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Trego County, Kansas homestead.

Trego County, Kansas homestead.

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Place Name County Place Type Founded More Information
Table Rock Pawnee  Lost Town
Tabor Clay  Lost Town
Tacoah Greenwood  Lost Town Incorporated 1857.
Tally Springs Montgomery  Lost Town 1871-1875
Talmage Republic  Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Talmage Dickinson Current Town
Talmage Woodson  Name Change Now Vernon.
Talmo Republic Ghost Town  Republic County
Taos Marshall Lost Town 1883-1885 Located where Salem Lutheran Church now stands in east Marshall County.
Tampa Marion Current Town -2007 On the Santa Fe Trail and the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad. Located about 10 miles north of Hillsboro. The post office closed on July 21, 2007.
Tarry Saline Lost Town
Tasco Sheridan
Tate Linn Lost Town Voting place 1858.
Tatonka Ellsworth Lost Town 1876-1885
Tauromee Riley Lost Town 1856-1858 The post office moved from Juniata.
Taylor Nemaha Lost Town 1885-1890
Tecumseh Shawnee Current Town On the Oregon Trail.
Tehama Cherokee Lost Town 1873-1901 It was located five miles southeast of Columbus and not far from Quaker.
Tell Dickinson Lost Town 1888-1890
Templin Wabaunsee Located in Washington Township. It was on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Ten Mile Cloud Lost Town
Ten Mile Miami Name Change Now Hillsdale.
Tennessee Town Shawnee Lost Town The Exoduster community in Topeka was called Tennessee Town.
Tennis Finney? Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad station south of Friend; named for B. M. Tennis, general manager of the Garden City Western Railroad.
Terra Cotta .Ellsworth Lost Town 1878-1913 Located about six miles southwest of Brookville, this town was on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. There is nothing left today.
Terrapin Kingman Lost Town
Terry Finney
Tescott Ottawa Current Town Named after T.E. Scott.
Teterville Greenwood Lost Town 1927-1962 An oil town located approximately 11 miles east of Cassoday. No buildings remain of this former community. Naed for Jim Teter, rancher.
Tevis Shawnee Lost Town 1887-1909 It was a country station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad two miles from Berryton. The population in 1910 was 79.
Thayer Neosho Current Town On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
The Highlands Reno Current Town
Thelma Greeley Lost Town 1906-1912 A country office in Tribune Township, it was located about 14 miles northeast of Tribune.
Thomas Barton Lost Town 1880-1882
Thomas Ellsworth Lost Town 1887-1890
Thomas Marshall Lost Town 1897-1900 Located in the extreme southwest part of the county, 18 miles from Marysville, it had a population of 40 in 1910.
Thomas County Thomas Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1873. Colby is the county seat.
Thomas Grove Reno Lost Town None Thomas Grove was Reno County’s first settlement.
Thomasville Cowley Lost Town
Thompson Smith Lost Town
Thompson’s Ferry Doniphan Lost Place NA Operated 1852-70 on the Missouri River at Elwood. Henry Thompson, proprietor.
Thompson-Hameys Ferry Doniphan Lost Place NA Established in 1846 on the Missouri River near Corning, Missouri. It was near Iowa Point.
Thompsonville Jefferson Lost Town 1878-1901 Thompsonville was a hamlet located on the Delaware River in Kentucky Township. Named for C. L. Thompson, pioneer and mill owner.
Thornburg Smith Named after the postmaster.
Thrall Greenwood Lost Town 1885-1905
An inland hamlet located about 20 miles north of Eureka. Named after a pioneer landowner
Threshing Machine Canyon/Blufton Trego
Thurber Reno Lost Town 1899-1901
Thurman Chase Lost Town 1874-1909 William Thurman settled here in 1859. It was located on Thurman Creek in Matfield Green Township, 20 miles south of Cottonwood Falls. In 1910, it was connected with Matfield Green by daily stage and had a population of 30.
Tiago Republic Lost Town
Tiblow Wyandotte Name Change Now Bonner Springs.
Tice On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Tilden Grant Lost Town 1887-1890 The post office moved from Surprise. Name change to Appomattox.
Tilden Osborne Name Change Now Bloomington.
Timber City Pottawatomie Lost Town 1862-1863
Timber Creek Riley Lost Town 1870-1871 The post office moved to Bala.
Timber Hill Labette Lost Town
Time Crawford Lost Town 1875-1878 The post office moved to McCune.
Timken Rush Extinct Town -1996 The post office closed on January 20, 1996.
Tint Butler Lost Town 1899-1911 A country post office in Syracuse Township, 25 miles northeast of Eldorado and 16 miles south of Bazaar, the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was 20.
Tioga Neosho Name Change Now Chanute.
Tippinville Jackson  Lost Town Moved to Denison
Tipton Mitchell Current Town
Tipton Montgomery  Lost Town None Tipton was started in 1868, a short distance east of Elk City, to which it was forced to surrender.
Tiptonville Jackson  Lost Town
Tisdale Cowley  Lost Town Established in 1871, named for Henry Tisdale of Lawrence. The present Tisdale is some two miles from the old townsite.
Titus/Fort Titus Douglas  Lost Place None Near Lecompton, voting precinct 1854 and 1855. A replica fort has been established in Lecompton.
Todd Atchison Lost Town 1897-1900
Togo Graham Located midway between Hill City and Wakeeney. The town burned in about 1913. The Prairie Home School, church, and cemetery are nearby.
Tokeska Douglas Lost Town None
Toledo Chase Lost Town 1858-1903 In Toledo Township, O. Thompson started the first general store at Toledo in 1859.
Toley’s Ferry Wyandotte Lost Place NA Established in about 1845 on the Kansas River, Charles Toley, proprietor.
