Shockey, Kansas

Shockey, Kansas

Shockey, Kansas

The old town of Shockey in Grant County, Kansas, was located northwest of Ulysses along Bear Creek. The town is gone today.

The settlement was first called Laport when it was first settled, at which time it was situated in Hamilton County before Grant County was created. It gained a post office on November 23, 1886.

Shockey, Kansas School, 1919.

Shockey, Kansas School, 1919.

A few months later, the town’s name was changed to Shockey after local settler William Shockey. The post office’s name changed on April 16, 1887. Sometimes called Shockeyville by locals, the town grew to boast a lumber and hardware store, two general stores, a blacksmith, a school,  and other businesses. The town peaked at about 50 people. Some of its earliest residents were T.R. Hornaday, J.W. Plunkett, David Holmes, A.W. Snyder, F.W. Rider, George Rider, Karl Gall, T.W. Swinney, Peter Kiistner, Peter Molz, L. Binney, and William E. Hutchison.

In its early years, Shockey was described as having “splendid opportunities, rich resources, two railroads, and a wealthy town company.” Despite this strong praise, it was not to be. Its existence was short; soon, people and businesses moved away, and its post office closed on September 29, 1906.

Shockey, Kansas Cemetery

Shockey, Kansas Cemetery courtesy Find A Grave

All that is left of Shockey today is a cemetery. It is located on Bear Creek, about 14 miles northwest of Ulysses.

Compiled by Kathy Alexander/Legends of Kansas, updated February 2023.

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