Allen County, Kansas Extinct Towns

Bassett, Kansas, 1914.

Bassett, Kansas, 1914.





Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Allendale 1898-1901 A little hamlet situated about five miles northeast of Iola. It is about equally distant from Carlyle on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad and La Harpe on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, the nearest railway stations.
Bassett None A small village located on the Neosho River, about two miles south of Iola. Founded in 1903. The following year, t was connected to Iola via the electric railroad street car line. In 1910 it had a population of 40. In 1914, the first concrete road in Kansas was laid in Bassett. As of the 2020 census, the population of the city was 20.
Bayard 1887-1943 The post office moved from Front. Was a station on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway in the northeast part of the county, some 15 miles from Iola. In 1910, it had a money order post office with one rural route, an express office, some mercantile stores, was a shipping point for the surrounding agricultural district and had a population of 50.
Carlyle 1859-1988 In 1857, a small colony from Indiana settled here.
Cofachiqui 1856-1859 Incorporated by the Bogus Legislature in 1855. The town was laid out by pro-slavery men. It was the Allen County seat from 1855 to 1860. Cofachique was moved to Iola, and the old site became farmland.
Cold Spring 1861-1862
Elsmore/Elsinore 1866-2005 The name changed from Elsinore to Elsmore On February 11, 1889. The post office closed on April 30, 2005. There are still several homes, a few old business buildings, an old school, and a population of about 50.
Fair Lawn 1879-1881
Florence 1858-1859 The post office was only open for about three months. The post office moved to Carlyle.
Front 1886-1887 The post office moved to Bayard.
Funston 1892-1901 A small hamlet a little southeast of the center of the county, it was about ten miles from Iola and about eight miles from Humboldt. Elsmore was the most convenient railroad station.
Geneva 1858-1942 Geneva, Kansas, located in northwest Allen County, was founded in the summer of 1857.
Hamburgh 1879-1883
Hendricks 1882-1883
Jeddo 1868-1877
Jonestown 1875-1879 Nine miles east of Iola.
Leanna 1881-1920 A village in the extreme southern part of the county, it was about six miles southeast of Humboldt,  the most convenient railroad station. In 1910, it had a money order post office, was a local trading center for the neighborhood, and had a population of 50.
Magnolia 1862-1863
Mantua 1859-1862 Also spelled Mantau and Mantan.
Maplewood 1872 Post office open for less than six months.
Mildred 1907-1973 An unincorporated community and near ghost town. As of the 2020 census, the community’s population and nearby areas was 25.
Neosho 1871 The post office was only open for about three months.
Orel 1875-1881 The post office moved to Morantown.
Peru 1858 The post office was open for less than four months before moving to Xenia.
Petrolia 1905-1953
Rocklow 1877-1886
Savonburg 1879-1998 Still has numerous homes, several old business buildings, an active church, and a population of 74.
Sheron 1873-1877
Wannersburg 1880-1891 Also spelled Wannersburgh.
Wise 1882-1902


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