Extinct Towns of Greenwood County, Kansas

Old oil field tanks near Hamilton, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Old oil field tanks near Hamilton, Kansas by Kathy Alexander.

Town Post Office Dates Additional Information
Alcolia 1874 It was located southwest of Eureka.
Barry 1874-1903 Established in Coffey County (site moved).
Belle Grove 1870-1872 The post office moved to Climax.
Boaz 1882-1883
Brigham 1890-1893
Burnt Creek 1873-1874
Carroll 1887-1903 A small community located 12 miles southeast of Eureka and 10 miles west of Toronto.
Charleston 1873-1884 The post office moved from Fall River.
Christiana 1872-1873
Collins 1870-1883 The name changed to Reece.
Derry 1883-1896
Fame 1868
A country post office located ten miles east of Eureka and five miles from Neal.
Flint Ridge 1874-1921 Also spelled Flintridge, it was a country post office located in Salem Township 20 miles northwest of Eureka. The population in 1910 was 14.
Gould/Valley 1870-1882 The name changed from Valley in 1880. The name changed to Severy in 1882.
Greenwood City 1884-1887
Hickman 1883-1895
Hilltop 1884-1951 A station on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad, it was located in Shell Rock Township, 29 miles northeast of Eureka. In 1910, it had a population of 50 people, express and telegraph offices, and a money order post office.
Homer Creek 1869-1872
Inland 1862-1863
Ivanpah 1879-1904
Janesville 1860-1880
Kaiser 1889-1900 The post office moved from Twin Falls.
Kenbro 1925-1949
Kenton 1872-1879 The post office moved to Verdigris Falls.
Lapland 1871-1906 Located in Salem Township 16 miles northwest of Eureka. The population in 1910 was 20 and when the post office closed in 1906, mail was sent to Flintridge.
Lena Valley 1872-1887 Established in Greenwood County (site moved).
Line 1878-1879 Established in Lyon County (site moved).
Northward 1871-1875
Pleasant Grove 1857-1874
Provo 1897-1901 A hamlet in the eastern part of Greenwood County. After its post office closed, it received its mail by rural route from Neal, which was the nearest railroad station.
Richeyville 1882-1883
Ruweda 1888-1921 A country post office in the northwestern part of the county, 18 miles from Eureka, and 15 miles from Hamilton, the nearest railroad station.
Sallyards 1918-1943
Salt Springs 1867-1873
Shell Rock 1873-1883
Shell Rock Falls 1860-1865 Established in Madison County.
Sheridan 1867-1869
Star 1889-1903 An inland village, it was located about 10 miles southwest of Eureka and about 8 or 9 miles northwest of Piedmont from which it received its mail after its post office closed.
Stoughton 1887
Teterville 1927-1962 An oil town located approximately 11 miles east of Cassoday. No buildings remain of this former community.
Thrall 1885-1905
An inland hamlet located about 20 miles north of Eureka and 7 west of Hamilton, the nearest railroad station and shipping point.
Tonovay 1886-1912 A hamlet located on the Missouri Pacific Railroad in Bachelor Township, eight miles east of Eureka. In 1910, it had an express office, was a trading point for the neighborhood, and its population was about 25.
Triumph 1878
Twin Falls 1870-1899 The post office moved to Kaiser.
Utopia 1880-1935 A hamlet on the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad 8 miles northeast of Eureka. In 1910 there was a money order post office and a population of about 30.
Verdigris Falls 1863-1872
The post office moved from Kenton in 1879.
Willow Valley 1871-1887

Compiled and edited by Kathy Alexander/Legends of Kansas, updated June 2022.

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