Every Place in Kansas – C

Chisholm Trail near Caldwell, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Chisholm Trail near Caldwell, Kansas, by Kathy Alexander.

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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
Cabbell Logan Lost Town 1887-1909 A post office opened in August 1887 and closed in September 1909.
Cabin Valley Cowley Lost Town 1872-1876
The Caches Ford Area NA On the Santa Fe Trail.
Cadmus Linn Ghost Town 1877-1902 Technically, it is an extinct town because it no longer has a post office. However, there are a few remaining buildings and homes.
Cady Linn Lost Town 1871-1876
Cage Butler Lost Town 1887-1894
Cahola Chase Lost Town 1879-1902 In 1853, the site of Cahola was on the Kanza Indian Reservation, a short distance north of the south line of the reserve.
Cain City Ellsworth Lost Town
Cain City Rice Lost Town
Calcutta Douglas Lost Town Six miles west of Lawrence.
Caldwell Sumner Current Town 1871-Present Founded in 1871, It was on the Chisholm Trail and became a wild cowtown. People swarmed into the area when land in the  Cherokee Strip opened for homesteads.
Calista Kingman Extinct Town 1886-1896
In 1910, the village was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, at which time it had a money order post office, an express office, general stores, a lumber yard, and a population of 75. It was nine miles west of Kingman.
Calhoun Cheyenne Lost Town 1886-1888
Calhoun Jackson Lost Town 1856-1858
Calhoun Shawnee Lost Town A pro-slavery settlement, it was incorporated in 1855. It was located on the north side of the Kansas River near the Jefferson County line.
California Coffey Paper Town None This place was located on Benedict Creek in the spring of 1858. However, no buildings were ever erected there.
California, Lucretia Lane Lost Town Established 1879. The name changed to Lucretia.
Callison Graham Lost Town
Calmar McPherson Lost Town 1871-1880
Cambria, New Cambria Saline  On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Cambridge Cowley Current Town 1870-Present
Camden, Skiddy Morris Ghost Town On the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway. The name changed to Skiddy, which is a ghost town today.
Cameron Ferry Douglas Lost Place Operating in 1857 on the Kansas River about two and one-half miles upriver from Lawrence. Hugh Cameron, proprietor.
Camp Alert Pawnee Lost Place It was first called Camp on Pawnee Fork in 1859. Name changed to Camp Alert, 1860; changed to Fort Larned, 1860; abandoned in 1878.
Camp Bateman Leavenworth Lost Place Temporary camp near Fort Leavenworth, 1857.
Camp Beecher, Camp Butterfield, Camp Davidson. Sedgwick Lost Place Located where Wichita now stands.
Camp Center Riley Name change Established in 1852, this was the first name of Fort Riley.
Camp Cooke Leavenworth Lost Place Temporary camp near Leavenworth, July 1857.
Camp Crawford Shawnee Lost Place Recruiting camp for Nineteenth Kansas, 1868, near Topeka.
Camp Creek Coffey Lost Town 1857-1865
Camp Creek Osage Lost Place 1873-1874
Camp Criley Pawnee Lost Place Railway camp near Garfield.
Camp Funston Riley Lost Place Camp Funston was established at Fort Riley, Kansas, after the outbreak of World War I, and work began on the camp in the summer of 1917.
Camp Jewell, Fort Jewell Jewell Lost Place
Camp Lark Comanche
Camp Leedy Shawnee Lost Place Established in 1898 in Topeka. This was a recruiting camp for Kansas troops during the Spanish- American War.
Camp Magruder Leavenworth Lost Place A temporary camp for Utah recruits was established in 1860. It was near Fort Leavenworth.
Camp on Pawnee Fork Pawnee Lost Place Camp on Pawnee Fork, 1859. Name changed to Camp Alert, 1860; changed to Fort Larned, 1860; abandoned in 1878.
Camp Pond Creek Wallace Name change. Later, Fort Wallace.
Camp Sackett Douglas Lost Place
Camp Sanger Geary Lost Place At or near Fort Riley.
Camp Scott Bourbon Name change. Changed to Fort Scott in 1843.
Camp Thompson Leavenworth Lost Place Established in 1858, this was a temporary camp near Fort Leavenworth.
Campbellton Johnson Lost Town Near Glenwood.
Campus Gove On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Canaan Chase Lost Town 1879-1880
Canema Barber Lost Town 1882-1894
Canema Shawnee Lost Town
Caney Montgomery Current Town 1870-Present Named for canebrakes that grew nearby when the town was founded in 1871.
Canola Elk Lost Town 1872-1879 Founded in 1871, the post office moved to Grenola in 1879, of which town it is now part.
Canton Anderson Lost Town 1858-1866 Canton was located and surveyed in 1857 by B. Tyler as a rival to Garnett.
Canton McPherson Current Town On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Canton Riley Lost Town At or near Manhattan.
Cantonment Leavenworth Leavenworth Name change Post office It was established in May 1828, in Clay County, Missouri; it changed to Fort Leavenworth in 1832.
Cantonment Martin, Cow Island Atchison Lost Place A military post was established in October 1818.
Canville Neosho Lost Town 1866-1872 Trading post near Shawnee in 1844.
