Extinct Towns of McPherson County, Kansas

Oil well derricks in Mcpherson County, Kansas, 1941.

Oil well derricks in Mcpherson County, Kansas, 1941.

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Alpha 1880-1897
Battle Hill 1876-1894
Big Turkey 1860-1866
Bloomingdale 1871-1872 The post office moved to Roxbury.
Bonaville 1875-1881
Calmar 1871-1880
Cedar 1878-1879
Conway 1880-1983
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad depot in Conway, Kansas, about 1900.

ATSF depot in Conway, Kansas.

In southwestern Jackson Township, Conway was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In 1910, it had telegraph and express offices, a money order post office with two rural routes, and a population of 125. Today, it is home to a large underground refined petroleum storage facility that holds approximately 30% of the propane stored in the United States. It is on U.S. Route 56, west of McPherson.

Craventon 1884-1887
Crooked Creek 1872-1876 The post office moved to Christian.
Delmore 1873-1902 An inland hamlet, it was on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe, and the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroads. It was 12 miles northeast of McPherson and eight miles north of Galva.
Dolespark 1898-1918 On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad in 1887. A country post office in Canton Township. It was about four miles from Canton, the most convenient railroad station in 1910.
Eden Prairie 1873-1883
Elkhart 1875-1879
Elyria 1887-1954
Elyria. Kansas Grain Storage.

Elyria Grain Storage.

Elyria was a station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in King City Township. In 1910, it had a post office, general stores, an express office, and a population of 100. It is seven miles southeast of McPherson.

Empire/Lone Tree 1872-1888 The name changed from Lone Tree to Empire on August 10, 1880.
Farland 1872-1887
Farms 1873-1887
Fremont/Smoky/Smoky Hill 1873-1932
Missouri Pacific Depot in Fremont, Kansas, 1919.

Missouri Pacific Depot in Fremont, Kansas, 1919.

Fremont was located in the northwestern part of the county on a branch line of the Missouri Pacific Railroad. The name changed from Smoky Hill to Smoky on September 27, 1894. The name changed again from Smoky to Fremont on January 23, 1895. In 1910, it had a population of 15. The nearest significant town was Lindsborg, about seven miles east.

Groveland 1874-1883
A station on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad six miles southwest of McPherson. In 1910, it had telegraphic communications, an express office, a post office, and a population of 20.
Hyco 1869-1871
Johnstown 1883
Named for John Johnson, the postmaster. A hamlet with a station on the Salina & McPherson branch of the Union Pacific Railroad. It was six miles south of Lindsborg, the nearest significant town.
King City 1871-1887 In the spring of 1871, a colony from Ashtabula County, Ohio, settled in the southern part of McPherson County, Kansas, and established King City.
Lake View/Lake Village 1870-1889 The name changed from Lake Village to Lake View on June 6, 1872.
Lilly 1874-1879
Little River 1875-1877
Little Valley 1873-1888
Lookout 1879-1880
Monitor 1874-1902
New Gottland




Parsonage in New Gottland, Kansas, 1895.

Parsonage in New Gottland, Kansas, 1895.

Schley 1898-1902
Sharpscreek/Sharp’s Creek 1872-1899 The name changed from Sharp’s Creek to Sharpscreek on October 15, 1894.
Sparta 1874-1902
Spring Valley 1872-1902
Sweadal 1869-1872
First McPherson County, Kansas Courthouse in Sweadal, Kansas.

Courthouse in Sweadal, Kansas, 1908.

First county seat. L.N. Holmburg, the first storekeeper, served as postmaster.

Wakeman 1894-1899
Westfield 1874-1888
Wheatland/Bachelor 1874-1896 The name changed from Bachelor to Wheatland on January 24, 1876.
Winnesheik 1874-1902

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