Extinct Towns of Riley County, Kansas

Riley County by L.H. Everts & Co., 1887.

Riley County by L.H. Everts & Co., 1887.


More Extinct Towns:


Post Office Dates Additional Information
Alert 1871-1886 Alert was west of Randolph.
Berlin 1872-1876
Bodaville 1895-1905
Center Hill 1903-1904
Clarkson 1889-1892
Donneganna 1871 The post office was only open for three months.
Grandview 1895 The post office was only open for two months.
Grant 1880-1898 Grant was located in Wildcat Township. The first settlers were S.D. Houston and Henry Eubank who made their homes on Wild Cat Creek in 1855. The same year Henry Condray, and his sons Mincher, William, and John settled near the mouth of Mill Creek, built dwellings, and started a mill and a blacksmith shop. In 1856 came Jonas Kress; in 1857 and 1858, Lemuel Knapp, Samuel Kimble, George Slye, John Warner and his sons John and George, Lorenzo Westover, Jesse White, and Joshua Williams. A post office opened on April 16, 1880, with H.C. Kennedy as postmaster. The first schoolhouse was built in 1859 with V. Ruddrick as the first teacher. The first church was the Methodist Episcopalian. Though the town showed promising signs in its early years, its post office closed on December 15, 1898.
Henryville 1857-1870
Lamoil 1881-1884
Lasita 1892-1935
Magic 1882-1892
Monterey 1890-1899
Shannon 1855-1858
Tauromee 1856-1858 The post office moved from Juniata.
Timber Creek 1870-1871 The post office moved to Bala.
Vinton 1870-1888
Walsburg 1891-1935
Winkler/Winkler’s Mills 1874-1895
The name changed from Winkler’s Mills to Winkler in 1895. Under Tuttle  Creek Reservoir.

By Kathy Alexander/Legends of Kansas, updated October 2022.

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