Canyon Finney .Lost Town 1904-1909 A small hamlet situated in the valley of the north fork of the Pawnee River, about 25 miles northeast of Garden City. When the post office closed, mail was delivered by rural delivery from Ravanna.
Capaldo Crawford Lost Town NA Capaldo was a mining camp located two miles west of Frontenac.
Capioma Nemaha Lost Town 1857-1906 Capioma was established in 1856 on the Fort Leavenworth and Fort Laramie Military Road. Named for a Kickapoo Indian chief. David Magill, first postmaster.
Caples’ Landing Doniphan Lost Place NA It was established in 1846 in present Amazonia, Missouri. Charles and William Caples, proprietors. They platted a village named Nodaway City in 1849.
Capto Station Wabaunsee Lost Town
Carbon Crawford Lost Town
Carbon Jackson Lost Town 1874-1880
Carbondale Bourbon Lost Town 1856-1858 The post office moved to Osage.
Carbondale Osage Current Town 1869-Present On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Carden Marshall Lost Town 1903-1923 It was founded in about 1902 on the farm of Mrs. Ottilia Carden, for whom the town was named.
Cariboo Butler Lost Town 1873-1889 In Milton Township.
Carietna Barber Lost Town
Carl Jackson Lost Town 1893-1907 Carl was located 12 miles west of Holton. After the post office closed, it received its mail from Soldier by rural route. The population in 1910 was 21.
Carlisle Hamilton Lost Town East of Syracuse.
Carlyle Allen Extinct Town 1859-1988 In 1857, a small colony from Indiana settled here.
Carlyle Logan None On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Carlyle Wallace Name Change Changed to Cleaveland.
Carlton Dickinson Extinct Town 1872-1995 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it is located in the Holland Creek Valley, about 18 miles southwest of Abilene.
Carmel Cloud Lost Town 1873-1886
Carmen Meade Lost Town
Carmi Pratt Lost Town Established 1879.
Carneiro Ellsworth Ghost Town On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Carntyne Kingman Lost Town 1883-1887
Carona Cherokee A small town outside Pittsburg settled by the Viettis from Turino, Italy.
Carroll Greenwood Lost Town 1887-1903 A small community located 12 miles southeast of Eureka and 10 miles west of Toronto.
Carson/Sawin’s Store Brown Lost Town 1857-1898 Town laid out by D. McFarland and others in 1856. The name changed from Sawin’s Store to Carson in 1857. Carson It was the first post office established in Walnut Township, and M. L. Swain It was the first postmaster.
Carter Washington Name Change Changed to Brown Rock.
Carter Creek Clay Lost Town
Carter’s Springs Cherokee Lost Town
Carthage Meade Lost Town
Carthage Shawnee Lost Town None Founded by W. B. Stith in 1857.
Carville Labette Lost Town
Carwood Lost Town 1889-1916
Casca Cowley Lost Town 1872-1873
Cascade Chautauqua Lost Town
Cash City Clark Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Cassoday Butler Current Town 1906-Present
Cassoday Stafford Probably the present town of Macksville, it was known before its founding as Cassoday. It was just north of Macksville.
Castle Rock Gove Lost Town Named by Lieutenant J. R. Fitch, surveyor for the Butterfield stage line. He thought the rocks in the area looked like a group of English castles.
Castle Rock Trego Lost Town
Castle Rock Creek Station Lost Place Station on the Butterfield Trail.
Castleton Reno Ghost Town 1872-1957 Located 12 miles north of Hutchison. It still has several homes in the area, grain elevators, an active church, and named streets.
Catharine Ellis Current Town Catharine was founded by five German-Russian families led by Friedrich Karlin in 1876. Initial immigrants were all
Catholic Germans from the Volga River Region of Russia. It was named after Queen Catherine, empress of Russia. It is approximately five miles from Hays.
Catholic Mission Neosho Name Change Post office 1851. The name changed to Osage Mission, now St. Paul.
Cato Crawford Extinct Town 1867-1905 Cato, Kansas, was the oldest town in Crawford County. Located between Frontenac and Fort Scott.
Cave Spring Butler Lost Town 1874-1878 Station on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Cave Springs-Montrose Elk Lost Town 1879-1903 Began as a health resort. The name changed from Montrose to Cave Springs in May 1882. in 1910, it was described as an inland hamlet of Elk County, nine miles northeast of Howard.
Cawker City Mitchell Current Town 1870-Present
Cayuga Atchison Lost Town
Cedar McPherson Lost Town 1878-1879
Cedar Rooks Lost Town
Cedar/Cedarville Smith Current Town First called Cedarville, it changed to Cedar.
Cedar Bluff Anderson Lost Town One-half mile southeast of Garnett.
Cedar Bluff Ellsworth ?? Now Wilson.
Cedar Bluff Rooks Lost Town
Cedar Bluff Decatur
Cedar Creek Cowley Lost Town 1875-1878
Cedar Creek Bridge Doniphan Lost Place NA The bridge operated in 1865 on White Cloud and Highland Road at Hewlett’s Crossing.
Cedar Falls Jefferson
Cedar Falls Lincoln
Cedar Falls Marshall Lost Town None It was located 2.5 miles northwest of Waterville on the Little Blue River.
