Extinct Towns of Wabaunsee County, Kansas

Apple harvest in Wabaunsee County, 1899.

Apple harvest in Wabaunsee County, 1899.

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Bradford 1890-1941 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, it was 21 miles southeast of Alma. In 1910, it was a shipping and supply point for the area with a population of 63.
Cedar 1862-1863
Chalk/Chalk Mound 1873-1907 The name changed from Chalk Mound to Chalk on August 1, 1894. It was in the extreme southwest corner of the county, about 17 miles south of Alma.
Cobb 1874-1877
Copp’s Station 1866 The post office was only open for three months.
Elvenia 1880-1885
Exonville 1870-1871
Fairfield 1880-1889
Farmer 1900 The post office was only open for two months. The Order of change was rescinded.
French Valley 1874-1883
Grimm 1873-1883
Halifax-Bismarck-Hessdale 1869-1915
The name was changed from Bismarck to Halifax on October 20, 1885. It was located in Mill Creek Township and was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In 1910, it had an express office, some general stores, a money order office, and a population of 40. It was six miles south of Alma. After the post office’s closing, the railroad renamed the station Hessdale. Though it was a significant cattle shipping railhead on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad spur line in Wabaunsee County, a post office was not re-established. The Hessdale stockyards closed in the early 1970s.
Keene 1877-1901 Some of the earliest settlers of Wabaunsee County settled a mile east of Keene in 1856 at a small settlement referred to as Fremont, Kansas. One of the earliest businesses in the area was a cheese plant, first owned by Ambrose and Orra Wade and later by Thomas Rutledge. In 1872, the town was moved further west, a mile from its original location, and officially named Keene. In 1910, it had one general store. There are still a few homes in the area, and the Keene Cemetery is about one and a half miles east on Highway K-4. Keene was located on Kansas Highway 4, about five and a half miles west of Dover, Kansas, and 16 miles east of Alma.
Mansfield 1883-1887
Mission Creek/Grant 1870-1886 The name changed from Grant to Mission Creek on February 23, 1875.
Moltke 1873 The post office was open for less than a month.
Newbury 1870-1888
Pavilion 1871-1903 It was located seven miles north of Alma
Pike/Albion 1880-1887 The name changed from Albion to Pike on January 4, 1883. The post office moved to Alta Vista when it closed.
Post Creek 1879-1877 The post office moved to Willard.
Rockton 1873-1884
Rocky Ford 1877-1878
Snokomo 1875-1881
It was located 10 miles east of Alma.
Sunbeam 1904-1909
Templin 1873-1904 It was five miles northeast of Alta Vista.
Vera 1889-1904 It was located on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad, four miles east of Paxico.
Volland 1887-1955 A country office in Washington township on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, it was eight miles from Alma. In 1910, it had a general store, telegraph and express offices, and a population of 26.
Wabaunsee 1855-1944 The first settlement was made here in 1854. It was the county seat from 1859 to 1866.
Wilmington 1857-1906 Wilmington was organized in 1858 with 30 houses, two stores, a blacksmith, two doctors, a wagon shop, and a hotel along the 100-foot wide road that ran east from here. The old station on the Santa Fe Trail, Wilmington, was home to Company A of the Santa Fe Battalion, Kansas State Militia in the Civil War. The Leavenworth Military Road joined the Santa Fe Trail here. When the Manhattan, Burlingame & Alma Railway was built through Harveyville four miles north, the businesses moved there. The Stone School and the Church of Christ were built in 1870. The population in 1910 was 69. The school closed in 1950 but still stands. The church also still stands, serving a very small area population. It is located 25 miles southeast of Alma, the county seat, and six miles west of Burlingame in Osage County.

Wilmington, Kansas, 1901.

Wilmington, Kansas, 1901.

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