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The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. Marys, Kansas was the was the first Catholic cathedral built west of the Missouri River.

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, St. Marys, Kansas, was the first Catholic cathedral built west of the Missouri River.

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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
Sabetha Nemaha Current Town Located on St. Joseph and California Road; post office 1858, Arthur W. Williams, postmaster.
Sabra Saline Lost Town 1867-1870
Sac & Fox Agency Franklin Lost Town Post office in 1855.
Sac Branch Franklin Lost Town  1861-1863 Sac Branch
Chase Lost Town 1872-1957 It was located on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in Toledo Township.
St. Benedict Doniphan Lost Town 1870 The post office was open just less than a year
St. Benedict Nemaha Extinct Town 1883-1902 The beautiful St. Mary’s Church was built in 1893. The church still provides services today, and several homes remain in the area.
St. Bernard Franklin Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
St. Bridget Marshall Extinct Town 1869-1906 The post office moved from Fairland. It was located about 6.5 miles north of Axtell. A historic church still stands.
St. Clere Pottawatomie Extinct Town 1874-1953 Located on Cross Creek. The population in 1910 was 102.
St. Cloud/Solomon Dickinson Name Change Now Solomon.
Saint Francis Brown Lost Town 1871-1872 The post office moved from Buncomb.
St. Francis Cheyenne Current Town County seat. Founded in 1887 and named to honor one of its founding citizens, Francis Emerson.
St. George Pottawatomie Current Town It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
St. John Allen Lost Town Incorporated 1860.
St. John Decatur Lost Town Founded in 1879; named for Governor J.P. St. John; name changed to Hooker.
St. John Stafford Current Town County seat. Founded in the middle 1870s. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
St. John Center Logan Lost Town None St. John Center was laid out in 1885.
St. Joseph Cloud Extinct Town 1878-1882
St. Joseph was founded in 1873 by its first Catholic pastor, Father Louis-Marie Mollier. Its beautiful St. Joseph Catholic Church rises above the prairie.
Ost, St. Joseph Reno Extinct Town 1882-1911 A country office and trading center for Sumner Township. It still has an active church and school.
St. Joseph & Elwood Ferry Doniphan Lost Place Operated 1855-72. Robert Jessee & Ebenezer Blackiston, proprietors. Steam ferry, Tidy Adala, later replaced by Ebenezer.
St. Julian Clay Lost Town On the Republican River.
St. Leander Johnson Lost Town Incorporated in 1855; at the confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers.
Saint Leo Kingman Lost Town 1904-1905
St. Louis/Louisburg Miami Name Change Now Louisburg.
Saint Mark Sedgwick Extinct Town 1879-1903 It was located on the line between Union and Attica Townships amid a German settlement.
St. Mary’s Mission Linn Lost Town
St. Mary’s/St. Mary’s Mission Pottawatomie Current Town Originally a Jesuit Mission to the Potawatomi Indians. Founded in 1848. It was a trade and rest stop on the Oregon Trail. On the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The name changed to St. Mary’s in 1878.
St. Marysville Miami Name Change Changed to Lyon, 1866.
St. Nicholas Atchison Lost Town 1859-1863
The post office moved to Cummingsville in December 1873.
St. Paul Chautauqua
St. Paul Montgomery Lost Town
St. Paul/Osage Mission Neosho Current Town Originally called Osage Mission, founded by Jesuit Missionaries in 1847 to bring education to the Osage Indians. One-time county situs of Neosho County. The name changed to St. Paul. It was on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
St. Paul Sheridan Lost Town
St. Petersburg
St. Sophia Ness Lost Town
Salamanca Cherokee Lost Town
Salem Douglas Lost Town On the Santa Fe Trail. See Louisiana
Salemsburg Saline Lost Town 1875-1902 Also spelled Salemsburgh. This was an inland hamlet in Smoky View Township.
Salina Saline Current Town. County seat. On the Smoky Hill Trail and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Saline County Saline Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1860. Salina is the county seat.
Sallee/Salee/Norwalk Kingman Lost Town 1879-1888 This place was first called Norwalk when the post office opened on January 28, 1879. The town’s name changed to Salee on June 14, 1883. The spelling of the town’s name changed from Salee to Sallee on July 3, 1883.
Sallyards Greenwood Lost Town 1918-1943 Named for S. G. Sallyards, a rancher.
Salsbury Bourbon Lost Town
Salisbury Cherokee Lost Town 1859-1860
Salt City/Remanto Sumner Lost Town 1872-1885 The name changed from Remanto to Salt City on October 26, 1874. It was immediately north of Geuda Springs at 120th Street South and the Cowley Line.
Salt Creek/Wilson’s Trading Post. Leavenworth Lost Town 1863-1864 The post office was called Salt Creek.