Cedar Ford Butler Lost Town 1877-1893 In Rock Creek Township. The post office moved from Britton.
Cedar Grove Chase Lost Place None In 1872, It was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Cedar Grove Geary Lost Town Post office 1859
Cedar Junction Johnson Lost Town 1877-1919 It was located on the south bank of the Kansas River about 19 miles southwest of Kansas City.
Cedar Point/Cottonwood Valley Chase Current Town The name changed from Cottonwood Valley.
Cedar Point Geary Lost Town On Clark’s Creek, 1858.
Cedar Point Neosho Lost Town
Cedar Vale Chautauqua Current Town 1870-Present
Cedron Lincoln Lost Town 1871-1911 Located in Cedron Township on the headwaters of Spillman Creek and about 20 miles northwest of Lincoln. Lucas, on the Union Pacific Railroad, was the nearest railroad station.
Ceila or Celia Wabaunsee On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Celia Gove Lost Town
Celia Rawlins Lost Town Buildings moved four miles west to McDonald in 1888, vacated in 1889.
Centennial Sumner Lost Town 1878-1879 It was five miles north and four miles west of Caldwell at 120th St. South and Milan Road.
Center Crawford Lost Town Near Girard, 1867,
Center City Chautauqua Lost Town When the railroad moved, the town died.
Center Grove Shawnee Lost Town
Center Hill Riley Lost Town 1903-1904
Center Mound Republic Lost Town
Center Ridge Woodson Lost Town
Centerville  Anderson Current Town 1855-Present
Centerville Dickinson Lost Town
Centerville Jefferson Name Change None Centerville It was laid out in 1865, about midway between Perry and Medina.
Centerville Leavenworth Lost Town
Centerville Osborne Lost Town Established 1873.
Centerville Wilson Lost Town
Central City Anderson Lost Town
Central City Nemaha Lost Town 1858-1863 Central City It was laid out in 1855 by William Dodge southeast of Baker’s Ford. Its first postmaster was Hiram H. Lanham.
Central Grove Shawnee Lost Town 1871 The post office was only open for a month.
Centralia Nemaha Current Town One and a half miles north of the present town of that name, located in 1858; plat recorded May 30. 1860. It was on the Missouri Pacific Railroad.
Centre Reno Lost Town 1873-1886 The post office moved to Partridge.
Centre Mound Republic Lost Town 1874-1880 The post office moved to Harbine.
Centreville Linn Lost Town Centreville Seminary and Town. Squatters from Missouri followed Big Sugar Creek west to the site in the winter of 1853-1854. Pro-slavery sentiments prevailed.
Centropolis Franklin Extinct Town 1858-1859
It still has several buildings, including an active church.
Cerro Gordo Jewell Name Change The location changed in 1879.
Chaffee Rush Lost Town 1896-1905 Located about 8 miles northeast of La Crosse.
Chalk, Chalk Mound, Exonville Wabaunsee Lost Town
Chalk Bluffs Gove Lost Town On the Smoky Hill River.
Chalk Mound Wabaunsee
Chalk Pyramids Gove
Challacombe Greenwood Lost Town Chartered 1870.
Challacombe Ness Lost Town
Challender’s Shawnee Lost Town
Chandler Douglas Lost Town
Chandler Rooks Lost Town
Chantilly Kearny Lost Town Located in April 1887 and abandoned in 1888, houses were moved to the new town site of Omaha.
Chanute Neosho Current Town 1870-Present Chanute resulted from merging several towns and substituting Chanute for six other names: Alliance, Osage City, Tioga, Chicago, Chicago Junction, and New Chicago. It was a terminal for the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway. The town was named after Octavius Chanute, an Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad promoter.
Chaplin Elk Lost Town 1890-1903 An inland hamlet, its population in 1910 was 36. It was located about eight miles southwest of Howard, from which it received its mail after its post office closed. The nearest railroad station was in Grenola, about about miles south on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Chapman/Chapman Creek Station Dickinson Current Town 1866-Present On the Smoky Hill Trail. Now Chapman.
Chapman’s Creek Bridge Dickinson Lost Place NA  Built in 1859 on the Smoky Hill Trail near the mouth of Chapman’s Creek. Erected by U.S. Government.
Chapman’s – See Whitfield Shawnee Lost Town A voting precinct in 1854.
Chard Nemaha Lost Town
Chard Neosho Lost Town 1879-1888
Charity Clay Lost Town 1882-1893
Charleston/Charlestown Doniphan Lost Town 1857-1860
A town company founded Charlestown in 1857. Michael Byrd was the first postmaster. At one point, it had 15-20 houses and several stores.
Charleston Greenwood Lost Town 1873-1884 The post office moved from Fall River.
Charleston Wabaunsee Lost Town Post office 1859.
Charleston Washington Lost Town Chartered in 1858.
Charlotteville Coffey Lost Town Incorporated in 1857.
Chase Rice Current Town 1881-Present On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Chase Center Chase Lost Place None This site was laid off in 1859. It was the same as Stephen M. Wood Ranch in 1887.
