Ford County, Kansas Extinct Towns

A dusty road in Ford County, Kansas in the 1930s.

A dusty road in Ford County, Kansas in the 1930s.


Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Bellefont 1878-1896
Planners of Bellefont hoped it would be a railhead and an important junction for the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. However, that didn’t happen. Today there are but a few farms and a grain elevator.
Corbitt or Corbett 1885-1887 Located on the Cannon Ball Stage line from  Wichita, Corbitt was located just two miles north of Bucklin. There were only 3-4 homes built there and when the railroad went to Bucklin, the post office was moved there in 1887.
Crooked Creek <1870-1886
Eugene 1886-1887
Fonda 1885-1890 Fonda, located just north of Corbitt, was a proposed station on the Wichita and Dodge City Railroad.
Fort Atkinson 1851-1853 Moved to Walnut Creek near present-day Great Bend and the post office changed names. It was also in Washington County for a time. The first Fort Atkinson was situated on the Santa Fe Trail about six miles west of present-day Dodge City. In 1853, the troops stationed there were transferred to Walnut Creek. The original name was resumed in 1855.
Hazelwood 1878-1879
Howell/Morris 1895-1897
Originally known as Morrison Station, the town was yet another railroad stop. The boom years were in the 1880s and early 1890s when the population reached 150 people. All that is left today is a grain elevator and county rural fire station
Lasker 1886-1887 A short-lived Jewish community that hoped to establish a utopian town
Manila 1898-1899
Morrison 1886-1888
Newkirk/Colcord 1887-1888 The town name changed from Colcord to Newkirk in 1887. The post office moved to Kingsdownn in 1888.
Noland or Nolan 1887-1893 Started around 1882 as a country store and later gained a post office.
Reinert 1908-1917
Ricka 1885-1886
Sears None Sears never had more than a telegraph station and a rural schoolhouse.
Sidlow 1885-1886
Sodville None
Snyder 1886-1899
Sunshine 1885-1886
Whitman 1885-1889
Wilburn 1885-1911
Wilroads 1909-1922
Windhorst 1898-1905 Windhorst was settled by a German Catholic group in 1895. Though the town did not survive, its beautiful Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church still stands.
Ford County, Kansas Map 1899

Ford County, Kansas Map 1899

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