Salt Creek Reno Lost Town 1873-1886 The post office moved to Abbyville.
Salt Creek Bridge Leavenworth Lost Place NA Salt Creek Bridge was established in 1844 in Kickapoo Township. Robert Wilson established a trading post in 1854. Located on the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Riley Military Road. Near County Road 14.
Salt Marsh Republic Lost Town See Seapo.
Salt Marsh Washington Lost Town
Salt Springs Greenwood Lost Town 1867-1873
Salt Springs Saline Lost Town
Salt Springs Sumner Lost Town None It was established in about 1878 and was five miles south of Oxford at 60th Street South and Oxford Road.
Saltville Mitchell Lost Town
Samaria Montgomery Paper Town A paper town near Walker Mound.
Sampson Marion Lost Town 1881-1883
Sand Spring Dickinson Lost Town
Sanford Pawnee Named for Sanford Arnold, pioneer and townsite owner.
Sanford Sedgwick Lost Town
Sandfordville Cherokee Lost Town 1870-1871 See Coalfield.
Sandusky Shawnee Lost Town 1890-1895
Santa Fe Haskell Lost Town Moved south, and the name changed to Satanta in 1912.
Santa Fe Road Ferry Wyandotte Lost Place Established in 1857 on the Kansas River in Kansas City.
Sapling Grove Johnson Lost Place NA This campground was established in 1834 on the Santa Fe Trail. It is a park today in Overland Park, Kansas.
Sappa City Decatur Lost Town Now Oberlin.
Saratoga Pratt Lost Town It was located three miles east of Pratt
Sarcoxie Jefferson Lost Town 1889-1901 Located in Sarcoxie Township, the old Sarcoxie Cemetery still stands.
Sargent Hamilton Name Change The name changed to Coolidge. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Satanta Haskell Current Town On the Cimarron Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.
Saunders Rush Lost Town 1895-1908 Located 10 miles northwest of La Crosse and eight miles west of Liebenthal.
Saunders’ Ferry Jefferson Lost Place Established 1869 on the Kansas River 1/2 m. southwest of Medina. Wales Saunders, proprietor.
Sautrell Falls Jefferson Name Change Established as Grasshopper Falls in 1855; now Valley Falls.
Savannah Pottawatomie Lost Town 1867-1868 The post office was only open for about six months.
Savannah Landing Leavenworth Lost Place On the Missouri River near Amazonia, Missouri. Known initially as Owens’ Landing in 1842, later as Caples’ Landing in 1846.
Saviersville Wyandotte Lost Town 1867-1868 The post office was open for less than a year.
Savonburg Allen Extinct Town 1879-1998 Still has numerous homes, several old business buildings, an active church, and a population of 74.
Saw Qaw (Osawkie?) Jefferson Lost Town
Sawe Place or Suie Place Wilson
Sawlog Hodgeman Lost Town 1883-1884 Edward Waters, postmaster.
Sawlog Creek Crossing Ford Lost Place Located on the Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Military Road, the crossing of Sawlog Creek was in northern Ford County.
Saw-Qua Shawnee Lost Town 1871-1873 Also known as Saw-Gua.
Sawyer Pratt Current Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Saxman Rice
Sayre Ford Named for Kaye Sayre, a pioneer.
Scammon/Scammonville Cherokee Current Town A small coal-mining town located just a mile north of Stilson. Now Scammon. Named for four Scammon brothers from Illinois.
Scandia Republic Current Town Settlement of Swedes promoted by the Scandinavian Agricultural Society of Chicago.
Scheuerman Rush Lost Town 1883-1888
Schley McPherson Lost Town 1898-1902
Schockley, Shockley Mitchell Lost Town
Schoenchen Ellis
Schoharie Ness Lost Town
Schroyer Marshall Lost Town 1889-1918 Named for Peter Schroyer, town promoter. Nothing remains.
Schulte Sedgwick Lost Town 1906-1934 Located in Waco township on the Kansas City, Mexico & Orient Railroad, 12 miles southwest of Wichita. In 1910, it had a general store, livery barn, telegraph and express offices, and a population of 70.
Scipio Anderson Extinct Town
Schoenchen Ellis Current Town
Scoharie Lost Town 1872-1889
Scotch Plain Republic Lost Town 1871-1874
Scott Lost Town 1880 The post office was open for less than seven months.
Scott City Scott Current Town County seat.
Scott County Scott Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. The county seat is Scott City.
Scott Land Jefferson Lost Town 1865-1871
Scottstown Coffey Lost Town Near Le Roy.
Scottsville Mitchell Current Town
Scranton Osage Current Town On the Santa Fe Trail.