Chase County Chase Current County NA Formed from Butler and Morris Counties in 1859. The county seat is Cottonwood Falls.
Chautauqua Chautauqua Current Town 1881-Present
Chautauqua County Chautauqua Current County NA Formed from Howard County in 1875. The county seat is Sedan.
Chautauqua Springs Chautauqua
Checo Cherokee Lost Town 1868-1877 Checo
Cheeseman Norton Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Cheever Dickinson Lost Town
Chelsea Butler Lost Town 1858-1907 In Chelsea Township, It was on a branch of the Walnut River about eight miles northeast of Eldorado. George T. Donaldson was the first postmaster. The site is under El Dorado Lake today.
Cheshire Morris Lost Town 1881-1887
Chemung Franklin Lost Town East of Princeton.
Cheney Sedgwick Current Town 1876-Present
Chenola Ellis Lost Town Founded in 1888 and destroyed in 1905 to build Antonino six miles away.
Chepstow Washington Lost Town Chepstow It was located in Lincoln Township. Nothing left but a cemetery.
Cherokee Chase Paper Town None The Cherokee Town Company was incorporated in February 1857 by pro-slavery men from Leavenworth County and Lecompton, Kansas. No location. It was named. It was probably a paper town only.
Cherokee Cherokee Lost Town 1883-1885
Cherokee Crawford Current Town 1870-Present
Cherokee Wise Lost Town Incorporated 1857
Cherokee City Cherokee Lost Town 1860-1862
Cherokee County Cherokee Current County NA One of the original 36 counties, It was formed in 1855. It was first called McGee County. The county seat is Columbus.
Cherokee Mound Cherokee 1869-1870
Cherry Cherokee 1882-1895 The post office moved to Mineral.
Cherry Creek Anderson Lost Town 1861-1867
Cherry Creek Woodson Lost Town
Cherry Mound Anderson Lost Town 1875-1882
Cherry Vale Montgomery Current Town 1870-Present Founded in 1871 by the Kansas City, Leavenworth, and Southern Kansas Railroad in the Cherry Creek Valley. The town was first named Cherryville, then Cherry Vale, and then Cherryvale.
Cherryville Labette Lost Town Chartered 1869.
Chester Jefferson Lost Town 1868-1902 Chester had the first post office in Sarcoxie Township soon after the area was settled.
Chetolah Ellis Lost Town 1888-1897 Chetolah got its start in 1886 as a potential railroad town. However, the railroad didn’t come through. The Palatine post office was moved to Chetolah in 1888.
Chetola, Chetolah Geary Lost Town Established in 1855 north of Wreford, at the mouth of Lyons Creek.
Chetopa Labette Current Town 1867-Present Founded in 1857 on land once occupied by an Osage Indian village and named for Chetopa, an Osage chief. It was on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Cheever Dickinson Lost Town 1873-1885
Cheyenne Osborne Lost Town
Cheyenne Bend Barton Lost Town
Cheyenne Bottom Barton Lost Town 1875-1877
Cheyenne Cheyenne Current County NA Established in 1873 from unorganized area. St. Francis is the county seat.
Chicago Sheridan Lost Town
Chicago Heights Shawnee Lost Town North of Topeka
Chicago Junction Neosho Lost Town Now part of Chanute.
Chicago Mound Lyon Lost Town None Chicago Mound was a small town located five miles southeast of Emporia. There was a church here, but it was gone by 1915. All that remains is the cemetery.
Chickasaw Coffey Paper Town None
Started in 1857 by parties in Louisville, Kentucky, as a rival to Hampden. Its location was a mile east of Hampden. It was purely a paper town, no improvements ever having been made there.
Chickaskia Sumner Lost Town 1871-1886 It was eight miles north and four miles west of Caldwell at 70th Street South along the Chikaskia River.
Chicken Creek Crossing Lyon Lost Place On the Santa Fe Trail. There were two fords here. Waushara post office established one mile east 1858-95, Minor Palmer, postmaster. Also called Prairie Chicken Crossing.
Chico –  Wee Checo Cherokee Lost Town
Chico/Bridge Saline Lost Town 1877-1897 The name changed from Bridge to Chico on April 27, 1886.
Chicopee Crawford Extinct Town 1892-1918 Chicopee was a coal mining community.
Child’s Acres
Chillicothe Phillips Name Change The name changed to Big Bend.
Chillicothie Johnson???
Chillocco Cowley Lost Town 1886-1887
Chingawasa Springs Resort, Carter’s Mineral Springs Marion Lost Place None Chingawasa Springs, in the northeastern part of Marion County, was once named Carter’s Mineral Springs.
Chouteau Johnson Lost Town 1881-1903 Once a Johnson County hamlet, it started as a trading post along the Kansas River. Later It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Chouteau’s Ferry Johnson Lost Place Established in 1840 on the Kansas River at Chouteau. Frederick Chouteau, Proprietor.
Chouteau Island Kearny Lost Place Arkansas River; station on the Santa Fe Trail.
Christian McPherson Lost Town
Christiana Greenwood Lost Town 1872-1873
Christopher Reno Lost Town 1882-1892
Churchill Ottawa Lost Town Located near Tescott. Thomas Bartlett Sears came to Kansas after service in the Civil War. He had a post office in his home
and named it Churchhill.
