Extinct Towns in Wyandotte County, Kansas

Carriage & wagon shop in Quindaro, Kansas.

Carriage & wagon shop in Quindaro, Kansas.






Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Argentine 1881-1903 Annexed to Kansas City, Kansas in 1910.
Armourdale 1882-1891 Consolidated with Kansas City in 1886.
Armstrong 1874-1888 Part of Kansas City, Kansas, consolidated in 1886.
Bethel 1889-1996 It was located on the issouri Pacific Railroad, about ten miles west of Kansas City. In 1910 it had a money order post office, telegraph and express facilities, and a population of 25.
Braman Hill 1878-1887 The post office moved from Six Mile. When it closed, it moved to Summundowot.
College 1898-1900
Connors None A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, 12 miles northwest of Wyandotte. It was platted in February 1868, the townsite owners being Alfred W. and William S. Hughes. In the early 1880s, it had several stores, a schoolhouse where religious services are held, and a small hotel.
Edwardsville 1867-1971 On the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad and the Kansas Pacific Railroad. The post office changed in 1971 to a classified branch of the Kansas City, Kansas post office.
Emmet 1890-1901
Fairdale/Summundowot 1887-1902 The name changed from Summundowot to Fairdale in 1891.
Glen Park 1870-1872 The post office moved to Rosedale.
Grinter 1889-1902 Established in 1831 on the Kansas River, on the Fort Leavenworth-Fort Gibson Military Road. Nine miles west of Kansas City, Kansas. Moses R. Grinter, proprietor. Grinter’s two-story brick house, built in the late 1850s is maintained by Kansas State Historical Society.
Horanif 1888-1901
Island Creek 1866 The post office was only open for a month.
Kaw Valley 1875-1878 Nine miles south of Wyandotte (Kansas City.)
Loring 1877-1954 Loring was the last station in the county on the Union Pacific Railroad. It is now a neighborhood of Bonner Springs.
Maywood 1872-1909 Maywood was a small hamlet, prettily situated amid a beautiful prairie country, five miles west of White Church. The town obviously struggled because its post office closed and reopened several times.
Menager 1888-1901
Morris 1900-1905 Named for the Morris Packing Company.
Muncie 1870-1967 Muncie was on the Chicago and Rock Island Railroad and the Kansas Pacific Railroad., six miles west of Wyandotte. It was named from the old Muncie Indian settlement here. Opposite, on the other side of the Kansas River, the Chouteau brothers established a trading post in 1825. Today it is a neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.
Nearman 1867-1875
Piper 1888-1971 Piper was located west of Kansas City, Kansas, just off K-7 near Leavenworth Road at 110th. Once a railroad town, it was named for a railway official. Annexed by Kansas City in 1991.
Pomeroy  1869-1906 The next station southeast of Connors, it was platted in the spring of 1871, William P. Overton and Frank H. Belton being the proprietors of the town. In the early 1880s, it had several stores and a steam, flour, and sawmill.
Quindaro 1857-1909
Now part of Kansas City. The 70.5-acre Quindaro Townsite is now a National Commemorative Site and an archaeological district. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places on May 22, 2002.
Quivera 1889-1896
Rosedale 1872-1902 Consolidated with Kansas City in 1922
Saviersville  1867-1868 The post office was open for less than a year.
Secondine/Delaware 1850-1859 The name changed from Delaware to Secondline on February 1, 1856. It was near Edwardsville.
Six-Mile 1874-1878 Six-Mile Tavern was established just a few miles west of Quindaro, Kansas, on the road between Wyandotte (Kansas City) and Leavenworth in 1853. It became a Red Leg stronghold during the days of the Civil War.
Turner/Farmer 1877-1958 The town was initially called Farmer but changed to Turner in 1879. It was located a few miles west of Argentine on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In the early 1880s, it had a schoolhouse and several stores. Today, it is a neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas.
Uniontown 1851-1852
Vance 1890-1906
Vedder 1867  The post office was only open for eight months.
Wallula 1889-1918
A small village in the northwestern portion of the county. It was located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad 17 miles northwest of Kansas City. In 1910, it had a money order post office, a telegraph station, and a population of 15.
White Church 1869-1907
Wolcott /Connor/Connor’s Station 1867-1944 First called Connor’s Station. The name changed to Connor in 1889. The name changed again in 1899 to Wolcott.

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