Seabrook Shawnee Lost Town 1887-1899
Seaman Linn Lost Town 1883-1889
Seapo-Salt Marsh Republic Lost Town 1866-1889 Seapo was a rural community in Grant Township in Republic County. It was first established as Salt Marsh in 1866. It had a grist mill, three churches, and a school.
Sears Ford Lost Town None Sears never had more than a telegraph station and a rural schoolhouse.
Seaver, Highland Station, Sparks Doniphan Name Change The name changed to Highland Station. In 1908, the city changed its name to Sparks.
Sebastian Wyandotte Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
Secondine/Delaware Wyandotte Lost Town 1850-1859 The name changed from Delaware to Secondline on February 1, 1856. It was near Edwardsville.
Section Coffey Lost Town 1882-1894
Sedan Chautauqua Current Town County Seat. Founded in 1875.
Sedan Phillips Lost Town
Sedgwick Harvey Current Town
Sedgwick County Sedgwick Current County Formed from Butler County in 1867. The county seat is Wichita.
Sedowa Sedgwick Lost Town 1886-1903
Sego Reno Lost Town 1874-1905 Sego had a school, church, general store, constable, and creamery. The population in 1910 was 16. It was located 18 miles southwest of Hutchinson.
Seigel Lost Town 1900-1901
Selden Sheridan Current Town
Selkirk Wichita Located west of Leoti.
Selma Anderson Lost Town 1887-1956 The town was at the junction of the Kansas, Nebraska, and Dakota Railroad and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Seneca Nemaha Current Town County seat. Established in 1857. Located on the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Laramie Military Road at the crossing of the South Fork of the Nemaha River. On the Oregon Trail. Home station for Overland Stage and Pony Express.
Seven Springs, Mair’s Spring Geary Lost Place A campground was established in 1857 at Kansas Falls on the Smoky Hills Trail six miles west of Junction City.
Severance Doniphan Current Town Named for John Severance, town promoter.
Severin Ellis Lost Town None Located five miles northwest of Catherine, the town was founded by former members of the Catharine parish.
Severy Greenwood Current Town It was on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Sewanoe Franklin Name Change Now Lane.
Seward Stafford Current Town -1995 The post office closed on December 9, 1995.
Seward County Seward Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. The county seat is Liberal.
Sexton Barber Lost Town 1884-1899
Sexton Wilson Lost Town 1900 The post office’s order of change was rescinded after five months.
Seymour Franklin Lost Town
Seymour Rush Lost Town 1880-1881
Shady Bend Lincoln Lost Town 1880-1963
Shadybrook Dickinson Lost Town 1901-1907
Shaffer Rush Lost Town 1892-1948 Located in Garfield Township on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Shamrock Seward On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1888.
Shannon/Cedar Bluff Anderson Lost Town 1857-1860 Located in 1857; abandoned in 1859; county seat until 1859; named in honor of Governor Wilson Shannon.
Shannon Atchison Lost Town 1882-1941 A small village on the Missouri Pacific Railroad about nine miles west of Atchison on the Parallel Road.
Shannon Pottawatomie Lost Town Discontinued 1858; located between the Black Vermillion River and the old town of Pawnee.
Shannon Riley Lost Town 1855-1858
Sharp’s Creek McPherson Lost Town
Sharlow Bourbon Lost Town 1868-1872 It was ten miles northeast of Forst Scott. The first postmaster was T.L. Wilson.
Sharon Barber Current Town
Sharon Crawford Lost Town
Sharon Springs Wallace Current Town County seat. On the Smoky Hill Trail and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Sharpe Coffey Lost Town 1890-1918 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, it had a money order post office, an express office, and a population of 40 in 1910. It was located nine miles north of Burlington.
Sharpscreek/Sharp’s Creek McPherson Lost Town 1872-1899 The name changed from Sharp’s Creek to Sharpscreek on October 15, 1894.
Shaw Neosho Extinct Town 1885-1954
Railroad Depot in Shaw, Kansas, 1950s.

Railroad Depot in Shaw

Shaw was located in Erie township on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In 1910, it had telegraph and express offices, a good local trade, and a money order post office with one rural route and a population of 125. There are still a few buildings in the area and the Shaw Cemetery. It was four miles west of Erie.

Shawnee/Gum Spring Johnson Current Town An Indian village on the Santa Fe Trail; was formerly known as Gum Spring.
Shawnee County Shawnee Current County NA  Topeka 1855 One of the original 36 counties created in 1855. the county seat is Topeka.
Shawnee Mission Johnson Historic Site Old Indian mission and school. Historic site in Fairway, Kansas.
Sheldon Harvey Lost Town 1871-1885
Shell Rock Greenwood Lost Town 1873-1883
Shell Rock Falls Greenwood Lost Town 1860-1865 Established in Madison County.
Shenandoah Lyon or Greenwood Lost Town Incorporated 1855; second incorporation 1857.