Cicero Sumner Lost Town 1883-1934 It was five miles north and 2.5 miles east of Wellington on 50th Ave North along the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad.
Cimarron Gray Current Town County seat. In the 1830s, the Middle Cimarron Crossing of the Arkansas River was where the Santa Fe Trail headed toward the Cimarron River. It was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in 1872.
Cincinnati Leavenworth Lost Town Established in 1857 near Fort Leavenworth.
Cincinnati Grant Name Change The name changed to Appomattox, which is also a lost town today.
Circleville Jackson Current Town 1861-Present
Cisne Sumner Lost Town 1881-1884 The post office moved from Glen Valley. When it closed in Cisne, it moved to Northfield. It was two miles west and a mile and a half south of Conway Springs at 700 N. Milan Road.
City Point Pottawatomie Lost Town
Claim Kingman Lost Town 1884-1887
Claflin Barton Current Town
Claymore Montgomery Lost Town None Named in honor of an Osage chief, Claymore was laid out in the winter of 1868-69 at the site of Lushbaugh’s trading post by a town company, of which G. L. Canada was chairman and Alexander Duncan was secretary. For a time, the town grew rapidly and reached a population of about 100. However, It was short-lived, and by the spring of 1869, it had died out.
Clare Johnson Lost Town 1899-1913 Five miles southwest of Olathe, this town was first called Wainwright.
Clarence Barton Lost Town 1874-1887 The post office moved to Bartholdi in February 1887.
Clarence Cowley Lost Town 1872 The post office moved to Maple City.
Clarinda Ness Lost Town
Clarion Sedgwick Lost Town 1871-1885 Clarion was in the center of Lincoln Township.
Clark Wilson Lost Town 1869-1871
Clark Clark Current County NA Formed from Ford County in 1885. Ashland is the county seat.
Clarksburg Bourbon Lost Town 1880-1900 A coal mining company established a station switch here in 1871. The village of Clarksburg grew up around it.
Clarkson Riley Lost Town 1889-1892
Clarksville Johnson Lost Town
Claudell Smith Named for a pioneer family.
Clawson Finney Lost Town 1886-1888 Clarance F. Parker started Clawson in about 1875. It had a store, and he was the postmaster. It was located about 7.5 miles east of Ravanna along the Pawnee River.
Clawson Hodgeman Lost Town
Clay Clay Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1857. Clay Center is the county seat.
Clay Center Clay Current Town
Clay Center Butler
Clay Center Clay Founded in 1862, the seat of Clay County in 1866; the railroad reached Clay Center in 1873.
Claymore, Clymore, Tally Springs Montgomery Lost Town Established in 1867. Post office 1868.
Clayton Norton Ghost Town -2005 The post office closed on July 2, 2005.
Clayton Decatur Current Town
Claytonville Brown Lost Town 1857-1882 Laid out in November 1856 by George E. Clayton and others on a townsite of 320 acres. Once county seat.
Clear Creek Ellsworth Lost Place None Stage Station on the Smoky Hill Trail.
Clear Creek Marion Lost Town 1867
Clear Creek Nemaha Lost Town 1858-1860
An area post office.
Clear Creek Pottawatomie Lost Town Post office 1859
Clear Dale Sumner Lost Town 1877-1900 It was seven miles west and a half miles north of Geuda Springs at 120th St. South and Oliver Road.
Clear Fork Crossing Marshall Lost Place NA The crossing of the Black Vermillion River in 1857. E.F. Jones, proprietor. Perhaps an alternate route for the Parallel Road in 1859. A cabin It was still standing in 1956. LaGrange post office was established in 1875-1901, with Jones as the first postmaster.
Clearwater Sedgwick Current Town 1871-Present Near the old Chisholm Trail. The name was translated from the Indian word Ninnescah.
Cleaveland Wallace Lost Town Formerly Carlyle.
Cleburne Riley Lost Town 1886-1960 One of Riley County’s river towns, Cleburne, was located in Swede Township. It was razed when Tuttle Creek Dam was built.
Clements/Crawfordsville Chase Ghost Town 1881-1988 Clements, Kansas, in western Chase County, was first called Crawfordsville.
Clementville Leavenworth Lost Town
Cleo Brown Lost Town 1885-1897
Cleveland Butler Lost Town
Cleveland Kingman Extinct Town 1880-1957 Today, this unincorporated community is called home to only a handful of people, the grain elevators, and a few scattered homes.
Clifford Smith Name change  The name changed to Carvil in 1903.
Clifton Clay
Clifton Washington Current Town On the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the Union Pacific Railroad. The station’s name was Vining.
Clifton Woodson Lost Town
Climax Greenwood Ghost Town 1870-1989 On the Howard Branch of the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. The post office closed on January 7, 1989.
Clinton Douglas Current Town 1855-1927 Clinton Reservoir drowned part of Clinton. The post office closed on November 27, 1927.
Clonmel Sedgwick Lost Town 1905-1938
Cloud Cherokee Name change The name changed to Bero.
Cloud Cloud Lost Town 1881 The post office was only open from May to December 1881.
