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Cattle at the Smoky Hill River in Ellsworth County, Kansas by Alexander Gardner, 1867.

Cattle at the Smoky Hill River in Ellsworth County, Kansas, by Alexander Gardner, 1867.

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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
Eads Lyon Lost Town 1878-1884
Eagle Barber Lost Town 1890-1908 It was situated in the forks of Little Mule Creek in Elwood Township, about 12 miles southwest of Medicine Lodge.
Eagle Pottawatomie Lost Town
Eagle Bend Clay Lost Town
Eagle City Madison Lost Town
Eagle Creek Lyon Lost Town 1870-1873
Eagle Creek Rooks Lost Town
Eagle Rapids Smith Lost Town
Eagle Springs Doniphan Lost Town
Eagle Tail Wallace Name Change Now Sharon Springs.
Earlton Neosho Extinct Town 1871-1976 Named for Earle, a pioneer
Earnest Rooks Lost Town
Easdale Ellis Lost Town 1878-1887 The post office moved to Pfeifer in 1887. Located in the southeast part of Ellis County.
East Haddam Washington Name Change Now Haddam
East Norway Doniphan Lost Town
East Wolf Russell Lost Town 1872-1887
Eastborough Sedgwick Current Town
Easton Leavenworth Current Town
Eastwood Bourbon Lost Town
Eaton Logan Lost Town
Eaton Ottawa Lost Town
Eaton Riley Lost Town
Eatonville Cowley Lost Town 1887-1905
Echo Lost Town 1874-1900
Eclipse Coffey Lost Town 1873-1883 The post office moved to Antioch.
Economy Rush Lost Town 1871-1872
Eden Atchison Lost Town None
Eden Sumner Lost Town
Eden Prairie McPherson Lost Town 1873-1883
Edgcomb Butler Lost Town 1880-1888 A small community in Murdock Township in northwest Butler County. It had several homes, a post office, of which Jesse Aaron Hawes was the first postmaster, and a general store.
Edison Crawford Lost Town None Edison was a mining town. There are currently a few houses in the area.
Edith Logan Lost Town 1888-1933  A post office opened in March 1888 on Twin Butte Creek, about 12 miles southeast of Russell Springs.
Edgerton Johnson Current Town On the Santa Fe Trail and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Edmond Norton Ghost Town -1996 The post office closed on May 2, 1996.
Edna Labette Current Town
Edonia Allen Lost Town
Edwards County Edwards Current County NA Formed from Kiowa County in 1874. Kinsley is the county seat.
Edwardsville Wyandotte Extinct Town 1867-1971 The post office changed in 1971 to a classified branch of the Kansas City, Kansas, post office.
Edwin/Litchfield Crawford Name Change A coal-mining town later called Litchfield.
Edwin Stanton Lost Town 1886-1905
Edwin Wabaunsee On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Effingham Atchison Current Town On the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
Egypt Harvey Lost Town 1884-1885 The post office was only open for about six months.
Elba Anderson Lost Town The Town company was organized on January 23, 1858, and abandoned soon after.
Elba Chase Lost Town 1892-1903
Elbing Butler Current Town
Elbon Russell Name Change The name changed to Lucas in 1903.
Elco Lyon Lost Town 1885-1903 Elco was a small settlement in the county’s southwestern corner, eight miles from Olpe.
Eldon Cherokee Lost Town 1898-1901 Located about eight miles southeast of Columbus and three miles north of Galena.
Eldon Pottawatomie Lost Town 1858-1860 The post office moved to Saint George.
Eldora Bourbon Name Change The name changed to Mapleton in 1857.
El Dorado Butler Current Town The county seat of Butler County. It began as a trading point and cattle town on the Walnut River in the 1860s. Oil was discovered in 1915.
Eldred Barber Lost Town 1886-1903
Eldridge Sedgwick Lost Town 1872-1886
Elen Osage Lost Town
Elgin Chautauqua Current Town
Elgo Republic Name Change Now Norway
Eli Cowley Lost Town 1884-1887 The post office moved to Hooser.