Sherdahl Republic Lost Town 1887-1905 A village in Union Township, its population in 1910 was 24. It was located 11 miles northwest of Bellville and about five miles north of Scandia.
Sheridan Greenwood Lost Town 1867-1869
Sheridan Logan Lost Town
Sheridan Lyon Lost Town
Sheridan Rooks Lost Town
Sheridan County Sheridan Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. Hoxie is the county seat.
Sherlock/Holcomb Finney Current Town 1878-1880
It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. The name changed to Holcomb. Named for D.C. Holcomb, a pioneer.
Sherman Johnson Lost Town 1865-1869 The post office moved to Lenexa on July 15, 1869.
Sherman/Kingman Kingman Name Change Now Kingman.
Sherman Center Cherokee
Sherman City Cherokee
Sherman City Labette Lost Town
Sherman County Sherman Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. Goodland is the county seat.
Sherman’s, Shermansville, Dutch Henry’s Crossing Franklin Lost Town 1855-1863 The name changed to Lane in 1863.
Sheron Allen Lost Town 1873-1877
Shibley’s Ford Marshall Lost Place NA Established on the Big Blue River in Marysville in 1856. Robert Shibley, Proprietor. Near Pony Express Hwy (US 36 | US 77)
Shields Jefferson Lost Town 1855-1868
Shields Lane Extint Town 1994 Named for a pioneer. The post office closed on November 12, 1994.
Shiloh Ness Lost Town Established 1879.
Sherwin Cherokee Named after the landowner.
Sherwood Estates
Shinn Graham Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Shipp’s Ferry Marshall Lost Place Established in 1859 on the Big Blue River south of future Irving. James W. & William E. Shipp, proprietors.
Shipton/York Saline Lost Town 1888-1895 The name changed from York to Shipton on March 29, 1890. It was located northwest of Salina, about 0.75 miles west of the intersection of Halstead Road and Shipton Road, next to an abandoned railroad.
Shiretown Osage Lost Town
Shirley Cloud Lost Town
Shockey/Laport Grant Lost Town 1886-1906 Name change from Laport 1887.
Shockley Mitchell Lost Town
Shoo Fly Sumner Lost Town
Shorey Shawnee Extinct Town 1889-1907 A suburb of Topeka, with which an electric line connected it. It was located on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad. In 1910, it had schools, churches, general stores, nurseries, and a population of 400
Short Creek Cherokee Name Change Now Galena. See also Empire City and Bonanza.
Shreader Trego Lost Town 1878-1881
Shunganunga Creek Shawnee Waterway NA
Sibley Cloud Lost Town 1868-1876 Sibley was founded in 1869 and named for Lake Sibley.
Sibleyville Douglas An Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad stop in Wakarusa Township. Known as Sibley by the railroad.
Sidlow Ford Lost Town 1885-1886
Sidney Coffey Name Change Now Strawn.
Sidney Greeley Lost Town 1907-1922 A country post office in Colony Township was located 15 miles northwest of Tribune.
Sidney Ness Lost Town First located in 1874, it relocated two miles west on June 6, 1879, and was abandoned about 1892. It was on the Union Pacific Railroad.
Sigel Douglas Lost Town 1862-1895
Silkville Franklin Lost Town Formerly Valeton.
Silver Creek Chase Lost Town 1861-1881 The post office moved to Crawfordsville.
Silver Lake Shawnee Current Town On the Oregon Trail and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Silver Spring Nemaha Lost Town 1872-1875
Silverdale Cowley
Silverton Stafford Lost Town
Simmons’ Ferry Douglas Lost Place NA Established in 1852 on the Kansas River at Bald Eagle, opposite Lecompton. William K. Simmons, Proprietor. Near Eisenhower Memorial Dr. and E 600th Rd.
Simpson Mitchell Current Town Named for Alfred Simpson, a grain dealer.
Sing Sing Sumner Lost Town
Sitka Clark
Six-Mile Wyandotte Lost Town 1874-1878 Six-Mile Tavern was established just a few miles west of Quindaro, Kansas, on the road between Wyandotte (Kansas City) and Leavenworth in 1853. It became a Red Leg stronghold during the days of the Civil War.
Six Mile Creek Morris Lost Town 1863-1866 Crossing of Santa Fe Trail, ranch, post office, stage station.
Skellyville Kingman When oil was discovered on “Poverty Ridge” in Kingman County, the place was named Skellyville.
Skiddy Morris Ghost Town Located on the Morris/Geary county line, this town got its start in 1870 by a mixed colony from Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Named for Francis Skiddy of New York, a magnate of the old Union Pacific Railroad. It was also on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Skidmore Cherokee Lost Town 1903-1915 The Skidmore mining camp was an unincorporated community located seven miles north of Columbus.
