Everyplace in Kansas – R

Post rock fence in Rush County by Kathy Alexander.

Post-rock fence in Rush County by Kathy Alexander.

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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
Raceburgh Rooks Lost Town
Radical/Radical City Montgomery Lost Town 1870-1887
It was a country trading point founded in 1869 by Colonel Samuel Young. It was about six miles northwest of Independence. The post office moved to Ritchie.
Radium Stafford Current Town -1990 The post office closed on April 28, 1990.
Raemer Creek Marshall Lost Town 1873-1874 It was named for the Raemer Brothers, early permanent settlers. It was located at or near Herkimer.
Rago Kingman Extinct Town 1883-1999 The Rago Trading Post was established in early 1883, two miles east and four miles south of the present town site. The post office closed on September 30, 1999.
Ramona Marion Current Town 1887-Present
Rancho Elk Lost Town 1883-1887
Randall Brown Lost Town 1864
Randall Jewell Current Town
Randolph Riley Current Town
Range Ellsworth Lost Town 1883-1890
Ransom Ness Current Town
Ransomville Franklin Lost Town 1881-1915 It was a coal mining camp in the county’s southwestern part.
Rantoul Franklin Current Town 1872-Present
Rantoul Lost Town 1862-1866
Ratcliff Hodgeman Lost Town 1885-1887
Ravanna-Cowland-Mason Finney Lost Town 1979-1922 The name changed from Mason to Cowland on February 15, 1883. The name changed from Cowland to Ravanna on September 25, 1886. In 1910, it had a country post office and a daily stage to Garden City. It was located on the Pawnee River, 28 miles northeast of Garden City and 22 miles north of Cimarron, the nearest shipping point.
Rawlins Center Norton Lost Town
Rawlins County Rawlins Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. Atwood is the county seat.
Ray Pawnee Lost Town 1878-1884
A small village on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, eight miles east of Larned.
Raymond Rice Current Town
Rayville/Osage Bourbon Lost Town 1858-1861 It was located on the Osage River, about halfway between Fort Lincoln and Mapleton.
Reading Lyon Current Town
Reagle Norton Lost Town
Rebekah Morris Lost Town 1872-1873 Moved to Munson in 1873.
Redbank Kingman Lost Town 1884-1886
Red Clover Johnson Lost Town 1881-1887
Red Clover was located on the county line just outside Kansas City, Kansas.
Red Creek Barber Lost Town 1875-1883
Red Rock Lincoln Lost Town 1869-1871 M.D. Greene established a post office on April 08, 1869, on Red Rock Creek. It was located five miles east of Lincoln and was named for the red sandstone along the creek banks. The post office moved to Rocky Hill.
Red Rock Reno Lost Town None It didn’t have a post office, but it had an active Grange. It was two miles southwest of present-day Plevna.
Red Stone Cloud Lost Town
Red Vermillion/Vieux Crossing Pottawatomie Lost Place On the Oregon Trail about five miles northeast of Wamego.
Redbud Cowley Lost Town 1873-1910 A country post office in Maple Township, 15 miles northwest of Winfield and five miles north of Udall, the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was ten.
Redden Butler Lost Town 1875-1885
Redes Anderson Lost Town 1858-1864
Redes Brown Lost Town
Redfield Bourbon Current Town
Redmond Leavenworth Lost Town
Redoubt Clark Lost Town On Bear Creek.
Redoubt Clark Lost Town On the Cimarron River.
Redpath/Plowboy Shawnee Lost Town 1871-1884 The name changed from Plowboy to Redpath on April 24, 1882. It was near Auburn.
Red Stone Cloud Lost Town 1869-1887 Red Stone was situated on the Central Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad.
Redwing Barton Extinct Town 1892-1896
Situated on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. A few buildings left today.
Redwood Dickinson Lost Town 1879-1886
Reeder Anderson Lost Town 1882 The post office was only open for about eight months.
Reeder Dickinson Lost Town Near Solomon City.
Reeder Kiowa Lost Town Vacated 1903.
Reedsville/Heaslyville Marshall Lost Town 1870-1902 A post office in Center Township was named for Allen Reed, postmaster, storekeeper, and prominent settler. The name changed from Heaslyville to Reedsville in 1873.
Reedtown Norton Lost Town
Reesville Clark Lost Town
Reid City Greeley Lost Town Vacated 1897.
