Extinct Towns of Linn County, Kansas

Play equipment next to the old Mantey, Kansas School by Kathy Alexander.

Play equipment next to the old Mantey, Kansas School by Kathy Alexander.

Twin Springs

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Linn County map, 1899.

Linn County map, 1899.


Post Office Dates

Additional Information
Cady 1871-1876  
Coalburgh 1885-1889  
Critzer/Montgomery 1888-1906 First called Montgomery when the post office was established on February 11, 1888, the town’s name was changed to Critzer on January 28, 1890. It was situated on the Missouri Pacific Railroad six miles west of Mound City. It had a population of 32 in 1910.
Farlinville 1868-1917 A post office was moved from Ridge to Farlinville on February 2, 1903. In 1910, it had a population of 102. It was located in the central portion of Linn County on Sugar Creek. Its post office closed on June 15, 1917.
Findlay 1891-1906 A small hamlet situated in the western portion of the county on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway, it was about 15 miles northwest of Mound City. Its post office opened on May 27, 1891, and closed on January 31, 1906, after which it received its mail from Goodrich. In 1910, it had a population of 25.
Goodrich 1871-1942 Goodrich, a village of Linn County, is situated in the northwestern portion, about 17 miles northwest of Mound City, the county seat. It was a station on the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad and gained a post office on September 21, 1871. In 1910, it had a population of 90. Its post office closed its doors on November 14, 1942. A church still exists in the community, and there are still a few homes scattered about.
Grange 1882-1884  
Hail Ridge 1879-1888 Located about nine miles southwest of Mound City and five miles east of Blue Mound. This settlement once had a store, a post office, and a school. The post office closed on May 25, 1888, and by the turn of the century, the town was no longer listed in books and maps.
Hawkswing 1859-1863  
Indian Creek 1862-1868  
Jackson 1858-1859
Jackson was the first post office established in Liberty Township on June 30, 1858, with Isaiah Jackson as the first postmaster appointed. However, when he had to leave the area, the post office was closed on September 26, 1959. It was reopened on June 23, 1862, and closed again on April 25, 1872.
Jasper 1898-1901  
Kossuth 1893-1905  
Linnville None Linnville never had a post office, but it was the county seat from May 22, 1865, to February 20, 1866. It was located about three miles east of Farlinville in Paris Township.
Linton/Miami/Woytown 1881-1903 Situated on the open prairie about eight miles south of Pleasanton, when this settlement first began, it was called Woytown, after H. H. Woy, one of the first settlers. C.O. Best was appointed postmaster when the post office opened on October 20, 1881. S. W. Kiser opened the first store. In the early 1880s, the settlement had about 25 residents. On January 24, 1884, the town’s name was changed to Miami. At this time, the town was called home to about 25 people. Situated on the St. Louis & San Francisco Railroad, it never grew very much. On October 6, 1896, the post office name was changed once again, this time to Linton. Its post office closed its doors forever on February 28, 1903. In 1910, it had a population of just 32 people.
Lost Creek 1873-1877  
Mansfield 1866-1875 Located about four miles northwest of Mound City and about the same distance southwest of Paris, Mansfield got its start in the early 1860s. A Mansfield Town Company was formed, and the Coleman Brothers established a store. On January 22, 1866, a post office was established, with  J. W. Hawthorne as the first Postmaster. Most of the people who lived in Mansfield came from nearby Paris. Mansfield’s life was short-lived. It reached the height of its prosperity in 1867, at which time it contained 12-15 houses and about 50 residents. From this time, it gradually dwindled. The post office closed on June 1, 1875. 
Mantey 1894-1903
What little is left of Mantey, Kansas, can be found on Highway 7 and E 200 Road, about seven miles south of Mound City.
Orchard/Coonsville 1879-1901 Situated on Sugar Creek about ten miles east of La Cygne, this village was first called Coonsville when the post office was established on September 12, 1879. The post office closed on January 20, 1880, and reopened under the name of Orchard a few months later on May 31. Orchard’s post office closed on September 30, 1901. In 1910, it had a population of 30.
Potomac 1882 The post office lasted only three months, opened on March 8, 1882, and closed on June 8, 1882.
Ridge 1866-1868  
Rovella 1858-1863  
Seaman 1883-1889
Springfield 1870-1871  
Wall Street 1872-1902 Located about eight miles northwest of Mound City, its post office lasted for 30 years, from March 13, 1872, to September 30, 1902.
Walnut Grove 1873-1875  
Zoro 1887-1889  

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