Slab City Decatur Lost Town
Slade Reno Lost Town On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Slate Creek Sumner Lost Town 1877-1878
Smallwood, Smallwood City Ness Lost Town Named for W.H. Smallwood, secretary of state.
Smalley Pratt Also spelled Smally. On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Smallwood Comanche
Smith Center Smith Current Town County Seat. Founded by L. T. Ruse, his farm was the first county seat.
Smith County Smith Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. Smith Center is the county seat.
Smithfield Butler Lost Town See Lorena.
Smithfield Doniphan Lost Town
Smithland Jackson Lost Town
Smith’s Ferry Shawnee Lost Place NA Established in 1852 on the Kansas River near Topeka. Sidney W. Smith, proprietor.
Smith’s Station Nemaha Lost Place NA Established in 1856, Charles Smith, Proprietor. On Lane’s Trail at the crossing of Gregg’s Creek about four miles northeast of Wetmore. It was a station on Underground Railroad.
Smithton/LaPorte  Doniphan Lost Town 1855-1858 Name changed to La Porte; vacated 1864. The name changed in 1858 to LaPorte.
Smithville Clay Lost Town
Smithville Smith Name Change The name changed to Valley Forge.
Smoky Hill Dickinson Lost Town 1860-1863 The post office moved to Lambs Point.
Smoky Hill McPherson Lost Town
Smoky Hill Crossing/Station Ellis Lost Place 1900-1915 Established in 1867 on the Fort Hays-Fort Dodge Military Road. Billy Dixon owned a “whisky ranch” operated by Billy Reynolds in 1871.
Smoky Hill Spring Logan Lost Town
Smolan Saline Extinct Town 1887-1997 Located in Smolan Township, it was named after the Swedish province of Småland, the native home of many early settlers.
Smythville Trego Lost Town 1879 Although its exact location is unknown, Smytheville was near Ogallah.
Snokomo Wabaunsee Lost Town
Snow Hill Labette Lost Town
Snyder Ford Lost Town 1886-1899
Sodville Ford Lost Town None
Soldier Jackson Current Town
Soldier Republic Lost Town 1872-1875
Soldier Creek Comanche Lost Town
Soldier Creek Crossing Shawnee Lost Place Crossing of Soldier Creek on the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Riley Military Road. The Original name was Kansapolis. The site had a stage station, hotels, stores, and blacksmiths.
Solomon Saline Current Town
Solomon City Dickinson It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Somerville/Sumnerville Leavenworth Lost Town Across Stranger Creek from Easton.
Sonora Lyon Lost Town The Town association was incorporated in 1857.
Sonora Harper Lost Town
Sonora Nemaha Lost Town
Soresco Labette Name Change Now Labette.
Sother Nemaha Lost Town 1871-1878 Souther was, for a time, the terminus of the Central Branch Railroad.
Soudan Kingman Lost Town 1884-1888
Soule Gray Name Change Now Ingalls.
South Bend Morris Lost Town 1879-1889
South Cedar Jackson Lost Town 1867-1904 A hamlet located in Cedar Township, about ten miles southeast of Holton, When the post office closed, it received its mail by rural route from Denison.
South Cedar Wilson Lost Town
South Clear Creek Arapahoe
South Fork of Big Nemaha Crossing Nemaha Lost Place NA Established in 1850, Fort Leavenworth-Fort Riley Military Road near  Richmond, about two miles north of Seneca. A cache of gold is said to have been buried nearby in about 1854.
South Fork of Big Nemaha Crossing Nemaha Lost Place Another crossing of the Nemaha River was established in 1844. J. E. Hocker established a hamlet named Lincoln in August 1860 at the mouth of Illinois Creek.
South Haven Sumner Current Town
South Hutchinson Reno Extinct Town 1887-1898 That portion of the city of Hutchinson lies south of the Arkansas River. The population in 1910 was 387. It was merged with Hutchinson.
South Mound Neosho Extinct Town 1872-1971
Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad tracks in South Mound, Kansas by H. Killam, 1962.

Railroad tracks in South Mound, Kansas, 1962.

South Mound is an unincorporated community that was located on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway. The railroad tracks were removed in 1989 following its merger with Missouri Pacific. As of the 2020 census, the population of the community and nearby areas was 27. It is located located in Lincoln Township, 11 miles south of Erie.

South Park Johnson Lost Town 1888-1894
South Side Osborne Lost Town
Southerland Pratt Lost Town
Sparks Doniphan Ghost Town Named for John Sparks, a pioneer.
Sparta McPherson Lost Town 1874-1902
Spartanburg ?? Lost Town Spartanburg Town Company was incorporated in 1857.