Reinert Ford Lost Town 1908-1917 Reinert was a country post office located 15 miles southwest of Dodge City.
Reiter Washington Lost Town
Remanto Sumner Lost Town See Salt City.
Reno Leavenworth Lost Town 1864-1918 It was a station on the Lawrence branch of the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Reno Scott Lost Town
Reno Center Reno Lost Town
Reno County Reno Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. Hutchinson is the county seat.
Republic Republic Current Town
Republic City, Republican City Clay Lost Town Vacated 1877.
Republic County Republic Current County NA Formed from Washington County in 1868. Belleville is the county seat.
Republican River Military Bridge Geary Lost Place It was established in about 1856 on the west edge of Fort Riley near the junction of the Republican and Smoky Hill Forks of the Kansas River. Constructed by U.S. Army Engineers. This place is probably Custer Road over the Republican River at Junction City.
Reserve Brown Current Town 1882-1983 Reserve got its start as a station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It was named for its location on a former Sac & Fox Indian reservation. It is technically extinct but still has several buildings and a small population.
Rest Wilson Lost Town 1877-1955 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, it was located on the line between Colfax and Pleasant Valley Townships, 14 miles northeast of Fredonia.
Retreat Hodgeman Lost Town 1879 The post office was only open for about five months.
Reubens Jewell Lost Town
Reviere Woodson Name Change Now Toronto.
Rex Sumner Lost Town
Rexford Thomas Current Town
Rhodes Anderson Lost Town
Rhodes Dickinson Lost Town 1878-1896
Rialto Ferry Leavenworth Lost Place Operational 1844-65 on the Missouri River between Rialto, Missouri (extinct) & Fort Leavenworth, John B. Wells, proprietor. Rialto may have been located south of Weston near Kirk Bottom Road in Platte County, Missouri.
Rice Cloud Lost Town 1878-1980 An extinct town today, it continues to have a small population, homes, grain silos, and an old business building.
Rice County Rice Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. Lyons is the county seat.
Riceville Cherokee Lost Town 1895 The post office was only open for six months. Order of change rescinded.
Rich Anderson Lost Town 1872-1883 The post office moved to Equity.
Richards Barber Lost Town 1883-1884
Richards Chase Lost Town None David Richards settled here in May 1858. It was an incorporated town on the east side of the Chicago, Kansas, and Western Railroad in Diamond Creek Township. The townsite was vacated by 1889.
Richardson, McGee’s Osage Lost Town 1855-1874 At or near 110 Station on the Santa Fe Trail.
Richardson Pottawatomie Lost Town
Richeyville Greenwood Lost Town
Richfield Morton Current Town
Richland Miami Name Change Now Wellsville.
Richland Shawnee Lost Town 1867-1969 Richland was abandoned when the Corps of Engineers acquired area land for the Clinton Lake floodplain.
Richland Centre Butler Lost Town 1878-1881
Richeyville Greenwood Lost Town 1882-1883
Richmond Franklin Current Town
Richmond Nemaha Lost Town Located in about 1854. It was the first town in the county and county seat until 1858.
Richter Franklin Lost Town 1890-1907
Ricka Ford Lost Town 1885-1886
Riddle Ferry Jefferson  Lost Place Operation 1856-57 on the Delaware River at Ozawkie on the Ft. Leav.-Ft. Riley Road. Jefferson Riddle, Proprietor.
Ridge Linn Lost Town 1866-1868
Ridge Farm Doniphan Lost Town
Ridgeway Osage Lost Town 1858-1900 It is one of the historic early-day towns, but it dwindled after being missed by the railroads.
Riley/Riley Center Riley Now Riley.
Riley City Geary Lost Town Opposite Fort Riley, established in 1854, was also called West Point and Whiskey Point.
Riley County Riley Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, it was created in 1855. Manhattan is the county seat.
Rinehart/Rhinehart Dickinson Lost Town 1896-1903 The name changed from Rhinehart to Rinehart on April 15, 1902.
Ringo Crawford Lost Town 1915-1957 Coal mining camp.
Ripan or Ripon Labette Lost Town
Rising Sun Jefferson Lost Town 1858-1859
Incorporated 1857. Opposite Lecompton.
Risley Marion Lost Town 1873-1879 The post office moved to Hillsboro.
Ritchel Crossing Franklin Cross of Pottawatomie Creek, southwest of Lane, Kansas.
Ritter Kingman Lost Place 1986 The post office was only open for about seven months.