Cloud County Cloud Current County NA Formed from Washington County in 1866. First called Shirley County. Concordia is the county seat.
Cloydville Sumner Lost Town 1878-1879
Clugh Cheyenne Lost Town 1887-1893
The post office moved from Bolton, Colorado.
Clyde Cloud Current Town The Honey family purchased the townsite. The first sheriff of the town was Quincy Honey. Jene Honey had a photo shop nearby. Rosella Honey started the first school in Cloud County. It is about 25 miles southwest of Waterville.
Clymore, Claymore, or Tally Springs Montgomery Lost Town Established in 1867. Post office 1868.
Coahooma Lost Town Town company It was incorporated in 1857.
Coal Center Linn Lost Town
Coal Creek Atchison Lost Town Post office 1858.
Coal Creek Ottawa Lost Town
Coal Siding Franklin Lost Town
Coal Switch Bourbon Lost Town
Coalburgh Linn Lost Town 1885-1889
Coalfield – See Sandfordville. Cherokee Lost Town
Coalville or Coleville Harper Name change The name changed to Danville.
Coalvale/Bovard Crawford 1880-1907
Coats Pratt Current Town 1887-2018 On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. The post office closed on February 1, 2018
Cobb Wabaunsee Lost Town
Coburn Franklin Lost Town 1900-1902 It was ten miles west of Norwood, the nearest railroad station in the northwestern part of the county.
Cocayne/Augustine Springs/Poe Logan Lost Town 1886-1888
It was located about 22 miles southeast of Russell Springs.
Codell Rooks Extinct Town -1995 Codell’s claim to fame is because tornadoes struck it on the same day (May 20) in three consecutive years —
1916, 1917, and 1918. The post office closed on August 26, 1995.
Cofachique Allen Lost Town 1856-1859 The Bogus Legislature incorporated this town it in 1855. Pro-slavery men laid out the town. It was the Allen County seat from 1855 to 1860.
Coffey County Coffey Current County NA One of the original 36 counties was created in 1855. Burlington is the county seat.
Coffeyville Montgomery Current Town 1869-Present Named after James A. Coffey, who had a trading post at an Osage camp called Talley Springs. In October 1892, the Dalton Gang attempted to rob two banks simultaneously in Coffeyville.
Cokedale Cherokee Lost Town 1899-1906 Located at the junction of the Missouri Pacific Railroad and Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, about six miles northwest of Columbus.
Colby Thomas Current Town 1881-Present The county seat of Thomas County. Joseph R. Colby settled in the area in 1880 and established a post office on his claim. The town was named for him.
Cold Spring Allen Lost Town 1861-1862
Cold Spring Doniphan Lost Town None Francis Bodart settled a claim in 1856. Pony Express Station 1860. The Cold Spring Branch of Wolf River derived its name from Cold Spring near the Pottawatomie Trail near the present site of Bendena.
Coldwater Comanche Current Town 1884-Present The county seat of Comanche County.
Colbert Lincoln Lost Town 1889-1904 It was a small hamlet on East Elkhorn Creek, about six miles southeast of Lincoln.
Coleman Sedgwick Names for W. C. Coleman, an industrialist.
Coleville – See Coalville. Harper Lost Town
Colfax McPherson Name Change The name changed to Roxbury.
Colfax Wilson Lost Town
Collano Meade On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
College Wyandotte Lost Town 1898-1900
College Green Sedgwick Lost Town
Collins Greenwood Name Change 1870-1883 The name changed to Reece.
Collyer Trego Current Town On the Kansas Pacific Railroad.
Colokan Greeley Lost Town 1886-1892  Located on the Colorado/Kansas line, It was settled by Civil War veterans from Illinois who formed a soldiers’ colony.
Coloma Woodson Lost Town
Colony Anderson Current Town
Colorado Lincoln Lost Town 1871-1886 In Colorado Township, the firm of D. Hardesty had a flouring custom mill in operation.
Columbia Lyon Lost Town Incorporated in 1855 by the Bogus Legislature. Founded by pro-slavery men from Council Grove. The town It was named for Charles Columbia. On the river three miles below Emporia.
Columbia Ellsworth Lost Town Vacated 1901.
Columbia Miami Name Change Now Hillsdale.
Columbus Cherokee Current Town 1869-Present County seat. It was known as “the center” as early as 1868 when L. Lee opened a general store on the townsite. It was named for Columbus, Ohio. In 1877, it was on the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Columbus Doniphan Lost Town 1860-1867 It was laid out in May 1857 but didn’t grow. Henry Wilson, postmaster.
Colwich Sedgwick Current Town 1885-Present
Comanche City Comanche Lost Town Vacated 1905.
Comanche County Comanche Current County NA Created from unorganized area in 1867. The county seat is Coldwater.
Comet Brown Lost Town 1881-1894 The post office moved from Discord.
Comingo Springs Chautauqua Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Comiskey Morris Lost Town 1887-1929 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, It was located on the border with Lyon County.
Como Anderson Lost Town 1881-1887 The post office moved to Northcott.
Como Cloud Lost Town 1900-1904 It was located about 7.5 miles east of Aurora.