Spearville Ford Current Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Speed Phillips Current Town
Speers Ferry Cowley Lost Place Located at the Arkansas River near Arkansas City. The ferry license was issued to W.H. Speers and others on April 11, 1871. This ferry was located at the point where the South Sixth Street bridge of a later date crossed the river and was one of the busiest ferries in the county. The crossing was where the old Shoo Fly Trail from the west entered Arkansas City and also where, a few years later, the Ponca Trail from the south reached the town.
Spencer Atchison Lost Town 1860-1867
Spencerville Shawnee Name Change Now Spencer.
Spillman Creek Lincoln Stream NA Spillman Creek is a stream in Lincoln County, Kansas. It was named for a pioneer named Spillman in the 1850s. It is located just 3.5 miles west of Lincoln.
Spivey Kingman Current Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Sprattsville Bourbon Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
Spring Brown Lost Town
Spring Branch Butler Lost Town 1871 The post office was open for less than five months.
Spring City Bourbon Lost Town
Spring City Cherokee Lost Town 1857-1859
Spring Creek Ellsworth Lost Place NA A relay station on the Butterfield Overland Despatch stage line, it was located about 15 miles west of Salina.
Spring Dell Sumner Lost Town 1879-1880 The post office was only open for about nine months.
Spring Hill Johnson Current Town
Spring Hill Montgomery Lost Town See Big Hill.
Spring Lake, Spring Side Pottawatomie Lost Town
Spring River Falls Cherokee Lost Town 1870-1874 The post office moved to Brownsville.
Spring Vale Decatur Lost Town
Spring Valley Allen
Spring Valley Leavenworth Lost Town 1866-1870 Located about 12 miles from Leavenworth.
Spring Valley McPherson Lost Town 1872-1902
Springdale Leavenworth Lost Town 1860-1907 It was located in the center of Alexandria Township and was surveyed and platted in 1860. The Springdale Friends Church was the first Quaker meetinghouse in Kansas.
Springdale Pottawatomie Lost Town
Springdale Pratt Lost Town
Springfield Anderson Lost Town 1858-1860
Springfield Brown Lost Town A town company was incorporated in 1857.
Springfield Clay Name Change Now Broughton.
Springfield Linn Lost Town 1870-1871
Springfield Mitchell Lost Town
Springfield Sedgwick Lost Town
Springfield Seward Lost Town Vacated 1897.
Springs Brown Lost Town 1896-1902 In 1910, Springs had a hotel and a general store and received its mail by rural delivery from Sabetha, the nearest shipping point.
Springside Pottawatomie Lost Town 1870-1899
About 12 miles northwest of Westmoreland.
Springvale Pratt
Springville Washington Lost Town Chartered 1858.
Spurgeon Grant Lost Town 1887-1891  The tiny town of Spurgeon only had a population of 15.
Squiresville Johnson Lost Town 1857-1868 Near Olathe.
Stafford/Sodtown Stafford Current Town In the middle 1870s, the Sod Hotel was constructed at Stafford. This community was called Sodtown until Stafford County was organized in 1879. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Stafford County Stafford Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. The county seat is St. John.
Standish Leavenworth 1895-1901
Stanford Kingman Name Change Now Waterloo.
Stanley Johnson Extinct Town 1872-1973 Absorbed by Overland Park.
Stanley’s Leavenworth Lost Town
Stanton Located on the Marais Des Cygnes River.
Stanton Riley Name Change Now May Day.
Stanton County Stanton Current County NA Formed from Hamilton County in 1887. The county seat is Johnson.
Stanwood Leavenworth Lost Town 1870-1886 This settlement was formed in 1868 by a colony from Toledo, Ohio, and was located at the headwaters of Nine Mile Creek in the southwestern part of the county. H. R. Muncie was the postmaster. It was six miles from Tonganoxie.
Star Graham Lost Town
Star Greenwood Lost Town 1889-1903 An inland village, it was located about 10 miles southwest of Eureka.
Star Valley, Starvale Cherokee Lost Town 1876-1898 The post office originally moved from New Memphis, and the name changed to Star Valley. In 1895, the name was changed to Starvale. It was located in the northwestern part of the county.
Stark Neosho Current Town
State Center Barton Lost Town 1879-1894
State Line Cheyenne Lost Town 1885-1886 The post office moved to Rogers, Colorado.
State Line Crawford Name Change Now Opolis.
Stella Reno Lost Town 1884-1886
Stella Wilson Lost Town 1898-1900
Sterling Rice A Quaker community was initially named Peace. In 1876 the name was changed to Sterling by two young settlers from New York who named it for their father, Sterling Rosan. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Sternerton Montgomery Lost Town 1871-1891
Steuben Jewell Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Stevens Labette Lost Town
Stevens County Stevens Current County NA Formed from Seward County in 1886. Hugoton is the county seat.
