Everywhere in Kansas – U-V


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Place Name County Place Type Post Office Dates More Information
Ulysses Grant Current Town – County Seat County seat. This town was moved west from its first location to the Colmor cut-off, Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, in the summer of 1912. The first site was then called Old Ulysses.
Ulysses Mitchell Lost Town
Unadilla  Pottawatomie Lost Town P.O. in 1859.
Union Chase Lost Town
Union Riley Lost Town
Union Smith Lost Town
Union Center, Elk Lost Town Founded in 1871; vacated 1877.
Union City Dickinson Lost Town On Turkey Creek, south side of the Smoky Hill River.
Union City Rice Lost Town
Union City Sumner Name Change Located 1870; name changed to Eminence.
Union Valley Lincoln Lost Town
Union Valley Republic Lost Town
Uniondale Clay Lost Town
Uniontown Shawnee Lost Town Established 1848; abandoned 1855; one mile south of the Kansas River, opposite present Rossville.

Uniontown P.O.1856, Chas. Randall, postmaster. Tradition says that a cache of gold dust is hidden near the Trail between the village and the river. The gold was taken in an armed robbery, and the robbers were pursued and killed, but the gold was not recovered. About 1900 a clairvoyant was employed to locate the hiding place; two large excavations were made at designated places. These pits still remain, but no gold was found.

Uniontown Ford Shawnee Established in 1849 on Oregon & California Trail near Willard; only rock bottom ford on Kansas River.
Ununda Brown Lost Town Discontinued 1871.
Upland Dickinson Lost Town
Upper Haddam Washington Lost Town
Upton Miami Lost Town
Urbana, Moorestown Nemaha Lost Town 1855 The settlement started in 1854 by W.W. Moon at Baker’s Ford, on the South Fork of the Nemaha River.
Utopia Greenwood Lost Town 1880-1935 A hamlet on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad 8 miles northeast of Eureka.
Valdor Graham Lost Town 1879
Valeton Franklin Name Change The name changed to Silkville.
Valley Greenwood Lost Town
Valley Trego Lost Town 1907-1917 A country post office about about 12 miles from Ransom.
Valley Brook Osage Lost Town
Valley City Anderson Lost Town Town platted 1857.
Valley City Neosho Lost Town
Valley Forge Smith Lost Town See Smithville.
Valley Point Morris Lost Town Two miles northwest of Dunlap.
Vallonia Decatur Lost Town
Vanburen Graham Lost Town
Varck Cherokee Lost Town 1881-1906 It was located on the Spring River and the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, 14 miles southeast of Columbus.
Vega Wallace Lost Town Vacated 1895.
Venango Ellsworth Lost Town 1875-1902 This place started out with a post office in 1875. It never grew and the post office closed in 1902.
Verbena Labette Lost Town Chartered 1869.
Verdi Wilson Lost Town
Verdigris Lyon Lost Town 1881-1903
Verdigris City Montgomery Lost Town East side of the river below Independence.
Verdigris Falls Greenwood Lost Town 1863-1872
The post office moved from Kenton in 1879.
Vermillion Marshall Lost Town Located in 1857 on the Vermillion River near where it empties into the Big Blue River; abandoned in 1859.
Vermillion Osage Lost Town
Vernon Cowley Lost Town
Vernon Ness Lost Town
Versailles Osage Lost Town Located April 15, 1857. Incorporated 1857
Vesta Clark Lost Town
Veteran, Veteran City Stanton Name Change Now Johnson City.
Vicksburg Jewell Lost Town
Vienna Pottawatomie Lost Town
Vietsburg Neosho Lost Town
Villota Edwards Lost Town Established 1879.
Vincent Ellis Lost Town This small village got its start in 1907 when several families of the St. Fidelis Church in Victoria, desired to have a church nearer to their farms.
Vinton Riley Lost Town
Virginia ?? Lost Town Town company was incorporated 1857.
Viola Elk Lost Town
Viola Ellis Lost Town 1881 The post office was open for less than four months.
Violet Osborne Name Change Name changed to Downs.
Viroqua Morton Lost Town
Voda/Colona Trego Lost Town 1904-1907
When this settlement began, it was a Union Pacific Railroad switch station called Colona.
Voorhees Stevens Lost Town Vacated 1893.
Vossburgh Pratt Lost Town

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