Extinct Towns in Doniphan County, Kansas

Doniphan, Kansas church by Kathy Alexander.

Doniphan, Kansas church by Kathy Alexander.

Doniphan_County, Kansas by L.H. Everts & Co, 1887.

Doniphan_County, Kansas by L.H. Everts & Co, 1887.




Iowa Point


Moray/East Norway


Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Blair 1908-1957 Named for Joel P. Blair, the townsite owner. The area still has several scattered homes, buildings, and an active Baptist Church.
Blairs Station 1871-1872 Named for Joel P. Blair, postmaster.
Bozarth 1901-1903 The post office was established in 1900 on the old site of Charleston.
Brenner 1871-1917 The town was laid out by the Burlington and Missouri River Railroad in 1872. It thrived as an important grain market, the dealers buying principally for the Atchison millers. In 1910, it had telegraph and express offices, a money order office, and a population of 40. It was located in Wayne Township, five miles south of Troy.
Charleston/Charlestown 1857-1860
Charlestown was founded by a town company in 1857. The post office closed in 1960, and when it reopened in 1866, the name was changed to Charleston. At one time, it had 12-15 houses.
Columbus 1860-1867 Columbus was laid out in May 1857 but didn’t grow. Henry Wilson, postmaster.
Doniphan 1855-1943 A ghost town located in southeast Doniphan County along the Missouri River. This muddy river would be the reason for the establishment of Doniphan, its growth, and finally, its end.
Evansville None Paper Town filed by Colonel D.M. Johnston on June 1, 1857.
Fanning 1870-1933 The community started in 1870 as a station on the Atchison & Nebraska Railway.
Gabriel/Lee 1895-1904 The name changed from Lee to Gabriel on May 6, 1897.
Geary 1857-1905 Geary, first called Geary City, was located in 1857 by a company of Leavenworth men and was named for Governor John W. Geary.
Green Top 1857-1859 A. S. Ross, postmaster. It was about two miles south of Bendena.
Iowa Point 1955-1933 Was located on the Missouri River and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad in Iowa Township.
La Fayette 1857-1871 Steamboat landing c1845. Townsite 1856. Henry Lott, postmaster. Like so many projected towns, Lafayette never achieved an existence of any notable amount.
La Porte/Smithton 1855-1859 The name changed from Smithton to La Porte on February 12, 1858. Incorporated 1860; vacated 1864.
Leona 1873-1986 Located on the Wolf River in Wolf River Township, started in 1873. As of the 2020 census, the population was 41. It still has scattered homes, buildings, and an active Methodist Church.
Moray/East Norway 1871-1938 Named changed from East Norway to Moray on December 17, 1894
Nemaha Agency 1856-1847 The post office moved from Highland.
Normanville 1862-1887 Established in 1861. The post office was established on March 21, 1862, with William Normile as postmaster.
Orr 1893-1897
Palermo 1855-1904 An early riverfront town located in Marion Township. Post office in 1855 with Frank Mahan, postmaster. Incorporated 1857. The population in 1910 was 279. Located on the Missouri River and at the mouth of Walnut Creek, it was an important point before the railroads were built. It was located about eight miles southeast of Troy.
Petersburgh 1858-1859 Established by Peter Cadue, a Kickapoo trader, in 1857. A. Daugherty, postmaster. Vacated 1864.
Purcell 1887-1956 Named for John Purcell, pioneer. Still home to active 1896 St. Mary’s Catholic Church.
Rogersville 1857-1859 North of Troy on the California Trail, this town was named for Emerson Van B. Rogers, the first postmaster.
Ryan’s Station None A flag station on the St. Joseph and Western Railway, in 1869, it was the terminus of the road for a short time. The town was laid out by Joel Ryan. Ryan and O’Neill built a store here in 1870. S. L. Ryan built a second store in 1872. It was located one mile east of Severance.
St. Benedict 1870 Post office open just less than a year
Underwood 1882 The post office was only open for about three months before it was moved to Darwin.
Walnut Grove 1856-1870 Grandison Wilson, postmaster.
Whitehead/Bellemont 1855-1866 Trading post in 1852. Incorporated by the Bogus Legislature in 1855. Named for trader James R. Whitehead. Changed to Bellemont in 1859 but later ceased to exist. The town was about two miles from Wathena.
Wolf River/Ridge Farm 1864-1866 The post office moved from Normanville and the name was changed to Wolf River in 1865

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