Steventown Crawford Lost Town Founded in 1866 on the road from Fort Scott to Baxter Springs.
Stewart Smith Lost Town
Stickney Barton Lost Town 1898-1913 Country post office. Named for Judson W. Stickney, the postmaster.
Stilson Cherokee
Stillville Reno Lost Town 1879-1880
Stilwell Johnson Current Town
Stilson, Coalfield Cherokee Lost Town 1872-1886 The name changed from Coalfield to Stilson in 1876. A small coal-mining town, it was located seven miles north of Columbus, on the Kansas City, Fort Scott, and Gulf Railroad.
Stinson’s Ferry Shawnee Lost Place NA Stinson’s Ferry was established in 1854 on the Kansas River at Tecumseh. Thomas N. Stinson, proprietor.
Stippville Cherokee Named for F.M. and Sarah J. Stipp, pioneers.
Stitt Dickinson Lost Town 1888-1902
Stockdale Riley Lost Town 1872-1943 It was located at the junction of Mill Creek and the Big Blue River in Grant Township.
Stockrange Ellis Lost Town  1883-1895  A small settlement with a post office located in southwest Ellis County on the Smoky Hill River.
Stockrange Trego Lost Town 1900-1908 Stockrange was a small town located in Franklin Township.
Stockton/Stocktown Rooks Current Town Named for the perfect environment, this area provides for raising livestock. Now Stockton.
Stolzenbach Marshall Lost Town 1875-1891 A post office was located in Balderson Township at the home of Peter Merklinghaus.
Stone City Cherokee Lost Town It was located about 2.5 miles northeast of West Mineral.
Stone Corral Rice Lost Town Fort and breastworks on the Santa Fe Trail.
Stone Mound Smith Lost Town
Stony Point, Hickory Point Douglas Lost Town Stony Point was a small community on the Santa Fe Trail. It was never large enough to have had a post office. It was about ten miles south of Lawrence.
Stormont Osage Lost Town 1881-1887
Stoughton Greenwood Lost Town 1887
Stover Labette Lost Town
Stippville Cherokee Lost Town 1885-1887
This mining town was just 1/2 mile from the Turck Station on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Stone City Cherokee Lost Town 1900-1918 A mining town located in the northern part of the county, it was 12 miles from Columbus.
Stotler Lyon Lost Town 1880-1900 A rural community northeast of Miller.
Straight Creek Jackson Lost Town 1888-1929 A hamlet in Straight Creek Township on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad.
Stranger Leavenworth Lost Town 1867-1877
The first settlement here was called Journey Cake or Johnny Cake. Named for Stanger Creek.
Stranger Creek Leavenworth Current Creek NA The majority of Stranger Creek lies within Leavenworth County, Kansas. The creek was named for its tendency to wander and meander like a stranger.
Strawberry Washington Lost Town
Strawn/Sidney/Strawnsburgh Coffey Lost Town 1870-1963 Now under John Redmond Reservoir. Strawn moved to a new site called New Strawn, which still exists.
Strickler Saline Lost Town 1899-1901 Located in Solomon Township, about half a mile from the east line of the county and about 12 miles from Salina. The population in 1910 was 15.
Stringtown Johnson
Strong City Chase Current Town It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Strongstown Crawford Lost Town 1873-1876 The post office moved to La Coy.
Stubbville Rush Lost Town None
Studley Sheridan Extinct Town -1994 The post office closed on September 24, 1994.
Stull Douglas Extinct Town 1899-1903 Named after Silvester Stull, postmaster. There are still a few homes and an active church.
Stullville Reno Extinct Town 1879-1880
Stuttgart Phillips Extinct Town 1996 The post office closed on June 1, 1986.
Sublette Haskell Current Town County seat. On the Cimarron Branch of the Santa Fe Trail.
Success Russell Lost Town 1878-1909 A country hamlet in Waldo Township on the Saline River, ten miles northeast of Russell.
Sugar Loaf Rooks Lost Town
Sugar Mound Linn Name Change Changed to Mound City 1859.
Sugar Valley, Sugarvale Anderson Lost Town 1871-1900 The name changed to Sugarvale on September 28, 1894.
Sugar Works Shawnee Lost Town 1891-1895 Though the post office was authorized, it was never in operation.
Suie Place or Sawe Place Wilson
Sullard Cheyenne Lost Town 1886-1887
Sullivan Jackson Lost Town 1880-1883
Sullivan’s Landing Doniphan Lost Place Established in 1846, five miles below St. Joseph, Missouri, on the Missouri River. William G. T’Vault’s party of 61 wagons with 300 people probably crossed here in April 1845.
Sulphur Spring Cloud Lost Town 1875-1895
Summerfield Marshall Current Town
Summerset Miami Lost Town
Summit Leavenworth Lost Town 1871-1887 See Moore’s Summit. The post office moved from Hoge.