Concord Ottawa Lost Town
Concord Sumner Lost Town 1879-1902 Concord It was about ten miles south of Wellington and two miles southeast of Rome, the nearest railroad station.
Concordia Cloud Current Town County seat. The town began in 1864 when J. M. Hageman selected the townsite.
Condeley Riley Lost Town
Conductor Grant Lost Town None Settled in 1893. Also called Conductor City, the town was located southeast of Ulysses, right up against the county line.
Conductor Haskell Lost Town
Coneburg Marion Name Change Became North Peabody in 1871.
Conkling Pawnee Lost Town 1881-1895
Connors Wyandotte Lost Town None A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, 12 miles northwest of Wyandotte. In the early 1880s, it had several stores, a schoolhouse where religious services were held, and a small hotel.
Connersville Decatur Lost Town
Conquest Wichita Lost Town
Conrotin Geary Lost Town
Constant/Hackney Cowley Extinct Town 1871-1872
The name changed from Constant to Hackney on March 31, 1894. It was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in Pleasant Valley Township, six miles south of Winfield.
Conway Linn Lost Town Near Sugar Mound
Conway McPherson Lost Town 1880-1983 In southwestern Jackson Township, Conway was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Conway Springs Sumner Current Town 1878-Present
Cook’s Ford, Cook’s Fork, Cook’s Ferry Jefferson Lost Town 1865-1872 Cook’s Ferry It was established on the Kansas River in 1859. W. W. Cook, proprietor. Butterfield Overland Despatch stage route?
Cool Cloud Lost Town 1881-1887
Coolidge Hamilton Current Town 1873-Present On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Coon Hollow Crossing Doniphan Lost Place NA Established in about 1844 on the St. Joseph & California Road. This rock-bottom ford was probably the earliest emigrant trail from Mosquito Creek to the top of Wolf River Ridge.
Coopersburg Rice Lost Town
Coopersville Clark Named for Dr. John Cooper, a pioneer.
Cope Jackson Lost Town 1877-1887
Copeland Gray Current Town 1912-Present On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Corbin/Hurst Sumner Ghost Town 1881-1974 A ghost town in Falls Township, it is 13 miles southwest of Wellington.
Corbitt or Corbett Ford Lost Town 1885-1887 Corbitt was located on the Cannonball Stage Route from Wichita, just two miles north of Bucklin. Only 3-4 homes were built there when the railroad went to Bucklin.
Corinth Osborne Lost Town It was on the south side of the Solomon River. Located about nine miles due east of Osborne on Highway 181.
Cornhil Butler Lost Town 1874-1876
Corning Nemaha Current Town -1997 On the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The post office closed on June 14, 1997.
Cornwall Cherokee Lost Town
Corona Coffey Lost Town 1870-1878
Coronado Sedgwick Lost Town 1877-1882
Coronado Wichita Lost Town Town moved three miles to Leoti.
Cortez Graham Lost Town Discontinued 1882.
Corvallis Smith Lost Town Located in 1875 and abandoned in 1888.
Corwin Harper Lost Town 1883-1957 Oscar A. Corwin, first postmaster. The post office closed on June 28, 1957.
Corydon Chase Paper Town None Corydon It was incorporated in 1858, but no location was given. Probably a paper town only.
Coss Brown Lost Town 1885-1887
Costello Montgomery Lost Town 1887-1908 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, It was six miles north of Elk City.
Cottage Grove Allen Lost Town A voting precinct in 1858.
Cottage Hill Marshall Lost Town None Cottage Hill was laid out before 1872 but never had a post office.
Cottonwood Chase Lost Town Across the river from Cottonwood Falls.
Cottonwood Lyon Lost Town
Cottonwood Crossing/Moore’s Ranch Marion Lost Place 1860-1866 Moore’s Ranch post office. On the Santa Fe Trail near Durham, 12 miles west of Lost Springs. A hotel or stage station it was noted on the Bureau of Land Management Surveys in about 1860.
Cottonwood Falls Chase Current Town County seat. Founded in 1858 by a group of titled Englishmen.
Cottonwood Grove Reno Lost Town 1877-1881 The post office moved to Turon.
Cottonwood Grove Shawnee Name Change Now Pauline.
Cottonwood Ranche Chase Lost Place None A stock ranch, It was established in about 1854 at the mouth of Diamond Spring Creek, about three miles northeast of Elmdale. Seth Hays kept it as a branch of his trading post at Council Grove.
Cottonwood Springs Doniphan Lost Place None Charles & Catherine Stewart, proprietors 1855-56. Pony Express Station 1860-61.
Cottonwood Station Marshall Lost Place Fifteen miles west of Marysville.
Cottonwood Valley/Cedar Point Chase The place name was changed to Cedar Point.
Council City Osage Name Change Now Burlingame.
Council Grove/Council Morris Current Town County seat. First called Council, then changed to Council Grove. On the Santa Fe Trail. Later on, the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway.
Coursen’s Grove Mitchell Lost Town
Courtland Republic Current Town
Covert Osborne J. M. Bradshaw built the first stone house in Covert in 1879. The town was organized in October 1880 and named after a pioneer.
Covington Smith Lost Town
Cow Creek Rice Lost Place Station on Santa Fe Trail.
