Lasker, Kansas

An old dugout home in Ford County, Kansas.

An old dugout home in Ford County, Kansas.

Lasker, Kansas, is an extinct town in Ford County.

In the 1870s, a Jewish group formed in Russia came to America to escape the unrest occurring there at the time. Around 1884, some 17 immigrants originally planned to settle at the Montefiore Colony in Pratt County. However, no land was available when they arrived, so they continued westward, landing in Ford County. Settling 6-10 miles from Ford, Kansas, they planned a utopian farming community. A post office opened on January 6, 1886, and by the spring of 1887, some 200 people were living on about nine square miles. However, the post office closed on October 27, 1887

Why Lasker died is also unknown, but in 1888-1891, they faced challenging weather, and many claims were sold. By 1891, the settlement was gone. The exact location of this small community is unknown.

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