Dickinson County, Kansas Extinct Towns

Carlton, Kansas in 1915.

Carlton, Kansas, in 1915.





Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Acme 1897-1906
Akron 1874-1875
Aroma 1869-1888 The post office moved from Far West.
Belle Springs 1876-1890
Bonaccord 1884-1902 It was in the western part of the county, not far from the Saline County line, about 12 miles from Abilene.
Buckeye 1900-1904 Located in Buckeye Township, about eight miles north of Abilene. The population was 40 in 1910.
Carlton 1872-1995 Named for a pioneer blacksmith. A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it is located in the Holland Creek Valley, about 18 miles southwest of Abilene.
Cheever 1873-1885
Dayton 1895-1917 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it was located in Jefferson Township, 16 miles south of Abilene. In 1910, it had a money order post office, telephone connections, several general stores, a creamery, flour mills, and a population of 40.
Detroit 1866-1961 A station on the Union Pacific Railroad, it was located in Center Township, six miles east of Abilene. In 1910, it had a money-order post office with two rural routes, a graded public school, telegraph and express offices, telephone connections, general stores, and a population of 142.
Dillon 1872-1944 Named for the Dillon brothers, pioneers. A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it was on the line between Jefferson and Ridge Townships, about 16 miles south of Abilene. The railroad’s name was Swayne Station. In 1910, it had a money order post office with one rural route, a creamery, a flour mill, some well-stocked general stores, express and telegraph service, telephone connections, Methodist and Presbyterian churches, a good public school building, and a population of 161.
Donegal 1895-1906 It was located in Turkey Creek Valley, about 12 miles south of Abilene. In 1910, the population was 70.
Elmo 1884-1966 A station on the Missouri Pacific Railroad, it is located in Banner Township.
Farmington 1861-1863
Guthrie 1872-1873
Haphazard 1879-1882
Henry 1880-1886
Holland 1872-1875
Located on Holland Creek, it was about 14 miles southwest of Abilene and three miles north of Carlton, the nearest railroad station. In 1910, it was a trading center for the neighborhood with a population 41.
Industry 1876-1906 Industry straddles the Clay/Dickinson county line at the Chapman Creek crossing. The post office moved from Lovejoy and opened on February 21, 1876. In the fall of 1879, A. L. Beard, an Eastern speculator, laid out the town in Athelstone Township, in the extreme southern portion of the county. In the early 1880s, it had a few business houses and a small hotel. It was not destined to grow, as it was 16 miles from the railroad. Its post office closed on November 30, 1906. In 1910, it still had several business establishments, including two flour mills and a population of 250. In the next decades, the population fell, and the post office was never reopened. Today, several vacant business buildings continue to stand, and numerous homes are occupied in the community. Amazingly, for a small town without a post office for more than a century, it continues to be called home to numerous residents and has an active Methodist Church. It is located approximately 13 miles north of Abilene.
Kennedy 1892-1899
Lambs Point 1863-1865 The post office moved from Smoky Hill.
Littledale 1884 The post office was only open for about five months.
Lyona 1869-1888 The post office moved from Leon.
Manchester/Keystone 1877-1993 A tiny town located in the northwest corner of Dickinson County. Though it is officially “extinct” because it no longer has a post office, it had a population of 47 as of the 2020 census.
Midway 1880-1886
Mole Hill 1877-1880
Mont Cenis 1872-1882 Also spelled Mount Cenis.
Moonlight 1894-1905 It was located seven miles northeast of Abilene and six miles from Detroit, the nearest shipping point. The population in 1910 was 25.
Navarre 1884-1971 Located on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad in Logan Township, it was 12 miles southeast of Abilene. In 1910, it had a grain elevator, a creamery, a general store, telegraph and express offices, a money order post office, and a population of 75.
New Basel/New Basil 1879-1897 The name changed from New Basill to New Basel on May 29, 1882.
Newbern 1872-1887
New Chillicothe 1873-1901 It was located in the county’s northeastern corner, 15 miles from Abilene and 10 miles north of Chapman. Its population was 20 in 1910.
Pearl 1883-1935 Located on the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad, it was 12 miles southeast of Abilene. In 1910, it had a grain elevator, telegraph and express offices, a money order post office, and a population of 35.
Plympton 1879-1888
Poplar Hill 1875-1889
Redwood 1879-1886

Redwood School, 1930s.

Redwood School, 1930s.

Rhoades 1878-1896
Rinehart/Rhinehart 1896-1903 The name changed from Rhinehart to Rinehart on April 15, 1902.
Rose Bank 1879-1887
Shadybrook 1901-1907
Smoky Hill 1860-1863 The post office moved to Lambs Point.
Stitt 1888-1902
Sunnyside 1884-1894
Sutphen/Sutphen’s Mill 1879-1905 The name changed from Sutphen’s Mill to Sutphen on October 15, 1894.
Tell 1888-1890
Upland 1898-1906
Union City None On Turkey Creek, on the south side of the Smoky Hill River.
Wesley 1887-1895
Willowdale 1873

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