Eli Stanton Lost Town
Elinor Chase Lost Town 1871-1881 Located in Toledo Township, Elinor was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad at the mouth of Peyton Creek. Leroy Martin was the first postmaster in 1871. It was three miles west of Safford.
Elivon McPherson Lost Town
Elizabeth Marshall Lost Town 1868-1872 Located one mile northeast of Bigelow, there was a feed and supply station near Inman’s Quarries.
Elizabeth Wallace Lost Town
Elizabethtown Anderson Lost Town 1859-1883 In 1859, this town was located, surveyed, and platted
Elizabethtown Johnson Lost Town Established 1858.
Elizabethtown Leavenworth Lost Place Established in 1845 on the Missouri River about a mile north of present Amazonia, Missouri. E.H. Perry & Young operated a store and warehouse in about 1850.
Elk Chase Lost Town 1874-1924 Elk was founded in 1865 in Diamond Creek Township by Henry Collet.
Elk City Jackson Lost Town
Elk City Montgomery Current Town
Elk County Elk Current County NA Formed from Howard County in 1875. Howard is the county seat.
Elk Creek/Clyde Cloud Name Change Name change from Elk Creek to Clyde.
Elk Creek Osage Lost Town 1857-1858
The post office moved to Ridgeway in May 1858. It reopened in 1878 and closed in 1880.
Elk Falls Elk Current Town
Elk River Elk Lost Town
Elkader/Keystone/Ben Allen Logan Lost Town 1887-1900
It was located in the Smoky Hill Valley, 20 miles due south of Oakley.
Elkado Logan Lost Town
Elkhart McPherson Lost Town 1875-1879
Elkhart Morton Current Town County Seat. On the Santa Fe Trail.
Elkhorn Ellsworth Lost Town 1898-1920 A small hamlet situated on Elkhorn Creek, about 12 miles northeast of Ellsworth. In 1910 the population was 25.
Elkhorn Lincoln Lost Town 1868-1871
Ellen Osage Lost Town 1899-1900 Ellen was about three miles south of Lyndon.
Ellinwood Barton Current Town On the Santa Fe Trail and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Ellis Ellis Current Town Founded in 1867. It was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad.
Ellis County Ellis Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. Hays is the county seat.
Ellis’ Ferry 1839 Leavenworth Lost Place On the Missouri River 3.5 miles above Weston, Missouri, opposite Kickapoo. Isaac M. C. Ellis, proprietor.
Ellsworth Ellsworth Current Town County Seat. Founded in 1867 near Fort Ellsworth/Harker. Named after Lieutenant Allen Ellsworth of the 7th Iowa Cavalry. In  1872 Ellsworth succeeded Abilene as the northern terminus of the Texas cattle trail. On the Kansas Pacific Railroad in 1867 St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad in 1888.
Ellsworth County Ellsworth Current County NA Created in 1867 from unorganized area. Ellsworth is the county seat.
Elm Allen Lost Town
Elm Creek Cloud Lost Town
Elm Creek – See Alum Creek Ellsworth Lost Town
Elm Creek Marshall Lost Town 1874-1893 A post office was located on south Elm Creek at the home of John Means, postmaster and early settler.
Elm Grove, Lone Elm campground, Round Grove Campground Johnson Lost Town Station on Santa Fe Trail, 30 miles from Westport, Missouri. The campground was established in 1835. Sibley called it Caravan Grove in 1827. It was at the Cedar Creek crossing of the Santa Fe Trail about one mile west of the intersection of US56 & K7, southwest of Olathe. A DAR marker is at the site. A Shawnee Indian named John Ham provided meals and shelter to travelers in 1855.
Elm Grove Rooks Lost Town
Elm Grove Washington Lost Town
Elm Mills Barber Lost Town 1878-1893
Elm Mills Pratt Lost Town Old milling town.