River View Rice Lost Town
Riverdale Clay Lost Town
Riverdale Sumner Extinct Town 1887-1973 Located on the Chicago and Rock Island and the Missouri Pacific Railroads, eight miles north of Wellington.
Rivere Woodson Name Change Now Toronto.
Riverton Cherokee Current Town A small town on Route 66.
Riverton Reno Lost Town 1875-1890
Riverview Wyandotte Lost Town Now part of Kansas City.
Roberts Russell Lost Town 1896-1906 A country hamlet 15 miles south of Russell. The population in 1910 was 25.
Robidoux Crossing Marshall Lost Place This place is most likely located on Robidoux Creek, where the St. Joseph Branch of the Oregon Trail crossed. It was near US Route 36, about 1.75 miles south of Beattie, Kansas.
Robidoux Ferry Doniphan Lost Place  Established in 1839 on the Missouri River at Robidoux Landing. Julius Robidoux, proprietor.
Robinson Brown Current Town
Rochester Anderson Lost Town
Rochester Neosho Lost Town 1869-1870
Rochester Shawnee Lost Town Founded in 1854 by J. Butler Chapman. First called Delaware City, then Whitfield, then Kansopolis, and afterward changed to Rochester.
Rock Cowley Current Town 1870-Present Rock, Kansas, is an unincorporated village on the Walnut River in Rock Creek Township of Cowley County.
Rock Sumner It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Rock-a-By Coffey The post office was named Strawn. It was on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway
Rock Castle Nemaha Name Change Now Seneca.
Rock Castle Rush Lost Town None
Rock Creek Lyon Lost Town 1870-1871 It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Rock Creek/Louisville Pottawatomie Current Town 1856-Present This place got its start in 1856 and was first called Rock. The name changed to Louisville on July 19, 1867. Today, Louisville, Kansas, is a small town in south-central Pottawatomie County. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city was 131.
Rock Creek, Rock Creek Crossing Morris Lost Town 1870-1871 Located along the Santa Fe Trail, it was known as a good camping and watering place, with wood for fuel. Located near Agnes City.
Rock Creek Crossing Pottawatomie Lost Place Rock Creek Crossing of Fort Leavenworth-Fort Riley Military Road at Louisville, Kansas. Robert Wilson operated a tavern and grist mill at the crossing.
Rock Ford, French Crossing Doniphan Lost Place Near the mouth of the Wolf River. S. F. French, Proprietor. Located in Iowa Township, where SR 7 crosses the river.
Rock Hill Lincoln Lost Town
Rock Island Grant Lost Town Vacated 1908.
Rock Spring, Rock Stream Ellsworth Lost Town It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Rockford Bourbon Lost Town 1860-1902 First settled in 1858 by Guy Hinton.
Rockford, Rocky Ford Pottawatomie Lost Town
Rocklow Allen Lost Town 1877-1886
Rockton Wabaunsee Lost Town
Rockville, Rockwell Miami Lost Town
Rockville Saline Lost Town
Rockwell Cherokee Lost Town 1877-1879 It was on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Rocky Ford Wabaunsee Lost Town
Rocky Hill Lincoln Lost Town 1871-1880 Rocky Hill sprang up just east of the old paper town of Abram, which was the county seat for a brief time.
Roeland Park Johnson Current Town
Roger’s Mills Neosho Lost Town 1865-1870 The post office moved to Tioga when it closed.
Rogersville Doniphan Lost Town 1857-1859 North of Troy on the California Trail, this town was named for Emerson Van B. Rogers, the first postmaster.
Rogersville Ness Lost Town
Rogersville, Rodgersville Washington Lost Town
Roland Leavenworth Lost Town 1895-1902
Rolla Morton Current Town On the Cimarron branch of the Santa Fe Trail
Roland Rush Lost Town 1880-1887
Rollin Neosho Lost Town 1890-1901
Rolling Green Sumner Lost Town
Rolling Prairie Lane Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Romance Johnson Lost Town 1876-1877
Rome Ellis Lost Town None Rome, Kansas, was the first settlement formed after Ellis County was officially organized. It was just west of Hays. Buffalo Bill Cody organized it.
Rome Franklin Lost Town
Rome Sumner Lost Town 1874-1933 Located in Jackson Township, it was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, eight miles south of Wellington.
Rooks Center Rooks Lost Town
Rooks County Rooks Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. Stockton is the county seat.
