Extinct Towns in Pottawatomie County, Kansas

Hauling logs in Pottawatomie County.

Hauling logs in Pottawatomie County.




Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Adams Peak 1870-1884 In the southern part of Shannon Township.
Arispie 1871-1903 Located in Greene Township, it was located nine miles east of Westmoreland.
Bellegarde 1872-1879
Blaine 1874-1976 On the Oregon Trail. It still has a beautiful church and a few residents.
Broderick 1891-1903
Duluth 1912-1986 Extinct town. Still has several homes and an active church.
Eldon 1858-1860 The post office moved to Saint George.
Float 1874-1876
Flush 1899-1927 Located in Pottawatomie Township, nine miles southwest of Westmoreland. In 1910, it had a local telephone exchange, a money order post office with one rural route, and a population of 23.
Garrison 1880-1959 The waters of Tuttle Creek Reservoir now cover Garrison.
Grange 1875-1880
Hanson 1882-1885 Located in Pottawatomie Township.
Harrison None Located in Belvue Township, it was located on the Kansas Central Railway on the banks of the Big Blue River.
Holycross 1884-1910 It was located in Emmett Township, about two miles south of Emmett. In 1910, its population was 43.
Johnson 1872-1873 The post office was only open for about six months.
Juniata 1855-1856 The Juniata crossing of the Big Blue River was on the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Riley Military Road.
Laclede/Eagle 1871-1906 This place was first called Eagle when a post office was established on January 31, 1871. The name changed to Laclede on December 4, 1874. Laclede was the business center of Center Township. In the early 1880s, it had a drug store, a blacksmith shop, two general stores, a restaurant, a grocery store, and a grist mill. The post office closed on July 31, 1906.
Maple Grove 1874-1880
Mariadahl 1876-1903 John A. Johnson laid out the town on April 12, 1871. The Swedish Lutheran Church was built in 1874 for $4,000. A post office was established on October 27, 1876. In 1878, a Swedish Methodist Church was built of stone for $2,500. In the early 1880s, it was described as a thriving hamlet with a stone schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, and a grange store. Its post office closed on March 31, 1903.
Mark 1884 The post office was only open for about six months before it was moved to Fostoria.
Moodyville 1879-1927 Moodyville was laid out in April 1882. Nearby was Moodyville Springs, one of the best Mineral springs in the state.
Myers Valley 1870-1903 In Pottawatomie Township, Myers Valley had two general stores kept by Jesse Harvey and J. W. Smith in the early 1880s. In 1910, its population was 22. It was located six miles south of Westmoreland.
Nancy 1870-1874
Oak Grove 1874-1882 Located in Belvue Township.
Otter Lake 1870-1886 Located in the center of Shannon Township.
Pleasant Run 1870-1886 In the early 1880s, the town had a general store run by George W. Duncan.
Saint Clere 1874-1953 Saint Clere was located on Cross Creek in St. Clere Township. It was almost on the east line of the county, 25 miles from Westmoreland. The population in 1910 was 102.
Savannah 1867-1868 The post office was only open for about six months.
Springside 1870-1899
It was located in the northern part of Shannon Township, about 12 miles northwest of Westmoreland.
Timber City 1862-1863
Unadilla 1858-1859
Vienna 1862-1883 It was located in Sherman Township.
Wheaton/Leghorn 1870-1992 Located in Greene Township. First called Leghorn, the name changed to Wheaton in October 1883. It is a tiny town with many homes and several old business buildings.
Pottawatomie County, Kansas by L.H. Everts &Co., 1887

Pottawatomie County, Kansas by L.H. Everts &Co., 1887

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