Cow Creek Ellsworth Name Change Now Black Wolf.
Cow Island, Cantonment Martin  Atchison Lost Place A military post was established in October 1818.
Cowland/Ravanna Finney Lost Town The town name was changed to Ravanna, and soon after that folded.
Cowley County Cowley Current County NA Formed from Butler County in 1867. Winfield is the county seat.
Cowskin Grove/Waco Sedgwick Lost Town 1870-1905 Indian village. The name changed from Cowskin to Waco on February 25, 1873.
Cox Creek Crawford Name Change Now Arcadia.
Coxes Creek Bourbon Lost Town
Coyote Ellis Lost Town 1868 The post office was only open for about five months.
Coyote Phillips Lost Town
Coyote Trego Lost Town Near Collyer.
Coy’s Wilson Name Change Now Coyville
Coyville Cloud Lost Town
Coyville Wilson Extinct Town -2002 Oscar Coy, store owner and postmaster. Fort Row was near Coyville. On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. The post office closed on November 2, 2002.
Craig Johnson Lost Town 1899-1902 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, seven miles north of Olathe. It was named for the landowner.
Crainville Republic Lost Town 1878-1895
Crane Montgomery Lost Town 1879-1905 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad was located six miles north of Independence.
Cransdale Cloud Lost Town
Crandall Coffey Lost Town 1888-1906
Cravensville Cherokee Lost Town Named for the townsite owner
Craventon McPherson Lost Town 1884-1887
Crawford Lyon Lost Town
Crawford County Crawford Current County NA Formed from Bourbon and Cherokee Counties in 1867. The county seat is Girard.
Crawford Seminary Cherokee Lost Place 1848-1863 It is believed that Crawford Seminary, a mission for Quapaw Indians, was east of present-day B Baxter Springs. The mission post office was serviced through Missouri.
Crawfordville Crawford Lost Town Near Girard, established in 1867; abandoned in 1869; named for Governor Samuel Crawford.
Crawfordsville Chase Lost Town See Hunt’s Station.
Cremona Neosho Lost Town 1869-1878
Cresco Anderson Lost Town Chartered 1858; abandoned 1860.
Cresco Elk Lost Town 1876-1880
Cresson Rooks Lost Town Vacated 1893.
Crestline Cherokee Current Town On the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad.
Arkansas City
Cowley Name Change 1870-Present  Adelphi and Cresswell were early names of Arkansas City.
Creswell Marion Lost Town 1873-1901
Criple Creek Marshall
Crisfield Harper
Crittenden Butler Lost Town Founded 1861; abandoned 1865.
Critzer/Montgomery Linn Lost Town 1888-1906 On the Missouri Pacific Railroad six miles west of Mound City.
Croco Norton Lost Town
Crooked Creek Ford Lost Town 1870-1886
Crooked Creek Jefferson Lost Town 1857-1863
Crooked Creek McPherson Lost Town 1872-1876 The post office moved to Christian.
Cromwell Washington Lost Town
Cross Lyon Name Change 1870-1871 Now Neosho Rapids.
Cross Creek Shawnee Name Change 1864-1868 Cross Creek Toll Bridge on Oregon/California Trail in 1852. Trading post in 1853. Now Rossville.
Crouse Labette Lost Town
Crotty Coffey Lost Town 1887-1906
Crow Phillips Lost Town
Croweburg Crawford Lost Town 1908-1972 Croweburg It was a station on the Joplin & Pittsburg electric line. Named for the Crowe Coal Mining Company.
Crown Point Saline Lost Town 1879-1892
Crozier Station Johnson Lost Town
Crystal Plains Smith Lost Town
Crystal Springs
Cuba Republic Current Town The first site was three miles from present-day Cuba.
Cullison Pratt Current Town Named for James B. Cullison, a lawyer. On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887.
Culver Ottawa Current Town
Cumberland Thomas Lost Town
Cummings Atchison Current Town 1868-Present On the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad.
Cundiff Morton Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Curranville Crawford Lost Town 1905-1915 Curranville, a coal-mining town, it was a station on the Kansas City Southern Railroad.
Cunningham Kingman Current Town 1885-Present
Curtis’ Ferry Riley Lost Place This ferry was established in 1858 on Big Blue River north of Manhattan, at the mouth of McIntyre’s Creek. Zach Curtis, proprietor. Unadilla post office was established in 1858-62, with Edward Newell as postmaster.
Custer Smith Lost Town
Cuyler-Eminence Finney Lost Town 1883-1942  This place was first called Cuyler when a post office opened on May 7, 1883. This village, located in Garfield Township, was located on the Pawnee River, 25 miles northeast of Garden City. The town’s name was changed to Emminence on June 3, 1887. In 1910, it had a money-order post office with one rural route, a good local trade, and a population of 92. It was located about 18 miles north of Charleston, the nearest railroad station.
Cypress, Alamead Lincoln Lost Town Also called Allemead.
Cyrus Trego Lost Town 1879-1880
First called Williamsville
Czech Colony Ellis Lost Town None A colony of settlers from Bohemia came to Ellis County in 1885 and settled on land south of Ellis along the Trego County line. The town never grew big enough for a post office.


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