Extinct Towns & Places of Atchison County, Kansas

Atchison, Kansas WagonTrain

Overland Emigrant and Freight Train, Operated by Sprague & Digan, leaving West Main Street, Atchison, Kansas, April 1, 1866, en route to the Far West.

Atchison County Map, 1899

Atchison County Map, 1899


Cantonment Martin




Mormon Grove

St. Patrick Catholic Church in Atchison County, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

St. Patrick Catholic Church in Atchison County, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Mount Pleasant

Oak Mills


Port Williams


More Extinct Towns (See Below)


With its proximity to Missouri, Atchison County, Kansas was one of the first to be populated in Kansas Territory. Immediately, the fight between pro-slavery advocates and abolitionists began as settlers from both sides rushed into Kansas in an attempt to establish the state with their politics. Some of the first in Atchison County were a party from Iatan, Missouri, who took claims in the vicinity of Oak Mills in June 1854. The following month, a larger group of settlers and those who would become the founders of the county flooded into what would become Atchison. Settlements soon sprang up all over the county, but, like other new territories, only the strongest would survive to the present time. Some of these old extinct towns would be very difficult to find, but for the many signs posted by the Future Farmer’s of America years ago. Though the signs placed by students long ago are very helpful in determining the sites of these “lost” settlements, they haven’t been maintained over the years and are sometimes unreadable.

More Extinct Towns:

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Arrington 1862-1973 Also called Arrington Springs, was a settlement located in the southwestern part of Atchison County on the Delaware River.
Brownlee 1885-1887
Burnside 1857-1858
Cantonment Martin N/A Cantonment Martin was the first military post in Kansas under the authority of the United States Government.
Cow Island N/A Also called Isle au Vache, this was an Island in the Missouri River where once stood Cantonment Martin.
Dalbey N/A
Eden 1858-1900 Located in the northern portion of the county on Independence Creek, it was about five miles east of Huron. The post office was located on various farms in the area. The post office was discontinued upon the establishment of a rural delivery service in 1900. In 1910 the population was 20.
Farmington 1868-1940 Located on the Central Branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Atchison CountyKansas, Farmington got its start as a station on the railroad
Hawthorne 1891-1900
High Bridge 1888-1900 In the southeastern part of Atchison County, this hamlet was located about 10 miles south of Atchison.
Invermay 1882-1897
Kennekuk 1857-1900 Kennekuk was one of the first places in the county where whites located permanently when a Methodist Episcopal Church Mission was established in 1833 among the Kickapoo tribe.
Locust Grove 1862-1887 The post office moved from Mount Pleasant.
Monrovia 1857-1955 Monrovia started as a stage stop on the Overland Stage Route in 1856.
Mormon Grove NA Mormon Grove was but one of the many outfitting stations utilized by the Mormons as they traveled westward. It was established in about 1855.
Mount Pleasant 1855-1862
The first settler in the area was a man named Thomas L. Fortune in 1854, who opened a general store. It’s post office opened and closed several times.
Noll 1899-1900 A small village situated on the Missouri River about five miles below Atchison.
Oak Mills 1868-1945 Oak Mills, Kansas, was once located along the Missouri River. The site was originally home to a Kanza Indian village.
Ocena, Oceana 1855-1858 The post office moved to Pardee in August 1858.
Pardee 1858-1903 Pardee was one of the oldest settlements in Atchison County. It was established by Caleb May in October 1854.
Parnell 1883-1923 Situated on both the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad and the Missouri Pacific Railroad, the town was platted in December 1883. The station was named for a hero of the Civil War, James L. Parnell, a private soldier in the Thirteenth Kansas volunteer infantry, who was killed during the skirmish at Haare Head, Arkansas, on August 4, 1864. Parnell was the original settler on the townsite and was one of the first citizens of Atchison County to respond to President Abraham Lincoln’s call of July 1862. It was located seven miles southwest of Atchison. In 1910, it had only a population of 12.
Plum Grove 1862-1868 The post office moved to Oak Mills in January 1868.
Port Williams 1856-1860 Located in Walnut Township, the settlement was situated on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
Saint Nicholas 1859-1863
The post office moved to Cummingsville in December 1873.
Shannon 1882-1941 A small village located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad about nine miles west of Atchison on the Parallel Road. G. W. Sutliff platted it in February 1883. It had a population of 50, one store building, in which the post office was located, a few residences, a railroad station, and a small elevator in 1910.
Spencer 1860-1867
Sumner 1857-1870 Sumner, Kansas, was once one of the most important towns in Atchison County.
Todd 1897-1900

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