled by a colony from Tennessee in 1876, who founded the first Baptist church in Ellis County. It was located in the northeast corner of Ellis County on the Saline River.
Tyner 1880-1881
Vincent NA This small village got its start in 1907 when several families of the St. Fidelis Church in Victoria, desired to have a church nearer to their farms.
Viola 1881 The post office was open for less than four months.
Yocemento 1907-1917 Yocemento was the site of a cement plant that eventually went bankrupt.

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