Russell County, Kansas Extinct Towns

William Bell Sutton Ranch in Russell County, Kansas, 1887.

William Bell Sutton Ranch in Russell County, Kansas, 1887.

Town/Place Post Office Dates Additional Information
Amherst 1886-1887
Bartondale 1878-1891
Bayne 1883-1888
Bennettsville 1873-1874
Biays 1885-1887
Blue Stem 1877-1887 The post office moved to Lucas.
Dubuque 1879-1909 A small village in Center Township, it was located near the head of Beaver Creek. In 1910, its population was 26, and it received its mail via rural delivery from Dorrance. It was about 20 miles southeast of Russell.
East Wolf 1872-1887
Fairport/Clarkson 1878-1959 The Fairport Mills, operated by both steam and water power, were built in 1879 by Knight & Bradshaw. The building was of stone, three stories high, with a basement, and was put up at a cost of about $12,000. They were located on the Saline River in Paradise Township, about 12 miles northwest of Russell. The town name changed from Clarkson to Fairfield on June 15, 1881. In 1910, the town still had a flour mill, good local trade, and a population of 75. The town was located about 12 miles north of Gorham near the west county line.
Fay 1883-1908 A small settlement of Paradise Township, it was located in the Solomon Valley, about ten miles northwest of Russell.
Forest 1904-1906
Forest Hill 1878-1895
Greenvale 1878-1890
Hawley/Fairfield 1875-1909 The name changed from Fairfield to Hawley on July 19, 1880. It was a small hamlet of Fairfield Township located on the Smoky Hill River about ten miles southeast of Russell. The population in 1910 was 33.
Homer 1879-1887
Hough 1893-1895
Jack 1883-1888
Kennebec 1874-1891
Knight 1884-1888
Kruger 1900-1901
Lael 1904 The post office order of change was rescinded.
Lura 1872-1888 The post office moved to Luray when it closed.
Mace 1872-1874
Milberger 1903-1911 Named for Charles Milberger, postmaster. A country post office in Lincoln Township, 13 miles south of Russell.
Roberts 1896-1906 A country hamlet 15 miles south of Russell. The population in 1910 was 25.
Success 1878-1909 A country hamlet in Waldo Township on the Saline River, ten miles northeast of Russell.
Winterset/Big Creek 1878-1890 The name changed from Big Creek to Winterset on June 23, 1880.
Woodvile 1878-1892
Wyckoff 1878-1883
Yuba 1884-1885

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