Elm Valley Rush Lost Town 1879-1887
Elma Republic Lost Town 1872-1881
Elmdale Chase Current Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Elmandaro Greenwood Lost Town
Elmendaro Lyon Lost Town 1860-1870 Also spelled Elmandaro.
Elmer/Bernal Reno Lost Town 1887-1913 Located seven miles south of Hutchinson, Bernal was on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Though the post office was called Bernal, the railroad called the town Elmer.
Elmira Mitchell Lost Town
Elmo Dickinson Ghost Town 1884-1966 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it is located in Banner Township.
Elmont Shawnee Lost Town 1887-1955 In Soldier Township, it was a station on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad seven miles north of Topeka. In 1910, it had a population of 61.
El Paso Sedgwick Name Change The name changed to Derby.
Elrick Graham Lost Town
Elsea Barber Lost Town 1904-1905 The post office’s order of change was rescinded.
Elsmore/Elsinore Allen Extinct Town 1866-2005 The name changed from Elsinore to Elsmore On February 11, 1889. Still has a small population of 50.
Elston Labette Lost Town
Elwood/Roseport Doniphan Current Town Pony Express station. The first railroad in Kansas was between Elwood to Wathena. Formerly named Roseport for Richard Rose, but he was expelled when the community discovered he was a former convict. The town was reorganized by John B. Elwood of New York and renamed Elwood.
Elyria McPherson Extinct Town 1887-1954 Elyria was a station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in King City Township. In 1910, it had a post office, general stores, an express office, and a population of 100. It is seven miles southeast of McPherson.
Emerald Anderson Lost Town 1869-1895
Though the town is gone, the beautiful St. Patricks Catholic Church remains today.
Emerald Franklin Lost Town  None First settled in 1857.
Emerson Franklin Name Change The name changed to Avondale.
Eminence-Cuyler Finney Lost Town 1883-1942 This place was first called Cuyler when a post office opened on May 7, 1883. This village, located in Garfield Township, was located on the Pawnee River, 25 miles northeast of Garden City. The town’s name was changed to Emminence on June 3, 1887. In 1910, it had a money-order post office with one rural route, a good local trade, and a population of 92. It was located about 18 miles north of Charleston, the nearest railroad station.
Eminence Sumner Lost Town 1872 The post office was only open for about four months.
Emley City Osborne Lost Town  1872 Established 1872.
Emmeram/Norddorf Ellis Lost Town 1903-1904 Named after the famous church builder, Father Emmeram Kausler, the community consisted of the Sacred Heart Church and two schools. Though a town plot was filed in 1902, the town never materialized. Post office name Emmeram.
Emmet Wyandotte Lost Town 1890-1901
Emmett Brown Lost Town 1881-1882
Emmett Pottawatomie Current Town
Empire McPherson Lost Town
Empire City Cherokee Extinct Town 1877-1886
The town began in 1877 when lead was discovered near Short Creek. It was absorbed into Galena. There are several buildings left in the neighborhood today.
Emporia Lyon Current Town County Seat. Welsh population settlement; founded in 1857; 1863, Emporia State University at Emporia was established as the Kansas State Normal School.
Emville Phillips Lost Town
Englevale/Calvin Crawford Lost Town 1891-1954 Originally named Calvin. Named for Cecil Engle, town promoter. The town was a stop on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
Englewood Clark Current Town
Enne Rawlins Lost Town
Ennisville Montgomery Lost Town One mile south of Caney.
Enon Barber Lost Town 1885-1904 It was located about 14 miles east of Medicine Lodge and four miles from Sharon, the nearest railroad station. After its post office closed, mail was received by rural delivery through the post office at Attica.
Ensign Gray Current Town On the Santa Fe Trail.
Enterprise Dickinson Current Town Established 1872 by C. Hoffman & Johannes Ehrsam. Originally named Louden Falls, later changed to Enterprise to reflect
the industriousness of those who lived there. Home of J.B. Ehrsam & Sons manufacturing which Hoffman mills.
