Grant County, Kansas Extinct Towns

Rural Grant County, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.

Rural Grant County, Kansas by Kathy Weiser-Alexander.


Grant County, Kansas Map, 1899.

Grant County, Kansas Map, 1899.




Old Ulysses



More Extinct Towns (See Below)


In Grant County’s early years, the county sported more than a dozen towns. Today, there are but three left — Ulysses, Hickok, and Ryus, though the latter two are incorporated and very small.

More Extinct Towns:

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information from Kansas: A Cyclopedia of State History, 1912, and the Kansas State Historical Society
Athy 1916-1925


Also called Conductor City, the town was located southeast of Ulysses right up against the county line. It never had a post office.


Doby 1908-1916 Doby was located on the south fork of the Cimarron River about four miles above its mouth and 15 miles southeast of Ulysses.


Gognac 1886-1926 A post office was first established in Hamilton County in 1886 before Grant County was created. It was later in Stanton County, before moving to Grant County. The post office was in a general store and only one other business existed. It was located near the west line of the county about nine miles southwest of Ulysses on S36-T28s-R39w.


Liverpool 1888-1898, 1899-1903 Post office originally established in Stanton County. It closed in 1898 and moved to Grant County. The Post office reopened In January 1899 but closed forever in May 1903.


Spurgeon 1887-1891 The tiny town of Spurgeon only had a population of 15. It was located on located northeast of Ulysses on S28-T27-R35


Warrendale 1891-1901, 1907-1916 A country post office located 15 miles northeast of Ulysses.


Waterford N/A


Located in southeast Grant County on the border with Stevens County near the Cimarron River, this was an Irish settlement established in 1886. It never had a post office. Located on S33-T30S-R35W.
Athy, Kansas Post Office

Athy, Kansas Post Office

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