Extinct Towns of Republic County, Kansas

Talmo, Kansas courtesy Google Maps.

Talmo, Kansas, courtesy of Google Maps.






White Rock

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Agenda 1874-1883
Agenda, Kansas, is a very small town located in the northern part of Elk Creek Township in Republic County. As of the 2020 census, the population of the area was 47. It is also officially an “extinct town” because it no longer has a post office.
Albion 1871-1877
Bissell 1895 After four months, the post office Order of change was rescinded.
Centre Mound 1874-1880 The post office moved to Harbine.
Crainville 1878-1895
Elma 1872-1881
Fenwick 1875-1882
Hackberry 1878-1879 The post office was only open for about three months.
Harbine 1880-1883 The post office moved from Centre Mound.
Haworth 1884-1910 Located in the eastern part of Republic County, Haworth was a station on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. In 1910, Haworth had a money order office and was a trading center for the neighborhood. It was about about 15 miles east of Belleville.
Ida 1873-1885
Jay Eau 1879-1883
Jay Eu 1872-1878
Jefferson 1878-1883
Kackley 1888-1968 A village in Beaver Township, it was a station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad. In 1910, it was the principal grain market for that section of the county. It had a money order post office, express and telegraph offices, a bank, several business establishments, good schools, churches of several different denominations, and a population of 250. It is about 15 miles southwest of Belleville. It is a ghost town today.
Leopold 1882-1883
Lewis Centre 1886-1887
Midland 1876-1878 The post office moved from Mimosa.
Mimosa 1871-1876 The post office moved to Midland.
Neilsburgh 1874-1879
New Liberty 1873-1880
New Tabor 1875-1888 The post office moved from Prairie Plain.
North Elk 1870-1872
Norway 1870-2008 The first settler in Norway was Rasmus Rimol from Trondheim, Norway. The post office was established in 1870 in J.G. McCathron’s dugout. He was the first postmaster and first justice of the peace. The post office closed in 2008.
Prairie Grove 1872-1883
Prairie Home 1871-1878
Prairie Plain 1870-1875 The post office moved to New Tabor.
Prospect 1878-1888 The post office moved to Courtland.
Rosalind 1878-1885
Rydal 1896-1953 A small village on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, it was in Belleville Township. In 1910, it had a telegraph, telephone office, post office and express facilities, a grain and coal establishment, and a nursery. The population in 1910 was 31. It was five miles west of Belleville.
Seapo-Salt Marsh 1866-1889 Seapo was a rural community in Grant Township in Republic County. It was first established as Salt Marsh in 1866. It had a grist mill, three churches, and a school.
Scotch Plain 1871-1874
Sherdahl 1887-1905 A village in Union Township, its population in 1910 was 24. It was located 11 miles northwest of Bellville and about five miles north of Scandia.
Soldier 1872-1875
Sunset 1872-1873
Talmo 1884-1953 In 1910, Talmo was a station on the Union Pacific railroad. At that time, it had about a dozen business establishments, a post office, telegraph, telephone, and express offices, and 150 residents. It is located about nine miles south of Belleville, which was the nearest banking point. Today, the area still has several homes, barns, and silos.
Tiago 1882-1891
Trasey 1880-1882
Twin Grove 1871-1872 The post office moved to Union Valley.
Union Valley 1872-1874 The post office moved from Twin Grove.
Warwick-Talmage 1880-1882
The post office moved from Wilber. First called Talmage, the name changed to Warwick on April 13, 1882. The post office closed just about six months later. The post office reopened on March 3, 1884. It was located in the extreme northwestern corner of the county on the Missouri Pacific Railroad. In 1910, it had a post office, telegraph, and express offices and was a trading center for the neighborhood. At that time, it had 110 inhabitants. It was 20 miles northwest of Belleville.
Wayne 1884-1971 A village in Grant Township, it was a station on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. It was laid out in 1884, immediately after the railroad was built through the southeastern part of the county. The site was located on the homestead of Isaac Walton, and the first building was a general store erected by William Hill in August 1884. In 1910, it had a money order post office with one rural route, telegraph and express offices, churches, schools, a weekly newspaper, and banking facilities. All the leading professions and lines of business activity are represented. The population at that time was 200. It is 11 miles southeast of Belleville. There are still several homes and a few grain elevators.
West Creek 1871-1886
White Rock 1870-1900 White Rock was a small village in Republic County, Kansas. In its early days, it showed much promise, but the town is gone today.
Wilber 1873-1880 The post office moved to Talmage.

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