Extinct Towns of Ellsworth County, Kansas

An old homestead in Ellsworth County, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

An old homestead in Ellsworth County, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Black Wolf

Clear Creek

Terra Cotta


More Extinct Towns

Town Post Office
Additional Information
Alliance 1881-1895 Established in Barton County.
Arcola None
Ashmead 1875-1888 Moved to Lorraine in 1888.
Ben’s Ranch 1875-1894 Eleven miles northeast of Ellsworth.
Black Wolf 1879-1908 Only grain elevators left today.
Bluffville 1875-1887 Moved to Geneseo, in Rice County, in 1887.
Bosland/Attica 1871-1873 Name change from Attica to Bosland after five months. In 1873, Bosland became Wilson.
Bradley Springs 1874-1883 Moved to Winston in 1883.
Clear Creek None Stage Station on the Smoky Hill Trail.
Delight 1877-1921 A country post office located in Mulberry Township, near the northeast corner of the county, about 15 miles from Ellsworth and about five miles north of Carneiro.
Delila 1875-1875 The post office was only open for three months. It then moved to Trivoli.
Elkhorn 1898-1920 A small hamlet situated on Elkhorn Creek, about 12 miles northeast of Ellsworth. In 1910 the population was 25.
Farisville 1875-1911 A rural post office located on the Smoky Hill River in Empire Township, about 12 miles southeast of Ellsworth.
Holyoke 1876-1882
Keever 1876-1881
Masmer 1882-1895
Mule Creek 1875-1887 Overland station, 16 miles east of Ellsworth. Post office moved to Crawford in Rice County in 1887.
Oxide 1883-1888
Palacky 1877-1905
Prosper 1874-1887 Was also in Rice County for a time (site moved).
Range 1883-1890
Spring Creek NA A relay station on the Butterfield Overland Despatch stage line, it was located about 1.5 miles west of the old townsite of Terra Cotta, and 15 miles west of Salina. The stage line ran from 1859-1870. There are no remains today. The station site was located ½ mile west and ½ mile south of the  Junction of K-140 & K-141 Highways.
Summit Springs 1875-1876
Tatonka 1876-1885
Terra Cotta 1878-1913. Located about six miles southwest of Brookville, this town was located on the Kansas Pacific Railroad. There is nothing left today.
Thomas 1887-1890
Trivoli 1875-1896
The post office moved from Delila in 1875. This country hamlet was located 15 miles southeast of Ellsworth and after its post office closed, received mail from Kanopolis.
Venango 1875-1902 This place started out with a post office in 1875. It never grew and the post office closed in 1902. Today, Venango’s location is approximately in what is now the Venango swimming area near the north end of the Kanopolis Dam.
Winston 1883-1887 Moved from Bradley Springs in 1883.
Yankee Run NA Now a public use area at Kanopolis Lake.
Yordy 1875-1889
Ziba 1876-1881
Ellsworth County, Kansas Map,1899.

Ellsworth County, Kansas Map,1899.

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