Root On the Howard Branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Roper/Sidell Wilson Lost Town 1887-1933  The town was started in 1886 when the Missouri Pacific Railroad was built. The name changed from Sidell to Roper on February 10, 1891.
Rosalia Butler Current Town Located east of El Dorado, a pioneer named the post office Rosalia after his wife.
Rosalind Republic Lost Town 1878-1885
Roscoe Graham Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Rose City, Ross City Chautauqua Lost Town
Rose Hill Butler Current Town The Hall boys had one of the first general stores.
Rose Hill Neosho Lost Town 1870-1871 The post office moved to Galesburg when it closed.
Rose Valley Pratt Lost Town
Rosebank Dickinson Lost Town 1879-1887
Rosedale Wyandotte Extinct Town 1872-1902 Railroad promoters named it for the abundance of roses along the track. Consolidated with Kansas City in 1922
Rosette Lincoln Lost Town 1879-1900
Roseland Cherokee Current Town 1902-1918 Roseland, located on the Joplin & Pittsburg electric line, started as a mining camp.
Rosemont Osage Lost Town 1887-1913 It was a  station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. It was located 19 miles southeast of Lyndon.
Roseport Doniphan Lost Town Incorporated 1855. Now Elwood
Rosevale Clay Lost Town The name changed to Morena, then Springfield, then Broughton.
Ross Cherokee Lost Town On the Howard Branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Rossville Crawford Lost Town
Rossville Shawnee Current Town On the Oregon Trail and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Rosyvale Anderson Lost Town 1860-1862
Rosyvale Brown Lost Town
Rotterdam Jewell
Rotterdam Osborne Lost Town Established 1871
Round Grove Johnson Lost Town On Santa Fe trail 35 miles west of Independence, Missouri.
Round Grover Washington Lost Town See Hopper.
Round Prairie
Round Springs Mitchell Lost Town
Roundup Barber Lost Town 1885-1901
Rovella Linn Lost Town 1858-1863
Roxbury McPherson Current Town
Roy Sumner Lost Town 1879-1886
Roy’s Creek Bridge Doniphan Lost Place  On the old White Cloud & Padonia Road, near present-day 310th St., in White Cloud, Kansas.
Roy’s Ferry Doniphan Lost Place Established in the 1840s on the Big Nemaha River, John Baptiste Roy, proprietor. He also had a trading post on the hillside south of the ferry and was an interpreter for the Ioway Indians.
Royville Lost Town Incorporated 1860.
Roxbury McPherson
Rozel Pawnee Current Town
Ruble Leavenworth Lost Town 1886-1900
Ruby Sedgwick Lost Town 1879-1894
Ruleton Named for Sherman; J. E. Rule, merchant.
Runnymede Harper Lost Town
Rural Chase Lost Town 1894-1902
Rural Jefferson Name Change Now Williamstown.
Rural Springs Kingman Lost Town 1879-1880 The post office moved to Terrapin.
Rurdon Sheridan Lost Town
Rush Center Rush Current Town
Rush County Rush Current County NA Created from an unorganized area in 1867. La Crosse is the county seat.
Rushville Ford Lost Town None Vacated in 1895.
Rusk Cowley Lost Town
Russell Russell Current Town A colony of 70 settlers from Ripon, Wisconsin, established it in the early 1870s. In 1867, it was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Russell County Russell Current County NA It was created from unorganized area in 1867. Russell is the county seat.
Russell Springs Logan Ghost Town -1997 On the Smoky Hill Trail. The post office closed on November 7, 1997.
Rutland/Atlanta Montgomery Lost Town 1870-1901 The name changed from Atlanta to Rutland on March 17, 1874.
Ruweda Greenwood Lost Town 1888-1921 A country post office in the northwestern part of the county, 18 miles from Eureka.
Ryan Rush Lost Town 1878-1908 In Banner Township, 15 miles southeast of La Crosse and seven miles south of Timken.
Ryan’s Atchison Lost Town
Ryan’s Station Doniphan Lost Place None A flag station on the St. Joseph and Western Railway. It was located one mile east of Severance.
Ryansville Ford Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Rydal Republic Extinct Town 1896-1953 A small village on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, it was in Belleville Township. In 1910, it had a telegraph, telephone office, post office and express facilities, a grain and coal establishment, and a nursery. The population in 1910 was 31. It was five miles west of Belleville.
Ryus Grant Extinct Town Only a few buildings and silos remain.


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