Hargrave, Kansas – Extinct in Rush County

Grain elevator in Hargrave, Kansas.

Grain elevator in Hargrave, Kansas.

Hargrave, Kansas, is an extinct town in Rush County.

Though Hargrave still appears on maps of today, its post office closed on April 30, 1950.

The town was described in 1910 as being a station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad located about seven miles west of La Crosse. At that time, it had a general store, a lumberyard, a couple of other small businesses, and a population of about 50 people.

Its post office opened for the first time on April 26, 1890, and discontinued on April 29, 1899. A few months later, in June 1899, it opened again, only to be closed for a second time on March 31, 1913. After almost a year it opened for the final time on February 18, 1914, before closing forever on April 30, 1950.

Hargrave is located about 8.5 miles northwest of La Crosse on Kansas Highway 4. A grain elevator still stands, as well as a cemetery nearby, located about nine miles west of La Crosse and then three miles to the south.

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