Summit Osage Lost Town
Summit Washington
Summit Siding Ellsworth Lost Town It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Summit Springs Ellsworth Lost Town 1875-1876
Sumner Atchison Lost Town Incorporated 1858. It was located along the Missouri River three miles south of
Atchison. Founded by John P. Wheeler, a surveyor. It was once one of the most important towns in Atchison County.
Sumner Sumner Lost Town 1871-1882 It was two and a half miles south and a half mile east of Anson along Slate Creek at 50th Ave North at Slate Creek.
Sumner City Shawnee Lost Town
Sumner County Sumner Current County NA Formed from Butler County in 1867. The county seat is Wellington.
Sumnerville, Somerville Leavenworth Lost Town Across Stranger Creek from Easton.
Sumnerville Ottawa Lost Town
Sun City Barber Ghost Town
Sunflower Mitchell Lost Town
Sunflower Wyandotte Lost Town On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad and the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Sunflower Ordnance Works & Village/Clearview City Johnson Lost Town 1943-1958 Sunflower Ordnance Works was a powder and propellant manufacturing facility established in 1942.
Sunny Side Butler Lost Town 1876-1880 The post office moved from Brownlow.
Sunny Side Montgomery Lost Town 1872-1874 The old Sunny Side school is now at the Little House on the Prairie Museum southwest of Independence, Kansas.
Sunny Slope Sumner Lost Town 1877-1884 It was two miles east and two miles north of  Conway Springs at Chikaskia Rd and 110th Ave North.
Sunnydale/Sunny Dale Sedgwick Lost Town 1877-1901 The name changed from Sunny Dale to Sunnydale on September 14, 1894. It was located 12 miles north of Wichita. The population in 1910 was 50.
Sunnyside Dickinson Lost Town 1884-1894
Sunset Republic Lost Town 1872-1873
Sunset Sumner Lost Town 1880-1888
Sunshine Ford Lost Town 1885-1886
Superior McPherson Lost Town
Superior Osage Lost Town 1859-1862 Superior was the first town and the county seat in what was then Weller County. South of Burlingame.
Surprise Grant Lost Town 1886-1887 Platted in 1885. The post office moved to Tilden in 1887.
Survey Rooks Lost Town
Susank Barton Current Town Named for the Susank family, pioneers.
Sutphen/Sutphen’s Mill Dickinson Lost Town 1879-1905 The name changed from Sutphen’s Mill to Sutphen on October 15, 1894.
Sutton It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Sutton Valley Anderson Founded in 1855 by James Sutton and many of his relatives.
Swamp Angel Riley Once located six miles east of Manhattan. Now there is only a road called “Swamp Angel” to prove it even existed.
Swan River Osage Lost Town 1869 The post office was only open for four months.
Swansea Osage Lost Town 1882-1884
Sweadal McPherson Lost Town 1869-1872 First county seat. L. N. Holmburg, the first storekeeper, served as postmaster.
Swede Creek Marshall Lost Town 1875-1895 Swede Creek was located one mile north of Cottage Hill.
Sweedland/White City Morris Name Change Now White City.
Swedona/Belinda Sumner Lost Town 1877-1885 The name changed from Belinda on June 5, 1877. It was one and a half mile east and four miles south of Conway Springs on 50th Ave North between Chikaskia and Caldwell Road.
Sweet Home Smith Lost Town 1879
Sweetwater Ellis Lost Town 1883-1885
Swift Nemaha Lost Town 1890-1895
Swifton Nemaha Lost Town 1896-1898
Swinburn Shawnee Lost Town 1896-1901 It was located six miles north of Silver Lake.
Switzler’s Creek, Crossing, Toll Bridge Osage Lost Town On the Santa Fe Trail, near Burlingame. Here was the crossing of Switzler Creek. Switzler’s Toll Bridge was built by John Switzler. This site was said to have good water and grass, but the creek was muddy, which necessitated the bridge.
Sycamore Chautauqua Lost Town
Sycamore Montgomery Current Town It is located six miles north of Independence.
Sycamore Springs Butler Lost Town 1868-1906 A rural hamlet located 20 miles northeast of Eldorado and three miles west of Cassody.
Sylvan Marshall Name Change 1857-1858 In 1858 it was made the county seat. Now Winifred.
Sylvan Dale Labette Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Sylvan Grove Lincoln Current Town
Sylvia Reno Current Town It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Syracuse Doniphan Lost Town Established 1858. A hotel and store existed c1858-62.
Syracuse Hamilton Current Town County seat. On the Mountain Branch of the Santa Fe Trail and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Syracuse Wilson Lost Town
Syria Lincoln Lost Town 1881-1887


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