Tolle Butler Lost Town 1885-1886 The post office moved to Wingate.
Tonganoxie Leavenworth Current Town
Tonovay Greenwood Lost Town 1886-1912 A hamlet located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Bachelor Township, eight miles east of Eureka.
Tonsa Wilson Lost Town
Tontzville or Toutsville Miami Lost Town
Topeka Shawnee Current Town The county seat, home of the state capitol. On the Oregon Trail and the Smoky Hill Trail.On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, Kansas Pacific Railroad, and Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Topsy Lincoln Lost Town 1879-1886
Toronto Woodson Current Town On the Benedict Branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Torry Saline Lost Town 1879-1886 The post office moved from Broadview.
Toulon Ellis Lost Town 1889-1891
A small village on the Union Pacific Railroad, five miles east and one mile south of Hays. It was first settled In 1876 by people from Pennsylvania.
Touzlin Meade Lost Town
Towanda/Meade’s Ranch Butler Lost Town
Towerspring Lincoln Lost Town 1879-1904 A country hamlet located on east Elkhorn Creek, ten miles south of Lincoln, the nearest shipping point.
Townsdin’s Point Cloud Lost Town
Trading Post Linn Lost Town Established 1834. See Blooming Grove.
Trail Lyon Lost Town 1882-1887 Located one mile north and three miles west of Allen.
Trail City Hamilton
Trasey Republic Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Travel Air
Treece Cherokee Lost Town 1917-2004 As of May 2012, the city was abandoned, and most buildings and other facilities were demolished due to pervasive problems with lead pollution resulting from past mining. The post office closed on March 6, 2004.
Trego Trego On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Trego Center Trego Lost Town 1891-1893
Trego County Trego Current County Created from unorganized area in 1867. WaKeeney is the county seat.
Trego Station/Park’s Fort Trego  Lost Place It was established to protect railroad workers from Indian attacks and to serve as a pumping station.
Trego Tank Trego  Lost Place The Union Pacific Railroad came through Trego County in 1867, and as they were steam engines, they had to have water for the boilers, so tank stations were set up along the way. Trego Tank was one of those pumping stations.
Tregola Trego  Lost Town 1891-1893 The primary occupants were soldiers who found safety from the Indians in the all-rock buildings.
Tremble Toll Road Marshall Post Place Established about 1850-60 on the Black Vermillion River at the crossing of the Oregon & California Trail. Louis Tremble, propietor. Located in Bigelow Township. Also known as Black Vermillion Crossing.
Trenton Labette Lost Town
Trenton Miami Name Change Now Mound Creek.
Trenton/Nasby Saline Lost Town 1885-1898 The name changed from Nasby to Trenton on April 29, 1887. It was located northwest of Salina at the intersection of Gerard Road and Pleasant Hill Road, next to an abandoned railroad.
Tribune Greeley Current Town County seat.
Triumph Greenwood Lost Town 1878
Trivoli Ellsworth Lost Town 1875-1896
The post office moved from Delila in 1875. This country hamlet was located 15 miles southeast of Ellsworth and, after its post office closed, received mail from Kanopolis.
Trousdale Harvey Lost Town 1893-1906
Trousdale 1916-1967 The post office closed on June 30, 1967.
Troy Anderson Lost Town Townsite located 1857, near Garnett.
Troy Doniphan Current Town County seat.
Truesdell Phillips Lost Town
Truman Montgomery Lost Town 1876-1884
Tucket Norton Lost Town
Trust Osage Lost Town 1870 The post office was only open for three months.
Tuell Wichita Lost Town Vacated 1889.
Turck Cherokee Lost Town 1889-1891 Turck was located three miles south of Scammon on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Turkey Creek Bourbon Lost Town 1856
Turkey Creek McPherson Lost Town Station on the Santa Fe Trail.
Turkville Ellis Lost Town 1875-1918 Settled by a colony from Tennessee in 1876, who founded the first Baptist church in Ellis County. It was located in northeast Ellis County on the Saline River. Named for Benjamin M. Turk, the postmaster.
Turner/Farmer Wyandotte Extinct Town 1877-1958 The town was initially called Farmer but changed to Turner in 1879. Today, it is a neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.
Turners Jefferson Lost Town 1872-1873
Turon Reno Current Town
Twelve Mile Smith Lost Town
Twin Creek Republic Lost Town 1872-1915
Twin Falls Greenwood Lost Town 1870-1899 The post office moved to Kaiser.
Twin Mound(s) Douglas Lost Town 1858-1903 The old townsite comprises a few farms, an old one-room schoolhouse, and a cemetery.
Twin Mounds Wilson Name Change Now Fredonia.
Twin Springs Linn Lost Town 1857-1876 Twin Springs was located northern part of Linn County, near the Miami County line.
T-Wrench Cheyenne Lost Town
Tyler Place Douglas Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Tyler’s Brown Lost Town 1864-1878 Named for John S. Tyler, the postmaster. Tyler was a member of the Albany Colony from New York in 1857. Located at the crossing of Grasshopper Creek, two miles west of Fairview.
Tyler’s Crossing Brown Lost Place NA Crossing of Grasshopper (Cedar) Creek, two miles southwest of Fairview. Probably Gilliam Company campsite May 25, 1844.
Tyler’s Nemaha Lost Town 1864-?? Established in about 1860.
Tyner Ellis Lost Town 1880-1881
Tyro Montgomery Current Town
Tyrone Seward Lost Town Named after Tyrone, Pennsylvania. Plat filed by the Tyrone Town Company in May 1888 about three miles southwest of Liberal. The post office moved to Oklahoma in May 1892.


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