Equity Anderson Lost Town 1883-1894 The post office was moved from Rich.
Erie Neosho Current Town County seat. Originally called Osage Mission, there was both an Old and New Erie in Neosho County, but Old Erie suffered political defeat, a devastating fire, and final destruction by a tornado.
Erin Washington Lost Town
Errick’s Ferry Riley Lost Place Established in 1860 on the Kansas River in Manhattan. John Errick, Proprietor. In 1857 the ferry at this location was supplied by bringing the Pittsburg Ferry boat downstream to the mouth of the Big Blue River. By 1864, James Woodward was the owner and made substantial improvements, including landing ramps on each bank.
Esbon Jewell Current Town Named after Ezbon Kellogg, a pioneer.
Eskridge Wabaunsee Current Town
Essex Finney Lost Town 1886-1918 Essex was located on a small tributary of the Pawnee River in the Pawnee Valley, one of the most beautiful and fertile regions in the state. It was on the proposed line of the Kansas Air Line Railroad, which would connect the main line of the Denver, Memphis & Atlantic Railway running southwest into the coal fields of Colorado. In its early years, Essex had a hotel, a general store, a printing office, a real estate office, a blacksmith shop, a lumber yard, a canning outfit with a 2000-can capacity, and a large sorghum mill. In 1910, Essex was a money order post-hamlet with a population of 28. Charleston was the nearest railroad station. Essex was 18 miles northeast of Garden City, 15 miles from Ravanna, and 14 miles from Pierceville.
Essex Shawnee Lost Town
Esther Shawnee Lost Town 1890-1893
Esthira Rush Lost Town 1880-1883
Ethel Coffey Lost Town 1899 The post office was open for less than five months. Order of change rescinded.
Etzanoa Cowley Lost Town None Etzanoa is a historical city of the Wichita people, located in present-day Arkansas City, Kansas, near the Arkansas River, that flourished between 1450 and 1700.
Eudora Douglas Current Town
Eugene Ford Lost Town 1886-1887
Eugene/North Topeka Shawnee Lost Town 1866-1879 The name changed from Eugene to North Topeka on February 12, 1870.
Eujatah Ford Lost Town Eujatah was an Indian village on the Arkansas River at the end of a government road to Fort Atkinson in 1855.
Eunice Kingman Lost Town 1878-1881
Eureka Greenwood Current Town 1858-Present County seat. Albert Tucker and a few others founded it on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Eureka Osage Lost Town East of Burlingame.
Eureka Ferry Wyandotte Lost Place Established in about 1856 on the Kansas River. Aaron W. Merrill & Abelard Guthrie, Proprietors.
Eustis Sherman Lost Town Absorbed by Goodland, 1888.
Evan’s Station Chase Lost Town None George and Thomas Evans were settlers near here in 1859. It was three and a half miles west of Strong City on the northwest branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Evanston Leavenworth Lost Town 1898-1902 Located in the western portion of the county on Stranger Creek, five miles north of Jarbalo.
Evansville Comanche Lost Town
Evansville Doniphan Lost Town None Filed by Colonel D.M. Johnston, June 1, 1857. A few houses were built, but little else
Eve Bourbon Lost Town 1894-1901
Everest Brown Current Town
Everett Woodson Lost Town
Ewell Sumner Lost Town 1895-1906 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad five miles south of Conway Springs.
Ewing Lyon Lost Town 1883-1887
Ewing Marshall Lost Town None Ewing was located three miles west of Vermillion. It was named for the Ewing family.
Example Haskell Lost Town Vacated 1893.
Excelsior Douglas Name Change Later Lawrence.
Excelsior Mitchell Lost Town
Exonville – See Chalk Wabaunsee Lost Town
Express City Linn Lost Town A stage station between Osawatomie and Paris.
Eyerton Brown Lost Town 1881-1882 The post office moved to Everest.


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