Extinct Towns of Jefferson County, Kansas

Horse drawn wagon in Jefferson County, Kansas about 1900.

Horse-drawn wagon in Jefferson County, Kansas about 1900.



Hickory Point

Kaw City




Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Ashcroft 1898-1900 Ashcroft was located on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, in Delaware Township about four miles from Valley Falls near the county’s northern boundary. After its post office closed in 1900, it was supplied with mail by rural route from Nortonville.
Boyle 1872-1882
Boyle was a station on the Union Pacific Railroad in Jefferson Township. In 1910, it had a money order post office and a population of 18. It was located about five miles from Valley Falls and nine miles from Oskaloosa.
Buckcreek 1899-1905 Buckcreek was a station on the Union Pacific Railroad. Today the old Buckcreek school still stands at the site. See Article HERE.
Centerville None Centerville was laid out in 1865, about midway between Perry and Medina in Kentucky Township. George Williams was the proprietor of the townsite. Soon after its survey into lots, John Collins built a large two-story business house, with the upper part fitted up for a hall. This was the only building ever erected there and was for some years used for political and religious meetings. The building was afterward moved to Perry, where it was used for a store for a time, after which it was transformed into the mill operated by Leach and Sons.
Chester 1868-1902 Chester had the first post office in Sarcoxie Township, soon after the area was settled.
Cook’s Ford, Cook’s Fork, Cook’s Ferry 1865-1872 Cook’s Ferry was established on the Kansas River in 1859. W. W. Cook, proprietor. The ford was used in 1865 at the Rock Creek Crossing of Mt. Florence & Grasshopper Falls Road. A post office was established in 1865 with Henry Turner as postmaster. The post office moved to Rock Creek.
Crooked Creek 1857-1863
Dean 1892-1901 Dean was a small inland settlement of Jefferson County, about six miles south of Oskaloosa, the nearest railroad station. When its post office closed, it received its mail by rural delivery from Oskaloosa.
Dunavant 1888-1932
Dunavant, Kansas Street Scene about1890

Dunavant, Kansas

Dunavant was located on a branch of the Missouri Pacific Railroad seven miles southeast of Valley Falls and five miles north of Oskaloosa. It was located near Hickory Point. In 1910, it had a money order post office, telegraph and express offices, some local trade, and a population of 85.

Grove City 1869-1883
Halfmound 1898-1914 Halfmound was located in the northern part of Delaware Township on the Delaware River. See Article HERE.
Hickory Point None
Battle of Hickory Point in Jefferson County, Kansas.

Battle of Hickory Point

In June 1854, Charles Hardt located at Hickory Point in Jefferson Township and started a trading ranch. See Article HERE.

Jacksonville 1883-1887
Jefferson City 1864-1865
Kaw City 1858-1866 Kaw City was founded in the spring of 1857. See Article HERE.
Medina-Perryville 1866-1901 A settlement called Perryville began here in 1865 when the Union Pacific Railroad came through Jefferson County. See Article HERE.
Newman 1868-1969 Newman was a station on the Kansas Pacific Railroad in Kentucky Township. See Article HERE.
North Cedar 1890-1937 North Cedar was a small hamlet on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Delaware Township. In 1910, it had express and telegraph offices and a money order office. It was located 16 miles northwest of Oskaloosa and six miles from Valley Falls.
Oak 1891-1895
Ole, Middleton 1857-1865 The town’s name was changed from Middleton to Ole in 1860.
Oregon 1882-1883
Plum Creek 1869-1871
Prairie View 1872-1873
Rising Sun 1858-1859
The first voting place in Kentucky Township was at Rising Sun, in 1856. Rising Sun was laid out by Joseph Haddox in 1857. Its location was on the north bank of the Kansas River, opposite Lecompton. Afterward, he partnered with Jerome Kunkle, Louis Lutt, and J. Menzer, to form a townsite. Jerome Kunkle kept a ferry there. The first store was started soon after the foundation of the town, by Lutt and Menzer.  In 1858, a Methodist Episcopal Church was erected in Rising Sun. Rising Sun grew to be a respectable little village, and was the business point for the township until the building of the Kansas Pacific Railroad, in 1865. At that time, several towns were laid out along the railroad, and in a short time, the village of Rising Sun was all moved to other points. The post office moved to Perryville in 1866. Afterward, the old town became part of a farm owned by Jerome Kunkle.
Sarcoxie 1889-1901 Located in Sarcoxie Township, the old Sarcoxie Cemetery still stands.
Scott Land 1865-1871
Shields 1855-1868
Thompsonville 1878-1901 Thompsonville was a hamlet located on the Delaware River in Kentucky Township. See Article HERE.
Turners 1872-1873
Woodstock 1871-1873
Woodstock was the location of the second post office in Sarcoxie Township. Jules L. Williams was the postmaster.

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